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Sean: Hello, I look up to you like a torrent of river water, uh, can I shake your hand?

One day, he shook hands with Sean suspiciously.

Sean turned around and laughed wildly in his heart: Hehe, the top knight talent is in hand.

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Short Title:EK
Alternate Title:极道骑士
Author:Silver Frost Knight
Weekly Rank:#1838
Monthly Rank:#2011
All Time Rank:#2235
Tags:Ability Steal, Cheats, Decisive Mc, Demi-Humans, Elves, Kingdoms, Knight, Orcs, Sudden Strength Gain, Sword And Magic, Weak to Strong, Wizards,
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41 Comments on “Extreme Knight
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  1. It's bad. That's the entire summary. It's cliche first of all. Like you know those novels where you aren't sure what is going after mc got into a conflict which turns into a full on bloody massacre for little to no reason. Like what kind of master creates a death feud with someone just cause their servant doesn't like them. Anyway, it's the type of Novel where mc goes to any place then there will be conflict 100%. He goes to a restaurant, there is conflict like atleast make it believable. If you have been reading novels for some time then don't bother, it's bad. If what you are into isn't story but more like power fantasy where story is secondary but the amount of talent he has or shit iike those are promised then this is for you.

  2. so far i like the story knight u was about to get kicked out of the acadamy gets copy system that helps him get stronger but takes a month to copy the powers and then he has to watch to because when he copys the powers he starts getting heated up and i guess people can tell. then he has the fuse too that can fuse the same type of talents but not always work something they used to keep him getting to strong at first. only thing i get ticked off about is he will pass on certain powers but it can help but he says it isnt for me. like tame pets he came across the skill high level pet taming and later u see the person riding a dragon ya like that wont help hiim out having a dam dragon idot lol

  3. What kind of end was this? It just suddenly ended as if the author had dropped the story and just casually write a fake end for it. It has a good potential but unfortunately as story progressed it became worse and worse till it ended abruptly.

  4. Solo que cuando es débil, si llega a tener un periodo aburrido pero por lo demás está bien y lo digo yo que no veo más de 500 capitulos de una novela si me llega a aburrir o estresar

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