The development direction of Anvia and Yila's battle obviously exceeded everyone's expectations.

What's the situation with this kind of God's unfolding of a handshake and even a chat and laugh to decide who wins and loses?

This is the true thoughts of most customers.

Luo Chuan's expression on the magic phone was not surprising, and he even breathed a faint sigh of relief.

Things really developed in this strange direction.

"It's over, it's over, everyone can come and collect their own things." Tiger Kuang greeted the customers participating in the gambling game cheerfully.

"Please line up, everyone has a share." The magic ape maintained the order of the scene.

Since obtaining Luochuan's authorization to open gambling games in Origin Mall, these monster royal families seem to have gone further and further down this road.

Due to the participation of Siren and Anvia, many people did not anticipate the outcome of this battle for the purchase of Qiongyelu.

Precisely because of this, the monster royal family, who is the banker, made a huge profit in this gambling game, with a deep smile on their faces.

Luo Chuan felt that a large amount of merchandise had been stocked in the space rings of these monster beast royal families.

In the eyes of many customers that contained many elements such as unwillingness, envy, and awe, An Weiya won the only bottle of Jelly Lotion on the shelf.

Then he talked and laughed with the siren and left the origin mall-to be precise, he came to the city of siren through the light gate.

In other words, after such a long time, the repairs of the Sea-Monster City have almost been completed.

However, Gu Yunxi and others seemed to have forgotten about their desire to visit the Sea-Monster City, so nothing related to it appeared for a while.

In this regard, the battle for Qiongyelu's purchase quota has successfully come to an end, and most of the morning has passed.

The noisy customers dispersed, and Origin Mall resumed its usual scene.

Luo Chuan glanced at the shelf where the "sold out" sign appeared again, and an idea suddenly emerged in his mind.

At present, the products in the store are limited to the supply of Ginger Jelly.

The price of One Hundred Thousand Lingjing is a very high threshold, and it can be said that most customers simply cannot afford it.

As the third item in the store, several months have passed since it was put on the shelves, and nothing has changed at all.

The vast majority of customers who want to buy jelly lotion failed to get what they wanted.

Perhaps, the way of selling should be changed.

When the mineral water was first launched, it was sold on a daily basis.

Then it didn't take long to change.

"System, how to change the sales method of Qiongjianglu?" Luo Chuan asked in his heart.

"The sales method of Qiongyelu has been changed, please set it up by the boss." The voice of the system sounded.

Luochuan felt a little strange: "Can it be changed directly?"


"What authority is that before?"

"Additional permissions for functions."

Luo Chuan didn't have much interest in the name of the authority.

Changed the way of selling Qiongyelu to be the same as other products.

"As for the time to change..." Luo Chuan thought for a while and made a decision, "Tomorrow."

The main reason is that these customers just spent so much energy on the opportunity to buy Jelly Jelly. If they change the way of selling in the afternoon, Luochuan feels a little wrong.

Starting tomorrow, there is an extra day of buffer time.

Soon, the business hours in the morning ended.

Putting lunch on the table, Yao Ziyan turned around and went upstairs again.

Luo Chuan was puzzled and didn't understand what she was doing upstairs.

After a few minutes, Yao Ziyan went downstairs.

Luo Chuan saw that she was holding a transparent vessel in her hand.

"This is... cherry blossom stuffed?"

The clear liquid in the vessel was shaking slightly, with a faint pink color.

The pink cherry blossoms float on the surface, wandering unsteadily.

It has not been opened, but the faint scent of cherry blossoms has wafted out.

"With a tenfold acceleration, it is almost sixty days now."

Yao Ziyan opened the lid, and the fragrance of cherry blossoms mixed with a faint aroma of wine.

Pour into a transparent cup.

"How about a taste?" Yao Ziyan smiled lightly.

Luochuan picked up the cup and took a sip.

The first thing that the tip of the tongue tastes is a touch of sweet and sour.

The scent of cherry blossoms then diffused in the mouth, closing his eyes, as if surrounded by cherry trees.

The smell of the wine is very weak, and on a certain level it highlights the unique flavor of cherry blossoms.

"With the breath of...spring." Luo Chuan whispered.


Yao Ziyan was startled, and did not understand why he would associate cherry blossoms with spring.

Cherry blossoms bloom in spring.

She understood what Luo Chuan meant.

Cherry blossoms are indeed spring in another sense.

Yuan Gui's shop, Yuan Gui, who was busy in the kitchen, had a slight pause.

Looking in the direction of Origin Mall: "This taste..."

"Boss Yuan, give us another boiled red bone fish." The order sounded.

"Less salt and more spicy?"


It seems to be... some kind of wine taste.

Go to the boss's shop in a while.

Because the cherry blossom trees in Sakura Village will automatically return to their best condition every night, the monster purple smoke will be collected every morning before the opening hours of the past few days.

As for why it is not at night, it is mainly because she feels that the number of customers coming and going during the business hours of Sakura Village is a bit large.

Although there will be absolutely no related problems according to the origin of the mall, but the psychological reasons are difficult to easily change.

In addition, the sakura stuffed from sakura picked at noon for the first time has been recycled...

In recent days, there have been many cherry-related foods on the dining table of Origin Mall, such as cherry dumplings, cherry cakes, cherry honey and so on, so that now Luochuan can feel the aroma of cherry blossoms...

Luochuan felt that Yao Ziyan wanted to show off his cooking skills because he had obtained new ingredients.

Compared with the first two days, the amount of food related to cherry blossoms has been much less. I thought it was because Yao Ziyan also understood what was wrong.

Several days of heavy rain completely took away the sweltering heat, and the weather gradually became cooler.

Because of the cherry blossom stuffing, the lunch lasts a bit long.

Sakura rice is a sweet wine and can be classified as a drink.

When Yuan Gui came to Origin Mall, Luochuan and Yao Ziyan were still having lunch.

"Boss, demon girl." Yuan Gui nodded slightly.

"What's the matter?" Yao Ziyan stood up.

Luo Chuan put down the cup and wondered in his heart what the reason was.

Yuan Gui's eyes fell on the table.

To be precise, the table is filled with sakura stuffed utensils.

After arriving here, he determined the source of the aroma of the wine, which was this vessel.

Is it brewed with cherry blossoms? No wonder it has the aroma of cherry blossoms.

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