Yuan Gui looked at the three people fighting with the landlord, and he felt ill to bother him.

While walking towards Sakura Village, he pondered the meaning of Luochuan's words.

Take me?

That means I can pick as much as I want?

Yuan Gui thought of coming to Origin Mall every morning, and the cherry blossoms on the cherry trees would be in full bloom.

There were a few days when the cherry blossoms in the morning looked a little sparse, I don’t know if it’s an illusion...

A few minutes later, Yuan Gui walked out of Yinghua Village.

After saying hello, I left Origin Mall, and the sound of rain instantly filled my ears.

Walking in the alley, the rain is isolated by spiritual power.

There is no light in Yuangui's shop, and it's pitch black.

Yuan Gui has sent a message in the group chat he created and it is closed tonight.

In this regard, old customers such as the Buddha of Mount Xumi, who have become accustomed to the food in Yuangui's shop, asked why.

Yuan Gui's answer is simple-to develop new dishes.

Passing through the rain curtain, opened the door of Yuan Gui's shop.

The array set up in the store sensed Yuan Gui's arrival, and the bright light lit up.

"Sakura stuffed..."

"The food made by sakura makes people look forward to..."

After dinner, Yao Ziyue left.

Because he was free, Luochuan used the holographic device to come to Oran.

Continue paddling here...

Well, collect relevant information about this world.

Luo Chuan walked on the road with a candied haws-like snack in his hand.

The transparent syrup is wrapped in red fruits with unknown names. It is sweet and sour and very delicious.

It is surrounded by rows of houses with different world styles, and beside it is the bustling and bustling residents of different worlds wearing various costumes.

Luo Chuan was in it, but there was no disharmony.

"I said system." Luo Chuan looked at the surrounding commodities, and an idea appeared in his mind for no apparent reason.

"Boss, what's the matter?" The system was always online, and then responded.

"Can you open a shop here too?" Luo Chuan asked.

The system was silent and did not respond.

Luo Chuan waited patiently in no hurry.

"...After the calculation, the degree of world resolution has not met the requirements." The system replied.

"No way..." Luo Chuan was not disappointed. After all, he just asked casually, "What does the degree of world resolution mean?"

"It can't be described in words. The world is special and cannot be interfered too much with the current resolution."

"In other words, if the resolution is improved, will you be able to open a shop here?"

Opening a shop in the virtual world of the shop is very interesting to think about.

Of course, Luochuan certainly did not do it because it felt interesting.

Due to the Ninth Natural Disaster, many intelligent race nations were destroyed in the world of Koror.

Luochuan just felt that he had to do something for it.

Well, yes, that's it.

"According to your understanding of the boss, this is indeed the case." The system affirmed Luo Chuan's words.

Luo Chuan's expression remained unchanged, and he was completely immune to the system's behavior of faintly complaining about his ability to understand.

"When will the level of analysis be improved to the extent of opening a store?" Luo Chuan continued to ask.

"Can't predict accurately."

Did not waste more time on this topic, ended the conversation with the system.

After eating all the different world version of candied haws, he threw the lottery into the trash can beside the road, and Luochuan withdrew from the virtual world.

He took off his helmet and yawned.

Yao Ziyan held the magic phone, sometimes frowning and tangled, sometimes looking excited, sometimes holding his breath in thought.

Luo Chuan seemed to see his own shadow before.

When on the earth, Luochuan is a full-fledged fan of online literature.

I have read many types of web articles on fantasy, science fiction, urban, light novel, etc.

My favorite is the light novel type.

I have read a lot of online articles. I have been promoted from Xiaobai to the realm of an old bookworm, and the traditional Xiaobai articles are hard to read.

Readers who reach this level are usually faced with two choices.

Either try to find a web text that suits your appetite in the vast web world, or join a web writer to write the story in your heart.

Of course, it is not that the two can only choose one of them. The benevolent sees the benevolent and the wise sees the wisdom.

Luochuan chose to join.

In the beginning, Luochuan was naturally full of passion, and even thought about the days after he became a **** every day.

But the few collections and the fraction of the daily harvest clearly demonstrated the fact that he was on the street.

After seeing this fact clearly, Luo Chuan gradually abandoned the originally blind and ridiculous idea, and began to learn the works of various great gods from the perspective of a writer.

When the things he wrote finally showed improvement...

A crossing happened and became a glorious owner of Origin Mall.

Compared with before, Luochuan prefers the relaxed and comfortable life now.

Go to the counter and look at the screen of the magical mobile phone.

Yao Ziyan simply noticed Luochuan's arrival.

"...The sky is full of haze, heavy clouds swaying freely in the sky like splashing ink, the sun is pale and weak when facing the cloudy clouds with filthy aura, only a pale white shadow is left to show its existence .

Because of the erosion of the plague power, the trees on the ground showed a weird twisted posture, and the completely black skin exuded a crazy atmosphere, and the large gray-green erosion on it seemed shocking. Even so, these lingering trees are still trying their best to survive, and the branches that stretch to the sky are trying to get the last bit of sunlight.

The land that had nurtured countless lives in the past has become a hotbed of plagues, and the land that has been compacted into granules exudes bursts of disgusting stench.

A land long dead.


The crisp sound reverberated, the skeleton with the dark blue soul fire in its eyes wandered aimlessly, and a dead branch under his feet was broken.

——The Hill of Death, the territory of the undead priest Huka...』

Luochuan was silent.

Perhaps...this is the so-called literary talent?

"Boss." Yao Ziyan, who was immersed in the literary world, noticed Luo Chuan who was watching, and asked hopefully, "How is my writing? Is it possible?"

"Very good." Luo Chuan nodded, this is the most original answer.

"It feels a little bit different from what you wrote, the boss." Yao Ziyan sighed slightly disappointed.

Hey hey, what's the matter with your tone?

This kind of writing, this kind of literary talent is not satisfied with it, so how uncomfortable it is for those online writers!

"No." Luo Chuan shook his head, "It's almost like me."

Luochuan is standing on the shoulders of giants.

Certain plots have been modified according to his ideas, and the writing style is his own except for the previous chapters.

Luo Chuan thinks that there is not much difference compared to what Yao Ziyan wrote.

"Really?" Yao Ziyan's purple eyes seemed to bloom with brilliance.

"Really." Luo Chuan nodded with a serious expression.

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