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Exploiting Hollywood 1980

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Hollywood has summed up a lot of formulas… What movie will be successful?

But there are always big box office hits that fit the formula,

Ronald Lee travels back to Hollywood in the 1980s,

Can he discover the secret to the movie’s success?

Because he can dream about movie clips he saw in his previous life…

He is good at making high-box-office movies, and he is also good at getting actors to win awards.

Brought Ronald many friends, enemies, and confidantes…

Please let the author take you to relive the 80s of breakdance, afro, and high shoulder pads

- Description from MTLNovel


Short Title:EH
Alternate Title:剥削好莱坞1980
Author:Moscow Fitter Fruit Sand
Weekly Rank:#767
Monthly Rank:#1195
All Time Rank:#5033
Tags:Celebrities, Hardworking Protagonist, Late Romance, Male Protagonist, Movies, Poor to Rich, Showbiz, Slow Growth at Start, Slow Romance,
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29 Comments on “Exploiting Hollywood 1980
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  1. 200 chapters in and the MC still haven't exploited anything. He have no memories of what would happen nor know what stocks would be big. All I can see is the MC being a busybody and gets so much trouble from it. Basically everybody is an ungrateful cunt and he never really receive anything back. The pacing is excruciatingly slow, the setting started 1978, and I think it's still 1979.

  2. Nearly 700 chapters and the Mc is starting to contact the "social issues" artsy disease. I've seen a lot of social issues movies, they are boring, as entertaining as watching paint dry. I hope he wont become like a sanctimonious bastard with 'human rights' addiction. I thought he was already cool when he said "critics are failed directors" when the parasite Ebert tried to attack his movies. But it seems like we are going to work on 'deep' bullshit movies next. tldr: blockbusters are great, floppy art films are crap.

  3. Kinda have mixed feelings now, the mc is very assertive on specific points but most of the time he is a pushover. When it comes to relationships he is not assertive which is fucjing annoying. This guy has no backbone for anything except directing. Very prominent bouts of naivete at the start of every project that usually leads to his problems. Tldr: self inflicting stupidity.

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