Yao Ziyan's writing continued.

Luo Chuan was briefly stimulated to fight, and also took out the magic phone.

Continue to change the plot of the novel.

When writing, time often flies quickly.

The night is dark.

After washing, I returned to the room.

"The system, set the Qiongyelu to be the same as ordinary goods." Before going to bed, Luochuan gave the order.

"Changes have been made."

I don’t know how those customers will react when they come to the Origin Mall tomorrow and see the shelves full of Ginger Jelly.

The expression should be quite exciting.

With anticipation, Luo Chuan fell asleep.

Had an ordinary dream.

I dreamed of a scene of taking time code words after class when I was in college.

In the early morning, Luochuan woke up from his sleep.

His eyes were dim, and he scratched his messy hair.

Strange dreams.

Opening the window, the sound of rain entered the room.

The hazy rain curtain shrouded the world in front of him, as if separated by a layer of veil.

The air was full of strong rain.

Luochuan missed the sun a bit.

Stretched and walked out of the room.

Met Yao Ziyan, who just got up just like him.

The long purple hair was scattered, yawning.

"Boss, good morning." He said hello with half-squinted eyes.

"Good morning." Yawning is contagious, and Luo Chuan couldn't help but yawn.

After washing, go downstairs.

At a glance, Luo Chuan saw the empty shelves of Qiongyelu that were already full of white cold jade bottles.

Although it might not be Hanyu, Luochuan felt that the name was okay.

When Yao Ziyan came down, she also noticed the changes in the store.

"Boss, there is no limit on the quantity of Qiongyelu?" She was a little surprised.

After coming to Origin Mall for such a long time, the sales method of Qiongjianglu has not changed.

Today there are so many numbers suddenly, which is obviously different.

Luo Chuan nodded.

"Why is this all of a sudden?" Yao Ziyan was curious.

Luo Chuan thought for a while, then asked, "Does this still need a reason?"

Demon Purple Smoke:...

Boss, what you said is so reasonable, I can't continue.

Start to eat breakfast.

Today is sakura sweet porridge with sakura cakes.

Exudes a faint scent of cherry blossoms.

Luo Chuan tasted both.

There is no need to say the taste, the added pulp seems to contain some special energy, and the taste is very good.

"How is it?" Yao Ziyan asked with a smile.

"The taste is very good." Luo Chuan nodded and commented.

I wanted to make suggestions, but there are too many foods related to cherry blossoms recently.

But seeing Yao Ziyan's expression, Luo Chuan didn't say anything.

"I also learned a lot about cherry blossom food, and I will cook it for you every day from now on." Yao Ziyan was in a good mood.

There was a picture of cherry blossom food in Luochuan's mind, and a strong sense of crisis appeared in his heart.

"Eating the same kind of food every day makes it easy to get bored." Luo Chuan reminded euphemistically.

Yao Ziyan understood Luo Chuan's meaning and smiled embarrassedly: "Um...I see..."

At the end of breakfast, Luochuan felt the calm fragrance of cherry blossoms still in his mouth.

Soon, the first customer walked away from the song to the Origin Mall.

"Good morning, Mrs. Ziyan, boss." After the daily greetings, he keenly noticed the changes in the shelves, "Eh? Isn't this a jelly lotion? Why so many?"

"Is there no limit to the number?" The step that came over was a little surprised.

She seemed to have appeared in front of her, and those customers who were vying for the eligibility to purchase Qiongyelu were extremely excited after seeing this scene.

"Yeah." Luo Chuan nodded.

Then the two took out the magic phone and began to provide customers with news.

"A major event! Major event! There is no limit to the quantity of Ginger Jelly! 』

The group chat was quite lively.

The topics discussed included heavy rain that lasted for several days, the new recipe of Fengxianlou, yesterday’s competition for Qiongjianglu purchase quota, the closing of Yuangui’s shop at night...

All in all, there are all kinds of things.

But when the news from Bu Lige appeared, there was obviously a weird silence for a few seconds.

"Bu Lige, are you sure you are not joking? 』

"Can I buy the jelly lotus in the boss's shop?" Am I not awake? 』

"I think there should be many big guys going to the Origin Mall today. 』


The first reaction of the customers was that they couldn't believe it, and then they started talking excitedly, mostly just watching the excitement.

The price of 100,000 Lingjing is not affordable for ordinary customers.

Step Lige thought for a while and took a picture of Zhang Qiongjianglu on the shelf.

Luochuan and Yao Ziyan are also in the photo.

Then sent to the group chat.

Step away from the song: photo.jpg

"A lot of jelly dew! 』

"I want to buy it too, but it's too expensive. 』

"The boss is so handsome, Sister Ziyan is so beautiful. 』

"The boss is so handsome, Sister Ziyan is so beautiful. 』

"The boss is so handsome, Sister Ziyan is so beautiful. 』


"What?" Yao Huichen looked at the information in the group chat, and slapped on the table with excitement, "Qingyelu is not limited to purchase?! Hahaha, the old man is going to buy a bottle! Then who cleans this up, I go first."

"I see, head." A middle-aged man sighed helplessly.

He originally came to ask questions, but he didn't expect to be used as a coolie right after he came.

However, the strength of the head is really strong, even the table made by Hun Yuanshi can be slapped like this.

The palm prints several inches deep on the desktop are quite eye-catching, and the fine black lines spread around.

After a few seconds, the black lines quickly spread across the tabletop, and the table shattered into a piece of stone dust.

The middle-aged man was dumbfounded...

"Lao San, hurry up!" The closed Shimen was pushed open arbitrarily, and Yao Huichen's voice resounded rumblingly under the blessing of spiritual power.

The three elders who were concentrating on refining the pill were naturally affected, and their spirit fluctuated.

A faint muffled sound came from the medicine cauldron.

The third elder frowned.

The pill refining that took most of the day failed.

"Head, what's the matter?" There was some discomfort in his heart, and the third elder did not show it on the surface.

There was also some curiosity, guessing what could make Yao Huichen so excited.

"Let's go, go to the Origin Mall to buy the jelly lotion." Yao Huichen said straightforwardly.

"Qingyelu? Isn't it six days to get the goods?" The third elder was puzzled.

"The current Qiongyelu is the same as the rest of the products, and there is no restriction on the number of sales." Yao Huichen smiled and took out the magic phone.

Looking at the information on the screen, the three elders had long been banned by excitement because of the failure to refine the pill.

A few minutes later, the nine elders of Yao Huichen, Yao Gu, and many alchemists came to the place of the teleportation array.

The mood is agitated and the expression is excited.

After becoming the Origin Mall for such a long time, Yaogu can finally buy agar juice!

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