Fantasy: God-level Store Manager

In Tianlan Continent, there is a magic store called Origin Mall. The Coke here can make people full of blood in an instant; the spicy bars here can make people fight leapfrog; the games here can make people improve their cultivation; the novels here can make people understand the.... Read more

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Chapter 993 Marine affairs Chapter 992 Luochuan was lost in thought Chapter 991 Humble text

Chapter 990 Sea area, Chapter 989 Yuan Gui's Apprentice Chapter 988 Otherworld Customs and Origins Video Chapter 987 Yuan Gui prepares to accept disciples Chapter 986 New applications and Luochuan's outlook Chapter 985 Some things in the sea Chapter 984 The impact of jelly Chapter 983 Everyone in Medicine Valley got what they wanted Chapter 982 Big news from Origin Mall

Chapter 981 Jelly lotion is completely open Chapter 980 Yao Ziyan's writing talent Chapter 979 The highest level of casual mode

Chapter 978 Special food in Fengxianlou Chapter 977 Cherry blossoms when it rains Chapter 976 Siren's amazing strength Chapter 975 E ending Chapter 974 Zuo Wanjin's decision Chapter 973 Kolo is not easy Chapter 972 This boss is obviously super strong but overly cautious Chapter 971 Glory time in Luochuan Chapter 970 Origin mall open on rainy days

Chapter 969 rain Chapter 968 It's you, pei Chapter 967 Sakura stuffed Chapter 966 Guessed something amazing Chapter 965 What is the reason for thunder robbery Chapter 964 Glorious victory and defeat Chapter 963 Yuan Gui tastes coffee Chapter 962 Wen Tianji's occupational disease Chapter 961 The coffee effect is guaranteed Chapter 960 Unvoiced musical talent Chapter 959 Glory changes and famous scenes Chapter 958 The old way customers

Chapter 957 Glory is about to begin Chapter 956 April Lies Chapter 955 piano Chapter 954 Found the reason for the log error Chapter 953 I'm here again i'm leaving again Chapter 952 Demon Purple Smoke Breakthrough Chapter 951 No, no Chapter 950 Increase in luck Chapter 949 Look at the face Chapter 948 Coffee has no effect Chapter 947 Emerging mobile payment Chapter 946 Emerald Shao Mai

Chapter 945 Enhance world affinity Chapter 944 Sakura Village Chapter 943 Perfunctory advancement, level 6 Chapter 942 It's shopping time Chapter 941 Yuan Gui's BBQ and Treat Chapter 940 Ready to go shopping Chapter 939 Tripartite talks Chapter 938 About the big pit that Kolo dug Chapter 937 Cannot disclose information Chapter 936 Glorious completion Chapter 935 Mortal mind Chapter 934 Card news spread

Chapter 933 Miying Chapter 932 Daily life in Lingyun College Chapter 931 Evaluation of Medicine Valley Chapter 930 Weapon needs to be improved Chapter 929 Experimental weapon power Chapter 928 Moon Spirit Returns Chapter 927 Lin Fan's business acumen Chapter 926 The idea of ​​magic ape Chapter 925 Continue fighting the landlord Chapter 924 The burden of revitalizing the entertainment industry Chapter 923 News of glory and new products Chapter 922 Seventeen cards can you second me

Chapter 921 Which wins and which loses Chapter 920 Because i didn't add Chapter 919 A shop for the strong Chapter 918 Put more pepper and less salt Chapter 917 Yao Ziyan's Competitive Heart Chapter 916 Yuangui shop Chapter 915 I'll be there Chapter 914 Yukyu small store Chapter 913 That is a very beautiful place Chapter 912 The novel is not reliable Chapter 911 The real life of a practitioner Chapter 910 Yuan Gui's decision

Chapter 909 A bowl of rice Chapter 908 Siren's Invitation Chapter 907 Welcome home Chapter 906 Nangong May Things Chapter 905 Information disturbance reproduction Chapter 904 Evaluation from God of Cooking Chapter 903 God of Cooking Chapter 902 About Zhenmen Stone Chapter 901 Ji Wuhui's plan Chapter 900 The past of God of Cooking Chapter 899 God of Cooking Yuan Gui Chapter 898 Did you forget to update

Chapter 897 He Chapter 896 Siren City is temporarily closed Chapter 895 Sea Monster Tour Chapter 894 Observer Chapter 893 The problem of Yaoziyan Chapter 892 The boss is back Chapter 891 Siren arrives Chapter 890 Live trends Chapter 889 Dreamland Chapter 888 The task of the Janissaries Chapter 887 Good thing for you Chapter 886 Wanjia Denghuo

Chapter 885 Hard work myself Chapter 884 Return to Origin Mall Chapter 883 Light door construction Chapter 882 Add permissions Chapter 881 To trap Chapter 880 Siren's collection Chapter 879 Civilization leader Chapter 878 Recycling storage function Chapter 877 Dark space Chapter 876 The strangeness of the little black ball Chapter 875 Speculation on the Kraken Chapter 874 Explore the city of Kraken

