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In the last life, the last days came, he was sincere and kind, and guarded everyone. In the end, he was slandered as an evil demon against humanity. He became a public enemy of the world and was intolerable by mankind. No one knows. He was on the front line of resisting alien races in the last days. A generation of Tianjiao who opened up a survival base for human survivors, finally died silently in a damp, unknown cave.

When he opened his eyes again, it was, ten years ago, the day before the end!

- Description from MTL


Short Title:EPID
Alternate Title:末日进化乐园
Author:Yan Tou
Weekly Rank:#1499
Monthly Rank:#1052
All Time Rank:#1279
Tags:Abusive Characters, Apocalypse, Arms Dealers, Beast Companions, Boss-Subordinate Relationship, Demonic Cultivation Technique, Male Protagonist, Nationalism, Racism, Second Chance,

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26 Comments on “Evolution Paradise In Doomsday
  1. Droped after 300 chapter. To match bulshit to match heart breking scenes that autor write stupidly and in wrong moment. Biger and Biger rabule lopeholes. Mc stupidy Mc beta syndrome. Mc who pose like bad guy bad mc ruthles mc and in reality was liite sad and scared loli with toy bear ind hands...And worst from the worst was forced culltivation bulshit added. Another chines apocalypse story destroyde by chines autor fantasion. To match chines fancy kung fu cultivation sword qi and other mix up kontekst. And Mc who come back from future but was strong only beacose autor plor armore and autor care. You know nothing Jone Snow.

  2. (1-50)Al principio de la novela pensé que el MC sería despiadado con sus enemigos de su vida anterior pero no, ya se por una o otra cosa los en encuentra pero no los mata y para variar aparte de saber lo que va a pasar no tiene ninguna otra habilidad especial y con su supuesta técnica contra el cielo de que sirve si otros también pueden hacer lo que está hace solo que necesitan otros requisitos.

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