Chapter 561 Go to Wanning City

   In Ayu's heart, the most reliable person in the whole family is of course Ama. After she finished the medicine, she came to the guest house and saw that Ama had fed Qin Huai the medicine herself, and she was still very nervous. "Are Brother Ayou okay?" When he asked this sentence, Ayu already had the answer in his heart.

  Ayu was really nervous. When she was boiling the medicine, she asked the elf to eavesdrop on Mrs. Wang and Mr. Wangtou, which she would never do normally.

   She didn't know what the same fate Gu was, and the elves didn't find out, as if it was a term that disappeared in Dachang.

   But she knew that even if she tried her best to save Qin Huai, the person who fell victim to the same fate with the other party, if he could not be rescued, he might be implicated.

  Although Ayu really trusts the elves, but this kind of thing would rather be trusted than not. If things are not done well, but it will kill brother Ayou's life, it will be bad.

   So you still have to listen to the words of Grandma.

Mrs. Wang looked at A Yu, who was already very tall, and didn't plan to hide it from her, she probably told her what the same fate Gu was, and told A Yu: "The same fate Gu is not incomprehensible, but you must find out who and the He was hit by the same gu poison, this is the most important step. Only after finding someone can you know what to do next."

"Same fate Gu can make Brother Ayou and others live and die together. We have been with Brother Ayou for the past few years, and no one will have the opportunity to attack him." Ayu quickly calmly analyzed, "So very It may be that he was in Wanning City—no, it is very likely that he was already intoxicated by the time he arrived in our village."

   In the past, Ayu didn’t think much about it in the village. First, her intelligence had not recovered, and secondly, she was too young to think too deeply. Now she can gradually think more.

   Naturally, he understood that Qin Huai at that time was really on the verge of dying, and he could die at any time. Ordinary people planted a life-saving Gu on him, which seemed to be of no benefit, and he might even die with him at any time.

  Then this person is either an enemy who wants Qin Huai to blame the Qin family after his death, or someone who loves him so much that he wants to not live alone after his death.

"Although brother Ayou was very good-looking at that time, he was very cold and very young. I guess he was not a childhood sweetheart, right?" Ayu said this sentence with no confidence, because she really thought Qin Huai was too good-looking. It looked like he wanted to be friends with him at a glance, "So I guess that person should be Aunt Qin!"

Mrs. Wang neither nodded nor shook her head, but asked her, "Why do you think it's his mother? If the child dies, you can give birth to a new one, but if you have the same fate as the child, you will have to marry him. The children died together."

   "No, not in our house." Ayu said very firmly.

  Because what she saw in her eyes was their royal family. Although the brothers looked a bit worthless, the uncles and aunts were very kind to their children. Even if the uncles and aunts and the children changed their lives, they should be willing, right?

   Not to mention that her parents are willing, it is Ayu herself, if she encounters such a situation, she is also willing to live and die with Amai and Aniang.

   She couldn't imagine how she would collapse if A-Niang and A-Nai were gone!

   Mrs. Wang: "You're right, then let's go."

  Ayu: "Where are you going, are you looking for a genius doctor?"

   "Go to Wanning City and take Qin Huai to find his mother."

   (end of this chapter)