Chapter 873 Credit for the little black ball Chapter 872 Indescribable Chapter 871 Siren City Chapter 870 Vortex channel Chapter 869 Go to the Siren Home Chapter 868 Turbulence in the land of chaos Chapter 867 Simple plan Chapter 866 Anvia's mission Chapter 865 Isn't the boss going live? Chapter 864 Ji Wuhui's Story Chapter 863 When to set off Chapter 862 The first business in the sea

Chapter 861 Dedicated boss Luo Chuan Chapter 860 Magical siren Chapter 859 Pet, little black ball Chapter 858 Some information about the crisis Chapter 857 Shadow of the Mind Chapter 856 Siren, Yila Chapter 855 Shadow in shadow Chapter 854 Unconscious Kraken Chapter 853 Tool man Chapter 852 Space implosion Chapter 851 Soul level problem Chapter 850 The storm is coming

Chapter 849 Storm is approaching Chapter 848 Named later Chapter 847 At least not currently Chapter 846 Task completed Chapter 845 Task record Chapter 844 Foodie Luochuan Chapter 843 Special mixing method Chapter 842 Gas, shaking, cold Chapter 841 Not evil Chapter 840 From Chapter 839 Chapter 838 Luochuan Grylls

Chapter 837 Live broadcast started Chapter 836 Discover the island Chapter 835 A little regretful Chapter 834 Dawei Tianlong! Chapter 833 set off Chapter 832 Speaker's decision Chapter 831 Mysterious Kraken Chapter 830 Inexplicable familiarity Chapter 829 Origin Mall continues to operate Chapter 828 Luochuan's consciousness Chapter 827 No dolls Chapter 826 Is the shelf sold?

Chapter 825 Depart in the afternoon Chapter 824 The long-lost mission Chapter 823 A good person Chapter 822 For bonus Chapter 821 Anvia's Attempt Chapter 820 Dragon identity Chapter 819 All mine Chapter 818 Outside the world Chapter 817 Polite dragon girl Chapter 816 Surprised Anvia Chapter 815 Different dragon Chapter 814 Anvia's shop time

Chapter 813 Customer identity, dragon Chapter 812 Anvia Arrives Chapter 811 Can you still play like this Chapter 810 Eat me a big fireball Chapter 809 Holy **** light Chapter 808 Xiao Cheng vs Lin Feng Chapter 807 Change the rules and try again Chapter 806 The decision of Fan Chengtian and others Chapter 805 Da da da Chapter 804 Gu Yunxi vs Xu Youwei Chapter 803 Gu Yunxi's weapon Chapter 802 Boring everyday

Chapter 801 Student preparation Chapter 800 Ranked Battle Chapter 799 Lin Fan's team Chapter 798 Girl of Star City Chapter 797 Mount Xumi team arrives Chapter 796 Song completed Chapter 795 Kolo's Anomaly Chapter 794 Oran on your tongue Chapter 793 Plan voided Chapter 792 Experimental results Chapter 791 Insulator Chapter 790 Yueling's new invention

Chapter 789 Look over Chapter 788 Sudden explosion Chapter 787 Please Chapter 786 The bet is open Chapter 785 guess Chapter 784 Purpose and limitations Chapter 783 Osiya Chapter 782 Outsider Chapter 781 Plan to restart Chapter 780 Insights on life Chapter 779 modify Chapter 778 Demon Emperor enters the shop

Chapter 777 The monster royal family who knows the news Chapter 776 Demon Emperor's Decision Chapter 775 Demon Emperor arrives Chapter 774 Two suns Chapter 773 Dragon Kingdom Chapter 772 Talk about it later Chapter 771 A lawless plan Chapter 770 Lively Jiuyao City Chapter 769 Void energy Chapter 768 Under the Void Chapter 767 Unification of Information Chapter 766 Great success

Chapter 765 Protagonist Chapter 764 Excited students Chapter 763 Real world Chapter 762 Dragon Chapter 761 Black dragon Chapter 760 Idea introduction Chapter 759 Make cover Chapter 758 New application features Chapter 757 New applications Chapter 756 Shiny Chapter 755 It's you Chapter 754 Transform Origin Mall

Chapter 753 Two moons Chapter 752 Reminder from boss Chapter 751 Game time of the Lord Buddha Chapter 750 Weapon sales system upgrade Chapter 749 Weapon recommendation Chapter 748 The multiple uses of too cold spirit body Chapter 747 It turned out to be the Buddha Chapter 746 Familiar feeling Chapter 745 Legend status Chapter 744 Lord Buddha enters the city Chapter 743 Boss Quotations Chapter 742 Systemic awareness

