Chapter 560 Same Fate Gu

   Lao Wangtou didn't know what happened when he saw his old wife come out of the house.

   He stepped forward and asked, "What's the matter, I heard that Qin Huai vomited blood and fainted? Isn't his health better?"

   No wonder Lao Wangtou asked this question. When Qin Huai went to Hujia Village before, it was a real short-lived appearance.

   is still the kind of medicine without a doctor.

   Later, it must be that Ayu used something from a fairy to keep his body up. After so many years, the child looks healthy and healthy.

   "If he still loses money, we have to give Ayu a good plan." In Lao Wangtou's mind, Qin Huai just loves Wujiwu's existence.

  Everything should put Ayu first. If Qin Huai really can't do it, he will retire his relatives while he is still alive, so don't make Ayu a widow.

   Mrs. Wang rolled her eyes at him: "It's too early to say this, you come with me first, I have something to ask you."

Mrs. Wang greeted Mrs. Liu and asked her to look at Qin Huai's condition first. Then she sent Ayu to the small kitchen and asked her to watch the medicine. Then she took Lao Wangtou to a remote yard. go in.

   "What's the matter? This matter is very difficult?" Old Wang looked at Mrs. Wang like this, and realized that the matter might be more serious than he thought.

   "Do you still remember what happened to eldest sister back then?" Mrs. Wang frowned, and when she said the word eldest sister, she felt a faint pain in her heart.

   "You mean the one who married Bei Di, Wan Ru County?" Lao Wangtou was not very impressed with the old wife's former sister, and only vaguely remembered a title.

Mrs. Wang: "Well, before the eldest sister got married, she vomited blood like this, and then she fell into a coma. She didn't wake up until she got married. You didn't ask me, why did I suddenly find you? In the end, it was because The eldest sister is in a coma."

   Mrs. Wang's words brought back the memory of Lao Wangtou more than 30 years ago.

   At that time, Lao Wangtou was still a handsome young man. He was not bad-looking and had a lot of money. Not to mention his parents died, he was not surrounded by strange relatives.

   Of course, he is also a famous jade carving master. In the eyes of many boudoir girls, he is a real good husband.

   However, some families who valued blessings were not willing to marry him, for fear that after he killed his parents, he would also kill his father-in-law and mother-in-law.

   As a result, Lao Wangtou's marriage was delayed until he was eighteen years old, and he never said kiss.

  The jade carving of Laowang's head is self-taught, and he became famous at the age of ten. The skill of multi-layer hollow jade carving is even more amazing. So, he was invited to Wanning City by the emperor at the time.

   At that time, Lao Wangtou was still known as Master Wang, and now the prestigious Zhuowang is not as good as his name.

  The young old Wangtou was ordered by the emperor to make a set of large-scale jade carving ornaments. In name, it was like the dowry of the county master. In fact, the first emperor deliberately used it to deter Bei Di in order to show the emperor's majesty.

   Therefore, a jade carving master must be invited.

  The site he carved was the Bieyuan Garden in the Western Suburbs donated by the Duke of Yongguo. It happened that the old lady Wang at that time, the Lord of Yongchang County, returned from a trip and settled in Bieyuan Garden in the Western Suburbs.

   Like many gentlemen at that time, Lao Wangtou fell at the first sight of Yongchang County Master.

   But the people around him are all reserved and reserved, or go home and ask their elders to propose a marriage, or write a few sour poems to the Lord of Yongchang County.

   Only the head of the old king is different.

   He gave Yongchang County Master a set of jade dolls, and said to her generously: "In the future, the children of you and me will definitely look so cute as jade snow."

   Then Lao Wang was beaten on the head. He lay in bed for a whole month and couldn't get out of bed. If it wasn't for the fact that he had to carve jade for the royal family, he might have been beaten to death on the spot.

After being beaten   , Lao Wangtou's love for Yongchang County Master became stronger.

He realized that the Lord of Yongchang didn't like this kind of straightforward expression. After finally recovering from the injury, he secretly went to the place where the Lord of Yongchang lived and carved her carriage. It was in Yongchang County. It is the most exquisite carving under the master's regulation, and everyone who sees it will be amazed.

   But because the carriage was unstable after being carved, Yongchang County Master fell out of the carriage.

   Old Wang was beaten on the head again, and he was hung up and beaten by the Yongchang County Lord.

   This time, he lay down for five whole months, and all the jade carvings were done on the bed.

