Tuanzi has rarely urged Ayu to do tasks, because it has carefully selected several growth tasks for the cubs. There are no rewards in the early stage, and the rewards are rich in the later stage. For example, promoting science education (opening a women’s college), solving the plague (completed a primary mission, but not completely solved), improving people’s livelihood (waiting for the complete rise of the royal family to expand its influence), and promoting peace (combined with the aristocratic status of the West Wind Country), these are all Tasks that require reading to release skills.

   Zizi now has no worries about eating and drinking. Of course, he doesn't need to be involved for some small points. Tuanzi pays more attention to the knowledge and skills reserve of Zizi, as well as her thinking construction.

   "Are you saving brother Ayou?" Ayu didn't care what tasks the elves gave her. After getting along for many years, she trusted the elves most.

   is even more trusting than trusting Grandma.

  【The description of this quest is more complicated, you should save him anyway. 】

   Without the dumplings to say, Ayu has already started to command Chijia: "Mr. Chi, please take Brother Ayou to my yard first - tangyuan, you should talk to Ama first."

  Chijia has already picked up Qin Huai, bypassed Ayu's main house, and placed it on the bed in the guest room.

   "Miss Ayu, do you want to hire a doctor?" Chijia asked.

   The reason for this question is that when he was in Baihua County, Qin Huai gave Ayu the name of a little genius doctor.

  Although the rumored little genius doctor was not placed on Ayu's head, the group of people who were together couldn't hide it.

   What's more, they didn't plan to hide it.

  The brothers of the Wang family had long known that Ayu was a little unusual, but they never went into it and didn't ask more questions. It wasn't because they were afraid that their will would be weak, but they were afraid that they would be used by someone with a heart in the future, which would harm their sister instead.

  The bodyguards surnamed Chi were trained early, they shouldn't know, they would never check it without authorization, and they wouldn't see what they shouldn't see.

   Of course, if you should not think deeply, you should not think about it.

  Then just think that Miss Ayu is a little genius doctor, and now that the young master has seen something, of course, he must first ask her for her opinion.

  If you invite a doctor outside, you will surely disturb some people.

  If you solve it yourself, then you have to do another cover up.

  Ayu thought for a while: "You should go and ask Dr. Wen first, just say I have typhoid fever, and I want to ask him to help me with a prescription."

  Red Armor: "Yes."

  Doctor Wen is their acquaintance. His mother is Grandma Wen from the neighbor's house in Nanhe Town, as well as Wenwen's father.

   Over the past few years, Mrs. Wang has deliberately walked around with them, and on weekdays, she will also invite Dr. Wen to the Wang Mansion to see a doctor.

  Doctor Wen lamented that their family was in good health and almost no one was sick.

  In the eyes of outsiders, their royal family, like ordinary people, also has to ask for a doctor when they are sick.

   When Chijia was gone, Ayu showed the anxiety in his eyes.

   Qin Huai was unconscious on the bed. Ayu patted his face and shouted several times, but Qin Huai didn't answer.

   She took out the nutrient solution, but Qin Huai clenched her teeth and couldn't feed it at all.

  【His situation is special, and drinking water is of little use. 】

   "Elf, what happened to Brother Ayou?" Ayu probed Qin Huai's forehead with his hand, and found that one side of his forehead was cold and the other side was hot, obviously something was wrong.

   Not only that, but his strange acupoints outside the meridian are bulging, as if there is a villain living in it, blowing with bulging cheeks.

  【Wait, scanning. 】

   In order to prevent the brat from becoming a widow, the dumpling didn't care about the points, so he gave Qin Huai a full-body checkup package.

   Because the inspection is very careful, the time is longer.

  While waiting, the old lady Wang followed a few people and entered the guest house one after another.

"What's the matter?" Mrs. Wang saw that Ayu was so anxious that her face was sweating, she took out a handkerchief and wiped it for her, and then looked at Qin Huai, "Why is your face so bad, is it because you have eaten a bad stomach? "

   No wonder Mrs. Wang reacted like this. The Wang family, Qin Huai, and even the guards with the red surname all drank the water in the portable space.

   Their physique has reached the best, usually they will not get sick, nor easily tired.

   Even ordinary poison has no effect on them.

   So in the spring, Ma and Liu would go to the mountains to pick mushrooms, and pick any mushrooms. Anyway, in their opinion, these mushrooms are fine to eat.

   Those better water can also make people's ears and eyesight, and they are very good for children who study literature and martial arts.

   Therefore, Mrs. Wang never thought that Qin Huai would be ill or poisoned.

   "Brother A You suddenly vomited blood just now, and then fell into a coma, and he still hasn't woken up yet. Grandma, his forehead was hot and cold for a while, is it poisoned?" A Yu told Mrs. Wang the matter like a bean.

   Hearing A Yu's description, Mrs. Wang got closer, pulled Qin Huai's eyelids open, and raised his hand again, seeing that the fingernails turned crimson, and her pupils tightened instantly.

   "Mother, what happened? Can you tell what happened?" Wang Chuanman stretched his neck outside and asked loudly.

   "Let me go out and watch juggling here? Wang Chuanman, you have finished everything in your village? Wang Chuangui, if you don't pass the jinshi exam this year, give me a bag and go to Hujia Village. And you,—"

   Mrs. Wang glanced at her eyes, and all those who came to see the excitement and cared about were all scattered, and they were busy with their own work.

   Mrs. Liu also wanted to go out, but was stopped by Mrs. Wang: "You stay, let Erlang's wife come back to Jiang's house, she said that I want it, and bring their thousand-year-old wild ginseng, hurry up!"

   "Mother, isn't that an heirloom of their family? Can you give it to our family?"

   Mrs. Wang: "If you want to do it, just go, what do you do with so many words? Not to mention it is a family heirloom, even if they want their family's lifeblood, they have to give it!"

   Jiang Turnip heard it outside, went to the stables without saying a word, picked a horse at random, rode on it and went to Jiang's house.

   After arriving at Jiang's house, she went directly to see her grandmother, and said that the grandmother of the Wang family wanted wild ginseng, without mentioning Qin Huai.

The grandmother didn't ask much, she gave Jiang Wujing the key to the warehouse, and said, "I have no problems with my legs and feet, you can get it by yourself. It is stored in the top grid of the warehouse. To avoid trouble, there is a box of thousand-year-old Lingzhi next to it. Take them together, use them if you need them, and bring them back if you don’t.”

The old woman next to    hurriedly said: "Old Ancestor, that is the Jiang family's heirloom, how can it be given to outsiders?"

   "The Wang family is our in-laws, so what kind of outsiders are you?" Jiang's grandmother smiled coldly, "Why, I don't have the right to dispose of the things I saved myself?"

  The old woman lowered her head and slapped herself: "It's the old slave who talks too much!"

   Jiang Turnip returned to Wang's house with the herbs, and Mrs. Wang chopped a few pieces with a kitchen knife, opened Qin Huai's mouth, and let him hold it.

   "Grandma, is this all right?" Ayu looked around Qin Huai, but saw no change.

   "It's early, his life is hanging at the gate of hell, and some are busy." Mrs. Wang said, "I just don't know if the other side can hold it."

  This thing is very poisonous, if you are not careful, people on both sides will die.

   I don't know who is connected to the other end.

   I hope it's not the child's enemy.

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