Chapter 741 The strong have hobbies Chapter 740 Ji Wugui Chapter 739 The actions of Mount Sumeru Chapter 738 Expansion completed Chapter 737 Food Discoverer Luochuan Chapter 736 Squatting and being squatted Chapter 735 Tiger Crazy Gamble Chapter 734 Test start Chapter 733 Strange style room Chapter 732 Test qualification Chapter 731 Lucky customer rewards Chapter 730 Witness to history

Chapter 729 Declining Chapter 728 Buddha position Chapter 727 Life Mentor Luo Chuan Chapter 726 Buddha's Idea Chapter 725 Decisively submissive Chapter 724 Luochuan's clone Chapter 723 System proposal Chapter 722 gambling Chapter 721 Want to learn, I teach you Chapter 720 The dragon looks up! Chapter 719 Familiar moves Chapter 718 Confrontation

Chapter 717 No Heaven Appears Chapter 716 Buddha Lord vs Demon Emperor Chapter 715 Blast Chapter 714 Go and report to the Buddha! Chapter 713 Barrage Chapter 712 Purple Moon Chapter 711 Start live broadcast Chapter 710 Ready to broadcast Chapter 709 Long story Chapter 708 Live broadcaster, Wu Tian Chapter 707 Yao Ziyan's proposal Chapter 706 Take any

Chapter 705 Pigeon Chapter 704 Are you interested in making a wave Chapter 703 Live broadcast Chapter 702 Wutian, Demon Emperor Chapter 701 The crisis of Mount Sumeru Chapter 700 The boss is ready to be a planner Chapter 699 Second ranking rewards issued Chapter 698 Yao Ziyue chose to give up Chapter 697 Demon Ziyue in action Chapter 696 Live task Chapter 695 Demon Ziyue's plan Chapter 694 System, a task

Chapter 693 Seventh floor, Suzaku Chapter 692 You actually want to hold on Chapter 691 You want to eat rice Chapter 690 Tiger's decision Chapter 689 End of business hours Chapter 688 Plans for expansion Chapter 687 The long-awaited game Chapter 686 Lively group chat Chapter 685 The expectant monster royal family Chapter 684 Misfortune and happiness Chapter 683 Familiar taste Chapter 682 The belated monster royal family

Chapter 681 Unusual human Chapter 680 Business as usual Chapter 679 Next time dare Chapter 678 Civilized Jiuyao City Chapter 677 Ji Wugui's plan Chapter 676 Two monarchs Chapter 675 Special Chapter 674 Wonderful music Chapter 673 Some kind of musical instrument Chapter 672 World rules Chapter 671 Experimental results Chapter 670 Are all secondary diseases

Chapter 669 Prepare experiment Chapter 668 Go with the flow Chapter 667 Call me Dean Baili Chapter 666 Why are you so skilled Chapter 665 Genuine is always genuine Chapter 664 About a group Chapter 663 Late Internet Addiction Bu Li Song Chapter 662 Five whiteboard achievements reached Chapter 661 add friend Chapter 660 Sustainable Development Strategy Chapter 659 Various flavors of ice cream Chapter 658 New product, ice cream

Chapter 657 Charcoal Grilled Yinlin Roe Chapter 656 The ultimate of swordsmanship Chapter 655 Information disturbance Chapter 654 Chen Yingfeng's acquaintances Chapter 653 Fight against piracy Chapter 652 Under normal circumstances Chapter 651 The world is round! Chapter 650 Will of the universe Chapter 649 Your Majesty, times have changed Chapter 648 Some details Chapter 647 Imitation goods Chapter 646 Business talent

Chapter 645 The big move of Fengxianlou Chapter 644 Thank you Chapter 643 A peaceful day has begun Chapter 642 Glorious Chapter 641 Aka blood Chapter 640 Return from Zhennan Chapter 639 End of test Chapter 638 Don't care about these details Chapter 637 Rock Marton Chapter 636 Xia Yuan's tactics Chapter 635 Five-person game Chapter 634 By surprise

Chapter 633 Luochuan's tactics Chapter 632 Some glory settings Chapter 631 The game starts now Chapter 630 game role Chapter 629 Rongguang Chapter 628 Demon Emperor Chapter 627 Dream chef Chapter 626 The new product is a game Chapter 625 Restless customers Chapter 624 Ready to test glory Chapter 623 About imitation Chapter 622 Energy loop

Chapter 621 not bad Chapter 620 House Chapter 619 story Chapter 618 Ranking reward Chapter 617 About rewards Chapter 616 Fifth order Chapter 615 legend Chapter 614 Qingyin enters the shop Chapter 613 The answer Chapter 612 Experiment is to test the truth Chapter 611 Wen Tianji's View Chapter 610 Voiceless Fairy

