Chapter 589 Destiny

  Emperor Ming Hua naturally wanted to reward Ayu, but he didn't expect this child to be so invisible, so much is needed for one mouth, and he was suddenly dumbfounded.

   "A-Yu, do you know what the conditions are for getting the official lady?" Emperor Minghua wanted to test her.

This is one of Ayu's wishes for many years, and of course he has inquired about it in many ways, but of course he was not stumped: "I know, there are generally two ways, the first is to follow your husband to get the title, and there are four and above. If you have an official rank, you can directly ask for an official appointment for your wife, and if you are an official below the fourth rank, you need to make some achievements in your career."

Seeing Emperor Minghua nodding at him, Ayu continued: "In addition to his husband, his children can also be sealed for their mothers, grandmothers, etc. The requirements are relatively stricter than that of their husbands, but they are still the first. a way."

  Emperor Ming Hua: "Then you also understand the second type?"

"I know, that is, if there is no official title, if the woman behaves well, or if it is his children or husband, who has made great achievements, you can also ask for a seal." Ayu said, "I will help you to coax you. Well mother, in the eyes of others, this may be a very trivial matter, but your mother is the most honorable woman in the world, she is the queen mother, such an identity is certainly worth a great contribution, what do you think? "

Emperor Minghua rubbed his palms and laughed: "You're right, you not only coaxed my mother, but also because of your relationship, my wife is recovering now. I think so, you have saved the most noble in the world. The two women in this case have indeed made a great contribution."

   Hearing the name of his wife, Qin Huai, who was originally performing the wooden man next to him, couldn't help but look up at Emperor Minghua.

   If he wants to say this, does he also admit that Empress Qin is his wife, and if so, does he want to recognize himself as well?

  If this is the case, I have to plan again, otherwise I will be caught off guard and get the position of a prince—

   Qin Huai didn't dare to think about it.

  If he became the prince, Ayu would definitely be unhappy.

   He also doesn't have such big ambitions. In fact, Ayu's ambitions are bigger than his own.

Because Ayu wants to give all the women in the family the title of Madam, and at the same time, she has to set up women's academies across the country. In order to achieve this goal, Ayu has already planned to set up various strongholds in the entire Okura. , which includes a business train, and a teaching train to ensure that the Women's College can continue to exist smoothly.

Let alone a woman, even an ordinary man finds it difficult to think of this, but Ayu has been quietly starting to plan for a long time, and even now she can speak her plans in front of Emperor Minghua generously, not afraid of Emperor Minghua at all 's name.

   While Qin Huai was thinking about it, Emperor Minghua had already agreed to Ayu's request.

   But the request is a discount.

"It must be impossible for all the women in your family to have the title of Mrs. Gao Ming, otherwise it will be impossible to block the mouths of Youyou in the world." Emperor Minghua smiled and said, "But the aunt and aunt in your mouth It is indeed convenient to teach your son, so let’s give the seventh-grade official life.”

  Ayu jumped up with joy: "Thank you, Lord!"

  Ayu is already very happy.

   "Elf, look at this time I came out. I didn't do anything, but I fulfilled a small wish. After that, as long as I help Tianjia to do a few more things, will I be able to fulfill all my wishes?"

  【…It’s not that easy. 】

   is just easier for you, idiot.

   still has the right time and place, and it is not even possible to change someone else, and, thanks to this emperor, he is not stupid now, and the treasury is not too tight.

   [Speaking of which, you have completed the task of saving, do you want to get the reward directly, or do you want to go to the prize pool to draw? 】

   (end of this chapter)

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