Luo Chuan noticed Yuan Gui's gaze.

You are so obsessed with the cherry blossom stuffed by Ziyan!

But having said that, he is indeed the God of Cooking in Tianlan Continent, he is really good at distinguishing positions by smelling.

Of course, the most critical reason is that the flavor of the cherry blossoms is so good.

"What's the name of this wine?" Yuan Gui asked seriously.

"Sakura stuffed." Luo Chuan replied for Yao Ziyan.

"Sakura brewing... is it brewed from the cherry blossom trees in Sakura Village?" Yuan Gui looked towards Sakura Village.

Only the closed wooden door can be seen.

Luo Chuan nodded.

Yao Ziyan looked at the two people who were talking, feeling that there was nothing to do with her, and took the things to the second floor.

Yuan Gui was slightly silent and made his request.

"Boss, Sakura in Sakura Villa..."

The words did not speak, and the meaning was very clear.

Picking some cherry blossoms is not a big deal.

The most important thing is that Yuan Gui's pure pursuit of cooking skills.

Luochuan nodded: "The afternoon business hours are over, you can pick it up."

A look of surprise appeared on Yuan Gui's face, and he solemnly thanked him, "Thank you, boss."

After thinking about it, he added: "Whenever the boss comes to eat with me, it is completely free."

Yuan Gui left the Origin Mall.

Zhennan Houfu.

"I'm not eating at home!" Bu Lige shouted into it.

no respond.

The people in the mansion have long been used to this.

"Go." Bu Lige waved his hand.

"I said, you really don't have to say it again?" Jiang Shengjun asked hesitantly.

"What? They must have heard it." Bu Lige shrugged indifferently. "By the way, is the information you got reliable?"

"Of course it is reliable!" Jiang Shengjun nodded heavily.

"Does it really exist?"

"Of course, I can lie to you?"

"Go around, hurry up, maybe it's gone in a while..."

The two disappeared into the rain.

"What did the kid do?" Bu Cangqiong asked casually.

"It should be Fengxian Tower," Bu answered poetically.

"Where can I go if I am free?" Bu Cang Qiong puzzled.

Bu Shiyi took out the magic phone and reconfirmed: "Because Fengxianlou has launched new dishes today."

"What dish?" Bu Cangqiong took the food on the chopsticks into his mouth.

Bu poetic hesitated for a moment, thinking whether he should say it.

"Why don't you speak?" Bu Cangqiong looked at her suspiciously.

"Food made by various insects." Bu Shiyi sighed in his heart.

"What?" Bu Cang Qiong stopped chewing.

"Food made by all kinds of insects." Bu Shiyi repeated it again, his expression serious.

A picture appeared in Bu Cang Qiong's mind.

After all, it was the southern town of the Star Empire, but his expression was a little strange.

"Fengxianlou is a place under the direct control of the imperial family no matter what, why did you suddenly buy these things?"

Step poetically began to tell...

There were pedestrians in twos and threes on the street in the heavy rain.

Compared with normal times, the flow of people has indeed dropped a lot.

Bu Lige and Jiang Shengjun came to Fengxianlou.

"What do you want?" As soon as he entered the door, a waiter stepped forward.

"Do you know the origin of magic phone live broadcast?" Bu Lige asked casually.

"Understood." The waiter nodded with a smile.

"Hey, look at them." Jiang Shengjun had already noticed the food on the tables of some diners in the hall—all kinds of...worms cooked in various ways.

I didn't see the ones who really made the mouth. Basically, they took pictures with magic phones.

"I bought it and didn't eat it, isn't it a waste?" Bu Lige sighed.

The words were not small, and naturally fell into the ears of a crowd of diners.

The diners in Fengxianlou are basically cultivators.

After all, the cost here is not affordable for ordinary people.

This overlaps with Origin Mall, so diners are basically customers of Origin Mall.

For Bulige, as long as it has become the origin mall for a period of time, it will basically know it.

As for the reason, it goes without saying that everyone knows it.

I have to mention another thing here. Many customers are paying attention to Bu Lige's account, mainly because he is very well informed.

"Bu Lige, would you like to taste it?" a man in black said with a smile.

These people buy the food made by these insects, and curiosity occupies an important position.

"I'm sorry to eat you, I already bought it myself." Bu Lige waved his hand.

"Then we will wait and see." The man in black laughed.

Sit down at an empty table in the hall.

Jiang Shengjun lowered his voice: "I said, are you here for real?"

"Of course." Bu Lige nodded, "The food in Fengxianlou, let alone bugs, can make you even more delicious things."

"That's what it says, but..." Jiang Shengjun gritted his teeth.

Mental obstacles are often the most difficult to overcome.

Not long after, the waiter brought food.

Looking at the fried, grilled, pan-fried, and stir-fried food in front of them, Jiang Shengjun and Bu Lige swallowed.

"I remember, I didn't seem to order so much, right?" Bu Lige stopped the waiter who delivered the food.

"You ordered the barbecue, and the rest is specially ordered by the host to give it away." The waiter said with a smile.

Bu Lige saw that Zuo Wanjin smiled at him not far away.

Bu Lige smiled back, and his eyes fell on the food in front of him.

At this time, the diners nearby all cast their eyes.

Taking a deep breath, Step Lige picked up the barbecue.

To be honest, the appearance of the larva is no longer visible.

The head and the like have been completely removed, leaving only the toasted body, with the powder of seasoning on it, exuding an attractive aroma.

But the picture still appeared in my mind involuntarily.

Gritting his teeth, his heart shook, and he sent it into his mouth in Jiang Shengjun's horrified eyes.

After chewing two bites, his eyes widened in surprise: "This smell..."

"How is it?" Jiang Shengjun asked curiously.

"Very fragrant and delicious!" Bu Lige nodded heavily, then stuffed Jiang Shengjun with a string, "Come on, you also have a taste."

"I'm not in a hurry, I'm not in a hurry." Jiang Shengjun declined.

After seeing Bu Lige's expression on the diners who have been watching here, there was a slight shake in their hearts.

It looks delicious...

Do you want to taste it yourself?

For a time, the mood was extremely tangled.

Finally, someone made a decision.

He frowned and ate one.

The reaction is not much different from the song of Step Li, and I can't help but admire: "This taste is really amazing!"

Someone acted as the forerunner, and customers successively broke through the psychological barriers.

Suddenly, there were one after another exclamation in the Fengxian Tower.

The door to the new world has been opened before them.

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