The heavy rain did not abate at all, and the heavy rain curtain enveloped everything.

It has been going on for so many days, the residents of Jiuyao City have become used to it.

Luochuan drank the cherry blossom stuffed and watched the rain outside.

The peculiar patterns of the stone slabs on the ground are fully displayed under the infiltration of rain water, ripples like mirrors.

This was done by the Janissaries a few days ago.

Luo Chuan didn't know what the names of these slabs were. It didn't look simple.

Someone walked through the rain curtain into Origin Mall.

"Ha, good noon, boss." An Weiya greeted briskly.

"Good noon." Luo Chuan nodded.

Yao Ziyan also smiled back.

"It seems that I was the first to come here." An Weiya looked around and came to a conclusion.

Instead of entering the virtual world as usual, he walked to the counter.

"Boss, ask you something." An Weiya looked curious.

"Say." Luo Chuan put down the cup.

"What is the highest level of the role in Koror?" An Weiya asked.

She has been in Origin Mall for a while, and basically spends a lot of time in casual mode every day.

At the same time, it came to a conclusion that as the level increased, the experience required to upgrade became higher and higher.

The player with the highest level at present has not even broken through the forty level.

"The casual mode should have the highest level, right?" Luo Chuan asked in his heart.

If the level can be increased without limit, the player's combat effectiveness will sooner or later collapse.

"It is not accurately defined. According to the system's judgment, it should be around level 50." The system responded.

At about level fifty, it should be equivalent to the strength of Kololi's legendary mage.

Certainly there would not be the strength of Venerable Tianlan Continent that tears space and destroys the earth with his hands, after all, they have different levels of combat power.

Perhaps the magic forbidden curses and forbidden magic arts handed down from ancient times may achieve such power.

Of course, these are just Luo Chuan's guesses, he has not seen it with his own eyes.

"There is no specific definition, it's up to you." Luo Chuan replied, adding, "It should be at level 50."

"It's only level fifty? It's so low." An Weiya muttered.

"After level 40, the time and experience required to upgrade each time will be more and more." Luo Chuan added.

"I know this." An Weiya nodded, "In the beginning, I can improve several levels a day, and then one level a day, several days a level... But sooner or later I will reach the level!"

Judging from the long life span of the dragons, this is indeed the truth.

In this regard, Luochuan expressed his expectation.

"Boss, what are you drinking? It smells very good." An Weiya's eyes fell on the cup in Luochuan's hand.

When she first entered the Origin Mall, she smelled the peculiar fragrance of cherry blossoms.

"Sakura stuffed." Luo Chuan shook his cup.

The pale pink liquor fluctuates like amber and the cherry blossoms rise and fall.

"It smells different from Qiongyelu, is it a new product to be launched?" An Weiya stared at the cup and swallowed secretly.

"It's not a new product. Ziyan was brewed some time ago." Luo Chuan noticed An Weiya's small movements, feeling a little funny in his heart, "A cup?"

"Ah, can it?" An Weiya opened her eyes slightly in surprise.

"Of course." Yao Ziyan said with a smile.

I took a new cup for Anvia and poured a full cup of cherry blossom stuffed.

After taking a sip, An Weiya showed a satisfied look: "It's delicious!"

Anvia came earlier, and the business hours of Origin Mall have not officially started yet.

When the cherry blossoms in the cup bottomed out, customers came one after another.

For whether it was the first customer in the afternoon, Bu Lige had no idea of ​​vying for it.

After having lunch in Fengxianlou, I came to Origin Mall.

"Boss, Fengxianlou just launched a new cuisine today!" After stepping into the store, he walked to the counter excitedly.

"What kind of cuisine?" Luo Chuan wondered.

He was typing just now and came to the key plot.

"Boss, do you know the "Forest Survival" in Origin Live?" Jiang Shengjun first asked a question.

"I know." Luo Chuan nodded. When he is fine, he does go around the live broadcast room.

"Fengxianlou has launched a lot of related dishes based on the content of the live broadcast!" Bu Lige looked excited.

"Those worm food?" Luo Chuan's expression was subtle.

"Yes!" Jiang Shengjun nodded, "The taste is really delicious!"

"Have you eaten?" Yao Ziyan raised his head and looked at the two in surprise.

"Of course, it's the hottest dish in Fengxianlou now!" Bu Lige nodded repeatedly.

Luo Chuan felt that he still somewhat underestimated the acceptance of these cultivators.

How long has it been before Fengxianlou launched related...worm food.

Of course, this also proves that Zuo Wanjin, the owner of Fengxianlou, is a talent.

Luo Chuan has no interest in the latest food from Fengxianlou.

No matter how delicious the insects are, can there be delicious rice made by Yaoziyan?

With the gradual decline in the popularity of glory, the training mode of the tower of trial has once again become the most popular game among customers.

The residents of Oran also found that the number of mysterious people who disappeared suddenly increased gradually.

The afternoon passed flatly, and nothing worth mentioning happened.

Customers come and go, and the heavy rain for several days has no effect at all.

Recently, the number of new customers coming to Origin Mall has dropped a lot.

According to Luo Chuan's guess, it should be that most of the cultivators who can come here near the Star Empire have come here in the past few months.

The forces far away have also built related teleportation formations, and the rest are the cultivators and forces who are unable to come over or are on the way.

"It feels a little boring every day." Yao Ziyue yawned, "Three."

"Is it boring? I didn't feel it." Yao Ziyan thought for a while and said seriously, "Four."

Yao Ziyue rolled her eyes secretly and stopped continuing this topic.

"Five." Luo Chuan threw a card casually, "Is it the life you want to fight every day?"

"Of course not." Yao Ziyue shook his head, "just a little bit emotional."

Customers in the store have begun to leave one after another, and the business hours are about to end.

Yuan Gui went against the flow of people and walked into Origin Mall.

The customers who left looked at Yuan Gui in confusion, not understanding what he was coming for.

"Boss." Yuan Gui saw the three playing cards after entering the store.

"Go pick it yourself." Luo Chuan nodded.

Yuan Gui thought for a while: "How many can you pick?"

"It's up to you." Luo Chuan looked at Yao Ziyue, "It's up to you to play the cards."

"Oh oh." Yao Ziyue nodded again and again, his attention turned to the card in his hand again, "two."


"carry on……"

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