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Traveling to the fantasy world, when Leiter was in his forties, he finally became a little nobleman – the lord of Young Eagle Town.

Only then did he discover that he also had golden fingers.

Looking at the two options of [Text Simulation] and [Real Simulation], Leiter hesitated to choose [Real Simulation].

[Do you want to enable real simulation? Every simulated day consumes 5 destiny points. 】



[The real simulation is over, please choose an attribute you want to keep. 】

【1. Constitution】

【2. Dou Qi】

【3. Mental power】

Fantasy simulation, lord farming, family growth, more exciting, please watch!

ps: It is definitely not a studio article, so rest assured to read. Focusing on territory and family, perhaps, this book can bring warmth and harmony

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Short Title:FFS
Alternate Title:奇幻家族模拟器
Author:pan god cover starry sky
Weekly Rank:#955
Monthly Rank:#1232
All Time Rank:#1979
Tags:Beast Companions, Cheats, Elemental Magic, Family, Family Business, Kingdom Building, Kingdoms, Knights, Loyal Subordinates, Magic, Male Protagonist, Multiple Realms, Mysterious Family Background, Nobles, System, System Administrator, Time Travel, Transmigration,
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29 Comments on “Fantasy Family Simulator
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  1. Review. I have read countless kingdom-building, sect-building, and clan-building in this site. Wack translation is okay for me because I could understand it with enough context and brainstorming. Now for the review, the concept of his cheat/goldenfinger and how the mc utilized it is good but it is not the best kingdom-building I'll say, it is very lackluster, to characters and so. The power system is understandable but the characters can be simpletons. It is very amatuerish in a way. Anyway, MC is not the best politician, patriach-model, if I could say, I'll say but what really bothers me is this MC is a TRANSMIGRATOR AND HE DOES NOT USE HIS 21st CENTURY KNOWLEDGE IN THIS BACKWARD WORLD EVEN THOUGH HE LIVED THERE FOR 40+ YEARS. Which is quite a bummer. His modern knowledge and culture in his previous life does not even bring the ounces advantage to him because he just don't use it at all. He could use very simple Antiquity-tech there and his teritorry would be better. Anyway, I could accept all this cons except this one, the biggest sin of this kingdom-building novel is the lack of reaction. YES REACTION. Improvements of strength, promotion to nobility title, expansion of his territories, he and his territories' exploits. YES YOU WONT SEE WHAT OTHERS SAID or reactions because the pov only stays to MC and his territory. This one realy worsen it for me. Anyway, 2.5/5 for me, those who enjoyed that simple kingdom-building about Science Magic something would enjoy this, btw it is not the worse, it just lacks some integral part of what makes transmigration kingdom-buildings a good theme.

  2. Read a few chapters, it is okay for now. One problem is the constant misuse of mcs cheat. He has very few resources and he knows the best way to use his cheat(its shown once) but he constantly wastes points doing text simulation despite it not providing much new info.

  3. As of chapter 78 i have decided to drop/pause this novel. The author basically goes full slice of life style at this point. Multiple chapters of mundane family interactions of characters you don't really care about. I think this change was done as the author didn't get his desired results and thought may be slice of life will appeal to more users. I doubt it did.

  4. Well uhh that was disappointing, author has decided to axe the novel. He mostly says he lost motivation to write since readers abandoned him, from 8000 tickets to like 10 tickets. IDK what happened to the readers but looking at the rushed arc and the most recent say 10 chapters release time, I feel like they just lost hope author would even finish. Will try to read his new novel but if he does this again I will be lost of words.

  5. Does any one know the name of this one novel about a guy that can recantation as his descent every time he die and can bring some talents from his past live it a immortal cultivator type book.

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