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Xueba Asheng was very dissatisfied with the time-travel script he got:

Her father is a liberal arts man.

Her father’s three wives and four concubines are semi-literate.

Ninety-nine percent of her servants are illiterate.

Ah Sheng felt out of place in this world because he taught science and culture.

Fortunately, she discovered a shocking secret in time: the eldest brother, the eldest son, who was so pitted by the house fight that he could hardly keep his heir status, was named Cao Cao!

elder brother! elder brother!

Take me on the road to hegemony!

Do you know about native penicillin? Blast furnace ironmaking understand? I can do difficult things. Paper making, drying, salt, gunpowder, and soap are a small case!
Brother, brother, don’t go! Wait for me!

Cao, three-year-old, gluttonous, and Cao was hooked away by the nursing mother with food.

Cao · 3 years old · Unsteady walking · A Sheng, he couldn’t catch up and fell a dog and ate shit.

Hey, it’s just a piece of semi-fermented maltose, bro, I’ll plant sugar cane for you to extract white sugar, you know.

Content tags: portable space travel through time and space farming text female strong
Search keywords: Protagonist: Cao Sheng ┃ Supporting roles: Cao Cao, various people from the Cao Wei camp

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Short Title:FILTT
Alternate Title:跟科技树谈恋爱[三国]
Author:rock candy squirrel
Weekly Rank:#5612
Monthly Rank:#3216
All Time Rank:#8510
Tags:Female Protagonist, Multiple POV, No Cp, No romance, Pragmatic Protagonist, Schemes And Conspiracies, Technological Gap, Transmigration,
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  1. A science professor goes back in time, but finds out her family is illiterate. She then learns that her brother is actually a famous general from Chinese history. She’s going to use her knowledge to help him take over china, or maybe the world

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