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Evolve and Upgrade from Wild Monsters

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The quantum transfer online game “Nine Layers of Cosmos”, the first layer of Cosmos, was shockingly launched, and it quickly became a global hit within one day of its launch.

Lu Chen accidentally lost his character and started to evolve from the first level jackal?

Kill more species and get new talents!

Obtain talent fragments and increase your talent level!

The quality of prefixes is improved, ordinary, strong, especially strong… the basic attributes are soaring all the way!

Player A: The prefix of the wild monster is more than two hundred meters long? !

Player B: That wild monster destroyed our eight guilds! Simply not human? !

Player C: Nima, that guy has come to slaughter the city again, is he still alive? !

Lu Chen: Kids around the world, do you have a lot of question marks?

- Description from MTL


Short Title:EUWM
Alternate Title:从野怪开始进化升级
Author:Can I give you my life?
Weekly Rank:#985
Monthly Rank:#1209
All Time Rank:#673
Tags:Game Elements, Harem, Living Alone, Loner Protagonist, Male Protagonist, Monsters, Nationalism, Non-humanoid Protagonist, Overpowered Protagonist, Poor to Rich, Racism, Revenge, System, Virtual Reality, Weak to Strong,
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  1. People who abused their power for their benefit , use the people like napkins and exploits like a cattle including sacrifice makes my blood boil Those strong could assist or at least do not bother the weak but it was bulling Teaching those abusers about AGONY TO BE CONSTANT IN THE BORDER OF PAIN TOLERANCE SLIGHTLY ABOVE EVERY TIME , A little game taking page from Sark basically the dot Exe with my blood boiling to acid wishing to Destroy Crying that acidic blood and thirst for Vengeance Until getting bored and sometimes just wash away With the Hateful bloid splash to melt those targeted people in the soup/juice of acidic Hate. It was so Nice to see the Vengeance

  2. Ch 567/568 What if the shadow soldiers are Like Enderman and Void beast is Enderdragon And is in black hole in void beast or wormhole to the future where The other races Rule and the humans are to ruins to not say offending word definition

  3. Beasts substitute players He wants just yo earn money and playing games . Army search soldiers . What companies search.

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