Chapter 609 Kraken Chapter 608 Second occupation Chapter 607 Nightbringer Chapter 606 Yueling's shopping time Chapter 605 Luochuan's view Chapter 604 Bosom friend Chapter 603 Your style is wrong Chapter 602 War without gunpowder Chapter 601 Wrong worldview Chapter 600 Three people Chapter 599 Collapse crystal Chapter 598 Victory and accidental injury

Chapter 597 First team fight Chapter 596 Pioneer Infector Chapter 595 Necromancer Chapter 594 Build a teleportation array Chapter 593 Some things about Mount Xume Chapter 592 Life is like a play, it all depends on acting Chapter 591 Say goodbye to no heaven, battle mage Chapter 590 True Eye of the Evil King Chapter 589 Dark Flame Lord Chapter 588 Anthony the Great Sage Chapter 587 Fireball Chapter 586 Master profession

Chapter 585 Unspeakable change Chapter 584 Abyss Chapter 583 Curious Demon Purple Smoke Chapter 582 Not just games Chapter 581 Kolo, collapse Chapter 580 Avid chefs Chapter 579 Group to learn cooking Chapter 578 Zuo Wanjin's decision Chapter 577 About, Long Chapter 576 Is this gone Chapter 575 Another world story Chapter 574 Shake Jiuyao City

Chapter 573 I call it magic Chapter 572 Break through level 20 Chapter 571 Ideas for expansion again Chapter 570 Chu family's time to explore the store Chapter 569 Keep calm for a while Chapter 568 No place in the store Chapter 567 Do you have an opinion with the boss Chapter 566 Lin Fan Chapter 565 Come all here Chapter 564 Winner, no heaven Chapter 563 Ownership of Jelly Chapter 562 Top customers gather

Chapter 561 Some things about glory Chapter 560 Imperial City Night Talk Chapter 559 Posts and customer thought collection Chapter 558 Create from scratch Chapter 557 Boss, i have a question Chapter 556 Two colleges Chapter 555 Seize the Opportunity Ji Wugui Chapter 554 Game glory Chapter 553 Ideas for developing games Chapter 552 New tasks released by the system Chapter 551 Game development tutorial has been released Chapter 550 Rules for earning points

Chapter 549 Game time for customers Chapter 548 Some things about the arena Chapter 547 Is this what it feels like Chapter 546 What is mystery reward Chapter 545 So the boss can cook Chapter 544 Wen Tianji's game time Chapter 543 Ranked rewards Chapter 542 Wutian and Mirror Challenge Chapter 541 Some simple ingredients Chapter 540 Shocked Wen Tianji Chapter 539 Tower of Trials Arena Ranking Mode Chapter 538 Challenge mode sixth layer

Chapter 537 I suspect you are playing me Chapter 536 Different Jiuyao City Chapter 535 Tianji Pavilion Trio Chapter 534 A gathering of guests Chapter 533 The arena ranking mode Chapter 532 Free time at Origin Mall Chapter 531 I just made it easy Chapter 530 Again Chapter 529 Spicy Zongzi Chapter 528 Zongzi with different effects Chapter 527 Glowing dishes Chapter 526 Start cooking zongzi

Chapter 525 About sweet dumplings and salty dumplings Chapter 524 Make zongzi together Chapter 523 Prepare ingredients for zongzi Chapter 522 Memorable day Chapter 521 Eat zongzi today Chapter 520 The boss wrote six thousand words Chapter 519 Boss in codeword Chapter 518 Boss start code word Chapter 517 The boss is ready to start the plan Chapter 516 Quiet night Chapter 515 Ideas to increase promotion dynamics Chapter 514 Wrong share amount

Chapter 513 Familiar problem Chapter 512 The installment contract of the four elders Chapter 511 What's the matter with that big pit Chapter 510 The unpretentious dream of the boss Chapter 509 The abyss was pinched into a ball by the boss Chapter 508 This is a saint-level world tree Chapter 507 Lively Origin Mall Chapter 506 Boss ready to plan Chapter 505 Everyone Arrives in Medicine Valley Chapter 504 Sprite has a downside Chapter 503 Clever thinking step away from the song Chapter 502 Salted tofu brain has a soul

Chapter 501 New product, Sprite Chapter 500 Stay up late Chapter 499 Excited customers Chapter 498 New products on sale tomorrow Chapter 497 The boss feels that the lottery is shady Chapter 496 Sit down first Chapter 495 Come to my room later Chapter 494 The boss is still the original boss Chapter 493 Discuss the construction of the teleportation formation Chapter 492 Drunk Chapter 491 Okay, it's about me Chapter 490 Really has nothing to do with me

Chapter 489 The boss taught the bad guys Chapter 488 Coke blessed by the power of law Chapter 487 Clean up Jiuyao City Chapter 486 Jagged Guards Chapter 485 Let's continue shopping Chapter 484 Luochuan's Gift Chapter 483 Life now is really good Chapter 482 The Janissaries, all dispatched Chapter 481 Distressed Heavenly Star Chapter 480 The beginning of purging Chapter 479 Someone threatened the boss Chapter 478 Isn't it business hours?

