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Extract Skills and Explore Dungeons (Random Skills: Exploring Dungeons)

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This novel is also known as Random Skills: Exploring Dungeons

Legend has it that this world has magical qualities

Attract fragments of the broken world to strengthen yourself

It could be a building, an area, or a piece of history

These cages called earth in this world are dungeons

Wealth, power, power, everything can be found in endless dungeons to explore.

Life, emotion, freedom, everything is the price to pay for exploring the dungeon.

Kane looked at the Book of Adventure that was in front of him.

Opened it and looked, this is not the game system.

He knew he was about to take off.

- Description from MTLNovel


Short Title:ESED
Alternate Title:抽取技能,探索地牢 / Random Skills: Exploring Dungeons
Author:drink coke no
Weekly Rank:#1040
Monthly Rank:#1293
All Time Rank:#4220
Tags:Dungeons, Magical Technology, Male Protagonist, Multiple Identities, System, Transmigration,
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24 Comments on “Extract Skills and Explore Dungeons
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  1. The dungeon system and worldview and all is similar to Danmachi as i am still in early chapters I won't judge it that much but i will comment on the fact of having a "team" 2 is better than one and whats more our mc is not some kind of trashy mc where they're always so op. Regarding the romance as we know there is a centaur whats more the mc is mostly focused on dungeons as of now and he comments MC "Sure enough, women only disrupt the speed at which I can explore the dungeon." (p19)

  2. nah he's building a team and i already hate it , fighting is pretty long and boring with multi pov of atks n shit .female lead is a half horse ?

  3. yeah it's kinda like low quality japanese light novel with bad plot execution by author, he tried to focus on side characters pov but failed and every dungeon entrance and exit scene written by author feels awkward as if im playing a rpg game clearing dungeon without any plot

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