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Open your eyes; this is a mysterious new world.

Steam boilers are blazing, driving humongous steel cities through dark winds and fog-covered wilderness. Predation, fuel collection and treasure hunting…

This is a land full of mysteries where countless glorious civilisations’ remains and legends from ancient times are buried.

Mechanical civilisation, magic civilisation, martial arts civilisation, transcendental civilisation… Wasteland hunters explore the ancient ruins and unearth the inheritance and treasures left by various ancient civilisations that litter the lands. They mingle to create a wonderful and fantastic steampunk mechanical era.


A dragon knight: “Isn’t that guy a surgeon? How come his power is even greater than mine!”

A grand priest: “I couldn’t save that man with my divine magic, but that guy actually saved him with a scalpel…”

A fanatical fiend follower: “Is he a follower of my lord and is his body immortal?”

Rayne: “It takes great effort to produce miracles… I am a surgeon of death as well as a tanky melee healer!”

- Description from Novelupdates


Short Title:EMC
Alternate Title:超凡机械城
Author:Blind Waiter
Weekly Rank:#269
Monthly Rank:#265
All Time Rank:#2650
Tags:Alchemy, Artifacts, Artificial Intelligence, Beast Companions, Bloodlines, Body Tempering, Calm Protagonist, Crafting, Doctors, Genetic Modifications, Handsome Male Lead, Healers, Kingdom Building, Naruto, One Piece, Transmigration, Unlucky Protagonist, Weak to Strong,
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12 Comments on “Extraordinary Mechanical City
  1. chapter 41, conservaative my a.s, where do you see red light districts, porn, hentai, bdsm, etc. from around the globe, people from that world will blush upon seeing what we have and you make a mature adult guy(the protag) like a kid that starts to learn about differences between men and women. my god how this annoys me.

  2. anyone read infinite darkness, the protag killed all humans in story world that had nerve connections similiar to chips in their heads in less than an hour. the civilisations in his world don't entrust automatic stuff too much due to reasons like that, but i read five books about main characters having future earth made chips as their golden finger, kinda strange when you think about it how knowledge can deeply affect the way people are bound.

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