Chapter 477 Boss decided to go out Chapter 476 Customers have troubles Chapter 475 Old friends reunion Chapter 474 The arrival of everyone in Medicine Valley Chapter 473 Your reaction is very abnormal Chapter 472 I'm so handsome with nowhere to put it Chapter 471 Unpretentious and boring Chapter 470 Welcome to join Lingyun Academy Chapter 469 Ready to build a teleportation array Chapter 468 Young is good Chapter 467 Is the mouth so good? Chapter 466 Happy Luochuan

Chapter 465 Wouldn't it be so coincidental Chapter 464 Don't you believe me anymore Chapter 463 Strange message Chapter 462 Victory of the Xiuxian Party Chapter 461 The boss posts the news again Chapter 460 Red Golden Blackbird upgrades qualifications Chapter 459 Everyone in Lingyun Academy returns Chapter 458 It's him Chapter 457 The boss feels unreasonable Chapter 456 I think it's good here Chapter 455 Seal formation in casual mode Chapter 454 Elementary Fire Element Control

Chapter 453 Lava Fire Python Chapter 452 do not mind the details Chapter 451 Amethyst mission Chapter 450 What's New in Luochuan Chapter 449 Camera function of magic phone Chapter 448 I don't even know I'm so good Chapter 447 Curious students Chapter 446 The speed of change is so fast Chapter 445 So many customers Chapter 444 Expanded Origin Mall Chapter 443 Store expansion card Chapter 442 Cannot act alone

Chapter 441 Big change span Chapter 440 Why do you ask this question Chapter 439 A big hole that feels very dangerous Chapter 438 Familiar boss style Chapter 437 You can't find a wife like this Chapter 436 Boss, long time no see Chapter 435 Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon, Jiuyao City Chapter 434 Everyone from Lingyun Academy arrived Chapter 433 The heart of the song Chapter 432 I thought of happy things Chapter 431 Yao Ziyan's sense of crisis Chapter 430 The boss must be the one I hit

Chapter 429 Scientists in the fantasy world Chapter 428 Moon worship Chapter 427 Wutian Buddha liked your activity Chapter 426 Dynamic content Chapter 425 Bulige release news Chapter 424 Wutian and Cooking Tutorial Chapter 423 Venerable Ninth-Rank, don’t you say it’s great? Chapter 422 Host, you think too much Chapter 421 I am destined to you Chapter 420 Dare to ask the boss, what is a Buddha Chapter 419 Lifeless shop exploration Chapter 418 The restless daily life of Jiuyao City

Chapter 417 People of Mount Xume Chapter 416 Mysterious black robe man Chapter 415 It's the rules again Chapter 414 Likes and comments Chapter 413 Send a message Chapter 412 Magic phone tutorial Chapter 411 Do you want to follow the boss Chapter 410 Good sense of sight Chapter 409 You are too perfunctory Chapter 408 Drug decision Chapter 407 You are still the shameless Chapter 406 Shameless?

Chapter 405 Hidden benefits Chapter 404 Personality Emperor Chapter 403 Incredible magic phone Chapter 402 Mutual concern Chapter 401 Ordinary boss, ordinary clerk Chapter 400 System, worthy of you Chapter 399 Magic phone is on the shelf Chapter 398 Up and down Chapter 397 All will not be destroyed, only fast will not break Chapter 396 Luochuan: I am swollen Chapter 395 System, you have broken Chapter 394 Why is there a big hole

Chapter 393 Have you found anything new? Chapter 392 Do not envy the emperor Chapter 391 Leisurely boss Chapter 390 Tested the power of the weapon Chapter 389 Good morning boss Chapter 388 Tianji Pavilion, Wen Tianji Chapter 387 Fan Chengtian's decision Chapter 386 Just pour it down Chapter 385 Try it out Chapter 384 To be discussed Chapter 383 Return to Lingyun College Chapter 382 Development direction branch, entertainment

Chapter 381 You won’t have bugs in the system, right? Chapter 380 The fifth layer, nine leaf sword grass Chapter 379 Everyday life Chapter 378 Never breach the contract Chapter 377 This is the weapon sales space Chapter 376 When did i lie to you Chapter 375 The power of technology Chapter 374 What about all weapons Chapter 373 Wide variety of weapons Chapter 372 Boss' meaning Chapter 371 I treat you like a brother, you actually Chapter 370 The words of beautiful women cannot be trusted

Chapter 369 Proficient step away song Chapter 368 Master is sick again Chapter 367 What a Chixiao Chapter 366 Potted plants are not ordinary Chapter 365 Installment contract Chapter 364 Have you heard of installments Chapter 363 Step Lige's favorite weapon Chapter 362 Boss, you finally opened the door Chapter 361 A comfortable life Chapter 360 In order to maintain world peace Chapter 359 Weapon sales space Chapter 358 The boss is ready to launch a new product

