How difficult is it to repair a mirror?

It doesn't seem difficult, just put the pieces together and glue them together.

Even if it looks cracked, it is repaired after all.

But what if that is a special mirror? What if it was a mirror that was actively broken by itself from the inside?

Jiang Man has the most say in this matter.

Speaking of which, this is also for a reason.

After Changan “disappeared”, Jiang Man felt regret when he thought about it—why did he give Ye Ye the playing cards in advance?

He did not expect that because of Ye Xiu's origin, the rules were determined to test whether he could become a monitor. The result of the trial was the destruction of its most beloved creation.

Yes, it's just "destroyed", not extinction.

A broken mirror can of course be repaired, even if it is a special mirror.

But the thing to repair it is unusual-it must be the purest vitality.

Jiang Man returned to Gaowei Space, leaving the playing card symbolizing the identity of the monitor there, and it completely disappeared.

As I said before, he is the product of a "bug" that can't even figure out the rules. If he wants to run, he can't even find the rules for a while.

Of course, he made some arrangements before running.

A long time ago, he was also thinking about the systematization of the game, and has started to produce a batch of "assistants".

Box 3 is one of his most proud masterpieces. He left him in the high latitude space, and engraved such a command in his core: collect all available vitality, and only when he encounters a specific object Release it.

This particular object naturally refers to Chang'an.

Then he set out on his way to find Chang'an.

In order not to be discovered by the rules, he no longer uses the supervisor's authority to disguise himself as an ordinary player, step through the game world step by step, and look for fragments of the mirror.

In the follow-up to Ye Ye and Jiang Ye, he continued to pay attention.

After Changan disappeared, the rules suppressed a few crazy Ye Ye, sealed his memory, put him into the game world, and made him an "ordinary" player.

Of course, is there any vengeful nature of this? Only it knows it.

After all, while Ye Yan swallowed up, he had completely absorbed the playing card representing the supervisor, and at that time he had the identity and authority of the supervisor.

But because he lost his beloved creation and saw that he was not pleasing to the eye, he "decentralized" him without hesitation.

Then, the rule that was only a short-term picture faced a situation where no one was available, and it had to pinch his nose to bring Jiang Ye to the high latitude space.

There used to be two ombudsmen and even one candidate for a ombudsman.

But now, one is damaged, one is running, and the other is "decentralized". Although the last return is only a matter of time, the length of time is not easy to say.

For the urgent need of rules, Jiang Ye is like a chicken rib, and it is a pity to give up tasteless food, but in the end it is still a little useful.

After Jiang Ye took office, he accepted Jiang Man's work and produced a large number of systems under the supervision of the rules, which truly realized the systematic operation that Jiang Man originally envisioned.

Not only can the systems give players guidance and help, but they are also responsible for collecting their released emotions in the game, turning them into high-latitude space and turning them into energy-to a certain extent, they also replace part of Changan's work.

Of course, the two are very different in terms of capabilities.

Of course, this is only a matter on the bright side. In the background, Jiang Yeke does not want to obey the rules.

As I said before, he is a man with a lot of power, how can he tolerate that he is just a puppet being manipulated by overhead?

So he started secretly doing small moves.

First of all, for the batch of "assistants" left by Jiang Man, he naturally accepted it for himself. Manufactured by Jiang Man at the outset, their abilities need not be said.

Then, a group of so-called "Player II" was created for his eyes and ears, instead of exploring the game world for him, collecting all kinds of information.

The most bold point is that he actually wants to compete with the rules for energy.

The emotion of the player in the game is impossible for him to tamper with, because it has a certain number. He hit the idea into the player's memory.

He used some systems that wanted to break away from this identity and made a transaction with them, and the content of the transaction need not be said more.

Because it is conducted in private, and the success rate cannot be guaranteed, only a batch of "experimental products" was selected as the object of the transaction.

I have to say that some ambitionists are really eye-opening.

Coincidentally, one of the selected experimental products was Changan, a resuscitation.

It's impossible to say that the rule knows nothing about it, but it just silently watches all this happen, and has no intention to stop it.

For a rule that is not completely out of the nascent stage, it is happy to see things develop in a variety of ways-whether this development is good or bad, which is conducive to its deduction learning.

To some extent, its inaction is also one of the reasons for Changan's destruction.

Jiang Man also hated it the most. Even though he told himself intellectually that he could not blame it, it was emotionally unacceptable.

——So he ran away.

When Zhang Man existed as an ordinary player, he inevitably met Ye Ye a few times. At that time, he had chosen "k" as his code name and became an extremely good player.

At that time, Jiang Man's journey on the road to find Chang'an was not smooth. There are tens of thousands of game worlds, and the number is still increasing, and the fragments of Changan are scattered among them, like a few drops of water fell into the sea, and the trail is hard to find.

But after meeting Ye Ye a few times, Jiang Man discovered something that made him wonder what to say--he found that Ye Ye's probability of encountering debris was so scary. Almost all the game worlds chosen by Ye Ye have fragments.

This really had to make him feel that this is a fate arrangement. Following him, Jiang Man successfully pieced together Chang'an.

