Chapter 562 Departure to the capital

"What, mother, are you going to Wanning City?!" Wang Chuangui couldn't sit still, "Do you want to go with your son?" Wang Chuangui was a top-three jinshi to retake the exam. At that time, the examiners in Wanning City had a lot of ambition. Impression, in order to avoid other candidates vying to imitate, specially set up an additional subject for Wang Chuangui, only to talk about the test, did not say the specific content of the test.

   Therefore, Wang Chuangui planned to live in Wanning City ahead of time. Anyway, his mother had already bought four yards and five or six shops in Wanning City, so he was more than enough to live there.

"Do it yourself, lest you fail the test and blame us for bringing you down." Mrs. Wang looked at the other boys at home again, "You guys are staying at home, take the test well, and come back after going out for a few years, and you failed the list. But it's ugly!"

  Wang Goro could only swallow it back when he reached his mouth.

   They were sent to the shop by Ayu's sister, and they haven't had time to tell Ama.

  Wang Chuanman also went to Wanning City with him, thinking about calling all the brothers he knew from the security guard, but it was his mother and daughter, how could he just let them go like this, the past four years, he was already trembling!

"You stay too, didn't you just buy a new Zhuangzi? Take care of yourself and go there this year for the summer vacation." Mrs. Wang looked at Liu again, "You bring Zhu'er and take good care of your home, don't let it mess up. Shaking people are swaying all over the place."

  Wang Chuanman: "…"

   Can you just call my name?

The Wang family had nothing to worry about. When Chi Jia appeared with more than 20 well-trained guards, Wang Wulang and others looked at their well-trained arms and legs, but in the end they gave up on protecting them with them. idea.

   This kind of thing should be left to professionals.

   It was the first time that the Wang family saw that so many guards from the Qin family appeared. Liu, who had nothing to worry about at first, became nervous.

   "Mother, how come there are so many guards in their Qin family? They are not at all like the construction teams before. They look like practicing family members. What kind of family is the Qin family?"

   Liu's mentality is indeed very uncertain. She originally thought that the Wang family is now enough for a big family.

   Now, the number of houses in the family can be counted, there are only a dozen yards in total, and the number of shops has been lost.

   In addition, my mother-in-law never told them too much, she only knew that now the children at least have no worries about food and clothing.

   But in the past few years in Fucheng, Liu has also learned a lot. For example, she now knows that the upper-class people look down on merchants very much. They like a rich life, but they basically do not deal with simple wealthy households.

   Merchants can hire some family care homes, but there are very strict regulations, and they cannot hire people from all corners of the country.

   Originally, Mrs. Liu still wondered if Qin Huai’s family belonged to a relatively wealthy family like their Wang family.

   Even if they are much richer than them, Liu is not worried. It is normal for women to marry high, and no one can say it.

   It's a big deal, if Ayu goes home in the future, their royal family can afford it.

   But people with guards are different. Only people with status and status can afford guards, let alone so much.

   Once married into such a family, it is not their royal family who can decide, and even whether their daughter-in-law can reconcile or not, they have no control.

"Why didn't you wait until Ayu got married before you reacted?" Mrs. Wang said angrily, "Don't think when you should, and think when you shouldn't. With my wife here, who can bully Ayu? You just stay at home honestly, the only person I can trust in this family is you, remember those jars of water, don't use them unless you have to, and I'll talk about everything when I get back."

   For this fourth daughter-in-law, Mrs. Wang has some preference. First, because he is A Yu's adoptive mother, she has regarded A Yu as her own over the years.

  Secondly, Mrs. Liu was very motivated. After Ayu went on a study tour, she did not spend time at home with her husband and children. She even went out to find a private school to be a female gentleman. She still taught the children to recognize objects just like in Nanhe Town. She also followed the master to learn to read, so that the old master, who was originally dissatisfied with her, is now also kind to her.

  Who doesn't like a daughter-in-law who understands the sense of proportion and is sensible?

Liu's family didn't struggle for a long time when the voices of Wang Wulang and others came from outside, and she immediately figured it out: the Wang family is not a merchant, they are a real farmer, not to mention a few brothers in the future. Now the child is his second uncle, who is also a master, and has also stepped into the threshold of Jinshi.

   They can also be officials, so what are they afraid of?

"Pack up things for Ayu, if you can put a box in a box, Wanning City is not as crowded as Fucheng, there are many people, everything is important, you must be careful when you take care of her things." Wang Lao The wife beat Liu Shi, reminding her not to forget Ayu's special.

   Of course, Mrs. Liu understood that when he arrived at Wanning City, he was afraid that Ayu’s mustard seeds could not be used indiscriminately, lest he be looked at by someone with a heart.

   They are also concerned about chaos. Ayu has learned to hide her anomalies early in her several years of study tours. If Qin Huai helped to cover it, and Tuanzi taught her in the space, she could not be the same.

   The only thing that remains the same is the small pocket hanging on her side, which has now been replaced by a more delicate messenger cloth pocket, all of which were sewn by Liu Shi and a few other sisters who took the time to sew for Ayu.

  After packing up the things, Chijia also took care of it. As usual, four or five people were left to protect the Wang family. The others should hide and hide, and those who should accompany them, all the way to Wanning City.

Someone didn't know the details, and asked the Wang family where they were going, and someone else said, "I heard that they are sending their grandson-in-law to take the exam. They will be taking the exam at the end of next month. Their grandson-in-law is very smart, and even if he came to high school, he would not be able to. must!"

   "Tsk tsk, the Wang family is really getting better and better!"

   "Hey, didn't their grandson-in-law go on a study tour? Why, he's back again? Then their lucky baby Ayuke is back?"

   "Yes, we haven't seen the rumored Ayu yet. We have to take advantage of the people's return and go to their house to take a look. Even if you take a look, maybe you can get some luck!"

   Waiting for this group of people to go to the Wang's house in a fuss, but it was in vain, because Ayu also followed.

  Everyone muttered, this blessed treasure of the Wang family was afraid that he would be kidnapped by his grandson-in-law, so he went to take an exam, and he even had to follow him. Isn't it "like glue"?

   Hearing this, Wang Chuanman was so angry that he put his shoehorn on the threshold and knocked hard.

   He announced that he was very fond of this son-in-law! Do not! Full! meaning!

  At that time, Ayu must be kept until he is 20 years old to get married, huh, I can't rush him to death!

There were three carriages going to Wanning City, one was Mrs. Wang, A Yu and Qin Huai, one was Lao Wangtou and Wang Chuangui, who wanted to rub against the carriage, and the other had no owner and was only used by A Yu for sleeping , this time it was empty as a disguise.

"Dad, you haven't been to Wanning City, have you? Let me tell you, this Wanning City is delicious and fun. It's much better than Fucheng!" Wang Chuangui couldn't read the book on the carriage, so he simply went to the old man. Wangtou chat.

  The bamboo strips in Old Wangtou's hand slipped past his cheek, ignoring him.

"Dad, don't make it up. You can't sell your stuff in Fucheng, let alone Wanning City. It's the capital. I haven't seen any good things before. Can you like your bamboo weaving?" Wang Chuangui wanted to roll his eyes. "There is no shortage of this money at home. You are not too tired. Your son is tired for you."

   Old Wang gave Wang Chuangui a deep look: "You are right."

   Then, he turned around and turned his back to Wang Chuangui.

   When Wang Chuangui stuck his head out to look, the bamboo strips hit him directly in the face with a bang.

  Pharaoh's head: "Oh, slippery."

  Wang Chuangui: "…"

   Guess I believe it or not?

   (end of this chapter)

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