Chapter 357 Zuo Wanjin's free life Chapter 356 Rewards for rising stars Chapter 355 Dormant world tree Chapter 354 Little scene Chapter 353 So I am the Son of Destiny Chapter 352 The decision of the monster royal family Chapter 351 Mission complete, return Chapter 350 All good things come to an end Chapter 349 Implement Plan B Chapter 348 The boss wants a potted plant Chapter 347 Riot of the World Tree Chapter 346 Die

Chapter 345 Like bright stars Chapter 344 Void, abyss, order Chapter 343 Eroded world Chapter 342 world Tree Chapter 341 The road to wealth Chapter 340 Have you heard of Origin Mall Chapter 339 Weird ancient ruins Chapter 338 Ancient ruins, open! Chapter 337 Customers of Origin Mall Chapter 336 The boss is here Chapter 335 Familiar style Chapter 334 Ancient Ruins Descend

Chapter 333 Luochuan's dream Chapter 332 Insider! Absolutely insider Chapter 331 We are all awakened Chapter 330 Over coincidence Chapter 329 In the name of origin Chapter 328 Heavenless Buddha Chapter 327 Lord Buddha, fallen Chapter 326 Mount Xume, never heard of Chapter 325 Already destroyed by me Chapter 324 Why is it a monk again Chapter 323 Is it over? Chapter 322 Saint relic

Chapter 321 Poor monk walks for the sky today Chapter 320 Venerable Buddha Chapter 319 Place of worship Chapter 318 The crisis of Yaoziyan Chapter 317 Markup Chapter 316 Business close today Chapter 315 Purpose of Origin Mall Chapter 314 Rules, understand Chapter 313 Sold out in the blink of an eye Chapter 312 Rejuvenation Chapter 311 My blood is the strongest Chapter 310 Sounds amazing

Chapter 309 How did it do it Chapter 308 Origin Mall opened Chapter 307 Want to go out and stroll Chapter 306 Where is the dignity of monsters Chapter 305 What is the monster royal family Chapter 304 A refreshed worldview Chapter 303 Monsters are never slaves Chapter 302 The deity still lacks a mount Chapter 301 Is a good monster to be a mount Chapter 300 Boss on leave Chapter 299 Today’s Jiuyao City is very deserted Chapter 298 The body is the most honest

Chapter 297 Awesome, my system Chapter 296 Causality is intangible Chapter 295 Junior sister, what do you think Chapter 294 Thanks to your patronage, Shi Lingjing Chapter 293 Heart is cool, heart is flying Chapter 292 Have you heard of coke Chapter 291 I just greet its body Chapter 290 Terrible human Chapter 289 Really unlucky Chapter 288 Raging beast Chapter 287 All directions Chapter 286 Exclusive mission for the store owner

Chapter 285 Ancient ruins open Chapter 284 Too cold spirit body Chapter 283 How to sell weapons Chapter 282 Weapon Sales System Chapter 281 Forgot an important thing Chapter 280 The clerk is asking for leave Chapter 279 One day passed Chapter 278 The door to the new world opened Chapter 277 We just thought of happy things Chapter 276 Zhang Yu's shop time Chapter 275 Gradually become poor Chapter 274 Hidden in the city

Chapter 273 Luckily not late Chapter 272 The language is not amazing Chapter 271 This is a bit familiar Chapter 270 Ji Wuhui's chance Chapter 269 Qualification improvement Chapter 268 I only care about the process Chapter 267 Look at luck Chapter 266 Ji Wuhui's guess Chapter 265 Go home to get the spirit crystal Chapter 264 Origin brand mineral water Chapter 263 Causes of Thunder Tribulation Chapter 262 a new day

Chapter 261 This thing, named coke Chapter 260 What is your boxing technique Chapter 259 Special to learn Chapter 258 What is the new product Chapter 257 Good to be alive Chapter 256 Did i let you down Chapter 255 Rest assured, there is me Chapter 254 Daily life of residents in Jiuyao City Chapter 253 Thunder fall Chapter 252 Ou Huang is always Ou Huang Chapter 251 The movement is a bit big Chapter 250 Buddha, Buddha!