The newly born Chang'an was influenced by the role of the bride in the deep house, producing false memories.

He thought he was named Xia Nuo, and had a loving parents and a brother. He was inherently inadequate-under the influence of his own body, he forgot everything before and regarded himself as a human.

But despite being put together, there are still cracks on the mirror, and there is also the danger of breaking them again.

Before cube 3 appeared, Jiang Man thought of an idea-put Changan into the game world to get energy until he encountered cube 3.

However, he did not expect that Changan's first game world encountered Ye Ye, who had become the monitor "k" again.

He is still the same as before, most of the characters are miserable every time, they are born bosses.

Jiang Man looked on coldly, saw him meet again with Chang'an, saw the two attracted to each other, and saw them come together again.

He behaved just like an ordinary player, of course, in the end, he still could not help but warn Ye Yan a few words.

Although he was inevitably angry with Ye Yan about the previous events, he has to admit that without Ye Ye, Chang'an would not appear again so soon.

In any case, even if he claims to be the elder of Chang'an, he has no right to interfere with his choice.

What he has to admit is that with Ye Ye's care, he can relax the safety of Chang'an in the game and execute his plan with peace of mind.

Fortunately, the plan went smoothly. Isn't Changan back now?

Homesickness is timid, is this the current situation?

After a period of turbulence, Gao Lai Space regained its calm.

After Jiang Man's return, the rules were no longer tolerant of Jiang Ye who always liked to do small moves. Of course, it may also be because it has observed enough things, and Jiang Ye has lost its value to it.

Jiang Ye was killed by Ye Yan. More precisely, it was swallowed by Ye Yan. Because under the control of the rules, other than Jiang Man, no one else will die.

He disappeared, and the rest of the mess was not so difficult to clean up.

Jiang Man took back the ownership of the previous batch of "assistants", dealt with the "player second generation" manufactured by Jiang Ye, destroyed the system connected to Jiang Ye, and then changed the permissions of the system-they only have guidance and help Player functions now.

After all, Chang'an has returned, and collecting energy is no longer necessary for them.

Chang'an is now standing at a certain separation point in the high latitude space, hesitating.

Moving forward, it is the "k" of the supervisor, which is Ye Ye's territory.

It was impossible to say that he didn't want to see him, but somehow he couldn't move.

He still had a little guilty conscience-after he truly had human feelings, Chang'an knew how much he had hurt by his self-sacrifice.

Although he certainly won't forgive him, Chang'an is a bit overwhelmed.

"K" 's men were standing not far to look at him, Chang'an glanced at him, and a sudden flash of light in his head.

"Trouble help me give this to him." Chang'an handed a book that suddenly appeared in his hands to him, and then quickly disappeared.

When Ye Yan, who couldn't wait, chased out, he was gone.

Ye Yan looked at some hot stamped characters on the black cover and was very angry and funny.

When is his little cute so cunning?

A sacrifice was being held in a remote village.

The sacrifice is a young man tied to his hands and kneeling on the altar, and the object of sacrifice is the evil **** they have worshiped for a long time.

Along with the sound of drum music, a gurgling sound sounded, and a large python, clinging together, climbed out, entangled the young man on the altar. The black body contrasts with the teenager's white skin.

The python's head lay against the teenager's ear, hissing hissingly.

――Catch you.

The author has something to say: It's over! Ask for a wave! After Xinwen got married with a big man, I became the first star of the star network to open in mid-September. Poor body shape! The story of the giant dragon and the cute little human, the little angel you like can go and see!

According to the usual authors, I would like to say a few words, thank you dear ones for so long for your support and companionship. When I wrote this article, I really realized many of my shortcomings. You must be angels who can always tolerate me?

More than three months is not short or long. It is fate to be together. I hope the story I wrote can bring you joy. Dear, we are good-bye.

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After marrying a big man, I became the first star influencer

After marrying a big man, I became the first star influencer

Zhong Ye traveled to the interstellar era and was given to a big man by a black-hearted politician in a cage.

The big man is a Kopa star, the original form is a dragon, and the human figure is more than ten meters high. Compared to him, Zhongye is a pocket doll. And it is rumored that the big man has a cold temperament and moodiness, and has positioned himself as a pet's heavy leaf, having to sell cute clothes every day in order to survive.

Until one day, Zhongye learned the Kopa language and heard the big man introduce him like this: "This is my wife."

Shigeba: "!!!"

Inexplicably, the married Ye Ye decided to divorce, so he released his nature, riding on the head of a big man, spreading wild horns, touching the dragon's horns, and sliding on the dragon's tail, but he didn't know that all of them were filmed and posted on the Internet, causing Violent response.

For Zhongye, netizens: Ah, ah, this little cute sucks!

As a result, countless heavy leaves rose to the top of the Star Network Red List for a while.

For the big men, netizens: I always felt that Grand Dartley was too cruel and unsuitable to become an emperor. I never expected that his private personality was so gentle. How could the little cute be naughty and not angry? I want to vote for him in this election!

As a result, a big man with a large increase in votes overwhelmed his opponent and became the emperor of the empire.

Double leaf :: 3