   On the day he was healed, Lao Wangtou said to himself, just try one last time.

   He learned that Yongchang County Master went to Yongguo Gongfu, and he happened to be invited, so he went to the banquet.

   During the banquet, I heard someone take the Yongchang County Master as a joke, saying that she didn't know the sky and the earth, and she even started a quarrel with her own mother, and also made a scene in the palace of the late emperor, which became a joke for the entire Wanning City.

Lao Wang flipped the table on the spot and fought with the group of people. His legs were broken and his clothes were torn. He stumbled and scolded and walked to the small yard to the side, just when his clothes were a little messy. The Lord of Yongchang County.

  The two looked at each other silently, and the Yongchang County Lord asked: "If I am no longer the County Lord and give up this title, will you still marry me?"

   Lao Wangtou didn't think about it: "Anyone can be the master of Yongchang County. The person I like is Zhang Yaoguang!"

  Yaoguang is the name that Mrs. Wang gave herself. It is the seventh star of the Big Dipper. The handle points to the direction, which means that she wants to control her own destiny.

  Just like that, Lao Wangtou took old Mrs. Wang away, and no longer cared about the right and wrong in Wanning City.

   However, Lao Wangtou also lost his position as a master jade carving master and became the number one suspect in kidnapping Yongchang County Lord.

   In order to avoid various pursuits and searches, the originally prosperous life has become increasingly embarrassing, and Mrs. Wang has gradually mastered the wisdom of survival in the folk.

   Later, they bought a house in a rural village, settled down, and had children.

  Because of the custom of the betrothed to be a wife and a concubine, in order not to feel wronged by Mrs. Wang, Lao Wangtou also specially found another family for Mrs. Wang to be her maiden, which is the maiden family of the third daughter-in-law, Xiao Zhang.

The owner of the Zhang family went there by accident and was rescued by Mrs. Wang and others. Not only did Mrs. Wang recognize her as her daughter, but she also put her name on her dead daughter, so Mrs. Wang had it. identity.

   That is, they fled all the way to that place.

Before escaping the famine, Lao Wangtou didn't let old Mrs. Wang suffer any hardships. While taking care of a few children, he did various household chores, and he also taught a few students who loved carving. Today's Zhuowang is one of them.

   King Zhuo turned out to be a homeless child who was adopted by Lao Wangtou and named Wang Zhuo. Later, a nickname came out, and according to Lao Wangtou's instructions, the name was reversed, so as not to expose the master and the wife.

   Mrs. Wang never mentioned the wealth and honor in Wanning City, and Mrs. Wang never asked, and the two maintained a tacit understanding.

   And now, after more than 30 years, Mrs. Wang finally told Lao Wangtou about the reason.

   "At the time of Yongguo Gongfu, I heard a story about the royal family." At the time, it was extremely disgusting, but now it can be said lightly.

   In fact, the matter is very simple, but it is the eldest sister of the Yongchang County Lord, who has been given a kind of fate.

The   same life Gu was given by the emperor at that time. He originally wanted to put the Gu on Yongchang County Lord to connect him and Yongchang County Lord.

   As a result, it was her eldest sister.

"Once the same fate Gu is planted, the two will live and die together, and they will not feel it on weekdays. It will only show signs when their lives are in danger." Mrs. Wang said indifferently, "My eldest sister is not innocent either, she I knew it was the same fate Gu, but I swallowed it myself. Just to avoid the fate of being a relative, so that I can take her place."

Mentioning this past incident, Lao Wangtou vaguely remembered that the old wife's eldest sister was not named Wan Ru County Master, but after they had left Wanning City, they heard that Wan Ru County Master had been titled and sent to Wan Ru County. to Beidi.

  Dachang also started from that time, and the news that Tianjia was acting crazy gradually spread.

   "Is there a solution to the same fate Gu?" Old Wang asked.

"It's a combination of Gu worms and witchcraft. Once the Gu worms are planted, they melt into the flesh and blood of the whole body, no trace is found, and there is no response, unless they appear at the moment of life and death, and there is no solution." Mrs. Wang shook her head, " So if either side has an accident, the other side cannot live alone."

   Old Wang took a deep breath: "Then the original Tianjia—"

   He sent the person who knew that he was alive and dead with him to Dachang, he didn’t want to live anymore? !

   "You don't need to mention the broken things in the past, but now, you have to use the people from before." Mrs. Wang said with a cold face, "Check, who is the person who connected Qin Huai."

   (end of this chapter)

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