Chapter 249 Mount Sumeru Chapter 248 Innate spirit Chapter 247 Unusual mineral water Chapter 246 Ended Chapter 245 Snap your fingers and go back to the world Chapter 244 Then there is no more Chapter 243 We don’t give alms Chapter 242 Mount Xumi, a demon monk without phase Chapter 241 System of welfare tasks Chapter 240 The boss wants to lead the cultural trend Chapter 239 Satisfied Luochuan Chapter 238 Invisible cause and effect

Chapter 237 The rain is coming Chapter 236 The price of gossip Chapter 235 Ying Wuji Spring Chapter 234 The race ends Chapter 233 Melon-eaters watching the game Chapter 232 Surprise from Jiang Shengjun Chapter 231 Fierce competition Chapter 230 Inch Jin can open the sky! Chapter 229 Boss, are you sure not to increase the price Chapter 228 Coke raw material, Hunyuanling spring water Chapter 227 Friends in Nothing Chapter 226 Learn about the points system

Chapter 225 Solutions to the problem Chapter 224 Prodigal ah prodigal Chapter 223 Unusual breakfast Chapter 222 Curiosity and fear Chapter 221 Qualified customer Chapter 220 The strong come Chapter 219 The decision of the three elders Chapter 218 Shocked Three Elders Chapter 217 Everyone Arrives in Medicine Valley Chapter 216 Shot, destroyed Chapter 215 Shadow Killer Assassin Chapter 214 It's raining

Chapter 213 The small goal of step away from the song Chapter 212 Rules about casual mode Chapter 211 Internet addiction teenager Wei Yi Chapter 210 The boss did it Chapter 209 The pill is successfully refined Chapter 208 Get ready, I'm going to make alchemy! Chapter 207 It's a showdown, I'm Ou Huang Chapter 206 Charge rules for leisure mode Chapter 205 Missed opportunity Chapter 204 The tip of the iceberg of Origin Mall Chapter 203 Weakened perception Chapter 202 Viper immune to BUFF

Chapter 201 Trigger the task to kill the snake monster Chapter 200 You don't ask, i don't say Chapter 199 Casual mode is a treasure Chapter 198 A game that can affect reality! Chapter 197 A lucky trio Chapter 196 Explore casual mode Chapter 195 Legendary skills! Chapter 194 Wow, golden legend! Chapter 193 Bullying the wolf too much! Chapter 192 Don't let them go! Chapter 191 Weaknesses of Gray Wolf Chapter 190 Wolves in the jungle

Chapter 189 Luochuan's inner touch Chapter 188 I have never met an opponent Chapter 187 Concept clear Chapter 186 Actions of Origin Mall customers Chapter 185 Deja vu scene Chapter 184 Boss, do you need us to take action? Chapter 183 Everyone is an actor Chapter 182 It's not easy to be a guard Chapter 181 Heavenly Star the Great Headache Chapter 180 The Revenge Team has arrived Chapter 179 The fire of civilization was successfully ignited! Chapter 178 The seeds of enlightenment have been planted

Chapter 177 When modern science comes to another world Chapter 176 There is no gap between this and reality! Chapter 175 Relive the path of spiritual practice Chapter 174 A map like the real world! Chapter 173 The new mode of the tower of trials Chapter 172 You are making my breakfast idea! Chapter 171 Unpretentious breakfast Chapter 170 Rewards for side missions Chapter 169 Over-completed side tasks Chapter 168 Sorry, I am holding back everyone! Chapter 167 Shirao's cooking career Chapter 166 Choice Difficulties

Chapter 165 The emperor is not good Chapter 164 Luochuan's reminder Chapter 163 Ji Wuhui's bold guess Chapter 162 Medicine Valley Chapter 161 Wei Yi's decision Chapter 160 Have their own minds Chapter 159 Three hours per person per day Chapter 158 Ghost Face Vine's Jedi Counterattack Chapter 157 Liu Ruyu's gaming experience Chapter 156 The fourth layer, ghost face vine Chapter 155 We want to register an account! Chapter 154 A shock is fair

Chapter 153 What the boss said makes sense Chapter 152 Shocked trio Chapter 151 Why don't you understand Chapter 150 Liu Ruyu's nameless anger Chapter 149 Alchemist, not short of money Chapter 148 Xiao Cheng's acquaintances Chapter 147 Can't afford to provoke Chapter 146 Ying Wuji Breakthrough Chapter 145 Fight a great battle Chapter 144 Mirror challenge is open Chapter 143 Curious Xia Yuan Chapter 142 What are you talking about

Chapter 141 Xia Yuan's shock Chapter 140 What a disappointment! Chapter 139 Ying Wuji's acquaintance Chapter 138 This shop is interesting! Chapter 137 Zuo Wanjin's anxiety Chapter 136 Curious Luochuan Chapter 135 Murong Haitang’s Heart of Cherishing Talent Chapter 134 Business exchange Chapter 133 Essential abilities of chefs Chapter 132 On the self-cultivation of a shopkeeper Chapter 131 Gu Yunxi's change of mentality Chapter 130 How to make Jiuling Dragon Bone Soup

Chapter 129 Comprehensive development of morality, intelligence, sports, art and labor Chapter 128 Never underestimate anyone Chapter 127 Stingy system Chapter 126 What an amazing shop Chapter 125 A large wave of students struck Chapter 124 You learn to cook Chapter 123 Daily life in Origin Mall Chapter 122 The third floor of the tower of trial Chapter 121 Ways to turn on more modes Chapter 120 The boss's fresh and refined way of appearance Chapter 119 Nothing can stop me from eating breakfast Chapter 118 Action failed

Chapter 117 Awkward meeting Chapter 116 New task Chapter 115 Turbulence is beginning Chapter 114 The owner has already seen everything! Chapter 113 Two guesses Chapter 112 Good tea! Chapter 111 Ying Wuji came to visit Chapter 110 You can't afford it Chapter 109 Ji Wuhui's emotion Chapter 108 Your Majesty is not here Chapter 107 Let's discuss Chapter 106 Decadent boss is online

Chapter 105 Where is the gap Chapter 104 Poetic request Chapter 103 Victory or defeat Chapter 102 Your Majesty, please enlighten me Chapter 101 Arena mode has been opened Chapter 100 Good morning your majesty Chapter 99 Maka! Chapter 98 Ji Wuhui enters the store Chapter 97 Should Promise Decision Chapter 96 Thank you for your kindness Chapter 95 Incomprehensible operation Chapter 94 Shiraoi Wataru

Chapter 93 It's just a catastrophe, what's the point Chapter 92 Thunder Tribulation Chapter 91 It is worthy of the name of Qiongye Yulu! Chapter 90 Bai Lao's decision Chapter 89 Shiraoi Resurrection Chapter 88 Where is the system teacher Chapter 87 Arena mode Chapter 86 Shocked old man Chapter 85 It turns out that the boss is the deepest hidden master! Chapter 84 Are the staff so strong now? Chapter 83 Getting acquainted Chapter 82 Compensation comes

Chapter 81 Taunt from Bu Lige Chapter 80 The second floor of the tower of trial Chapter 79 The boss is getting stronger Chapter 78 The legend of the boss in the arena Chapter 77 Ji Wugui's decision Chapter 76 Ji Wuhui comes Chapter 75 What is death Chapter 74 Shirao Appears Chapter 73 Ji Wuhui's anger Chapter 72 The boss is doing things again Chapter 71 The second prince was beaten Chapter 70 A scene of deja vu

Chapter 69 The evil rich man Chapter 68 Go eat out Chapter 67 The boss who plays the game hard Chapter 66 The hidden dangers of Ying Wuji Gongfa Chapter 65 Surprising shop Chapter 64 Mysterious shop, mysterious owner Chapter 63 Shop rules Chapter 62 Learn about games that can improve cultivation Chapter 61 Crazy step away song Chapter 60 Outrageous weapon props Chapter 59 How do you feel pitted? Chapter 58 Students of Lingyun College

Chapter 57 Sad step away song Chapter 56 There is such a game Chapter 55 Store changes Chapter 54 Lingyun Academy Chapter 53 The boss is too strong! Chapter 52 New things in the shop Chapter 51 Normal charging method Chapter 50 Learn about immersive holographic games Chapter 49 The future direction of the store Chapter 48 News from ancient ruins Chapter 47 I am the first customer in the owner's shop! Chapter 46 Boss, this is a bundle sale!

Chapter 45 buy! Buy it all! Chapter 44 Zhou Hu Chapter 43 Instant noodles that can increase the speed of training Chapter 42 The hidden effect of spicy strips Chapter 41 understand! I understand! Chapter 40 Why are you not surprised at all Chapter 39 You are the monster royal family! Chapter 38 Jiang Shengjun Chapter 37 The shock of Yao Ziyan Chapter 36 I still lack a clerk in my store Chapter 35 Today's shop is very deserted Chapter 34 Met the boss

Chapter 33 New items in the store Chapter 32 Systematic stubbornness Chapter 31 Save a life Chapter 30 Individuals fall from the sky Chapter 29 Demon Purple Smoke Chapter 28 Rainy night Chapter 27 Special draw Chapter 26 System reward Chapter 25 Talent Chapter 24 Check out our shop rules Chapter 23 Shiraoi Shinten Chapter 22 Yinyue Mansion's decision

Chapter 21 This trick is called Tianshi Zhenxing Chapter 20 Who gives you the confidence Chapter 19 Silver moon Chapter 18 What does it feel like to be invincible Chapter 17 Our shop rules Chapter 16 Please leave gracefully Chapter 15 I bought them all! Chapter 14 I bought your shop! Chapter 13 This thing is called coke Chapter 12 Amethyst Demon Wolf Chapter 11 Welcome to the shop anytime Chapter 10 good to eat!

Chapter 9 Would you like some spicy strips Chapter 8 Please host efforts Chapter 7 Gu Shiyi Chapter 6 New product, spicy strip Chapter 5 Rules in the shop Chapter 4 The power of happy water Chapter 3 First customer Chapter 2 Invincible buff, novice mission Chapter 1 Congratulations to the host for drawing a coke

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