Empress Qin is in poor health, which is no secret in the harem. As early as many years ago, Empress Qin gave birth to twins, a dragon and a phoenix. Among them, the prince died at birth, leaving only a sick princess.

  The supervisor of Qin Tianjian once said that the princess is delicate and fragile, and the queen's body is full of gold.

   At that time, the queen fell into a coma, so Emperor Minghua called the shots and sent the princess to raise her elsewhere.

   In order not to be punished for the empress, and all relatives were called by the name of the table, therefore, the younger generation of the Yongguo government, whether they were called aunts or aunts, called her as aunts and aunts.

  After Empress Qin woke up, she learned that one of the two children died and the other was sent to an unknown place by Emperor Minghua.

   This trouble is fourteen years.

  Emperor Ming Hua didn't know Qin Huai. He was the child who was originally reported to have died. He had been buried in the ground for two days and two nights.

   It was Empress Qin who went crazy to pick up the grave, took the person out of the small coffin, and went to the Duke Yong's mansion overnight.

   She scrubbed Xiao Qinhuai over and over again, and the child, who was originally blue and purple, actually slowly faded such a terrifying complexion and appeared a little white.

  Empress Qin hugged him day and night, humming a song, no one paid any attention, and scrubbed his body with precious medicinal herbs every day.

   She even listened to an old doctor's remedies. Every day, she cut her wrists to get blood, took a tea cup at a time, and lit the little baby.

   After such a month, the child was miraculously rescued by her.

   Qin Huai was born with a big name, Qin Huai was the name she had chosen, and she added the word "Blessing" to the middle of the child to protect him from growing up safely and smoothly.

  In this way, the child was raised like this.

   As for the princess who was released to be raised, the Queen of Qin also sent someone to look for it. It was originally given to the second housewife of a family of hairpins, but she was only raised when she was five years old, and the child was gone.

   However, he found another child of about the same age, and he was still lovingly raised in the name of the princess, just to numb the people behind him.

   Now, it's time for the "princess" to return to the royal family.

   Qin Huai's identity became the reason for the new dispute between the emperor and the empress.

  Emperor Ming Huai once summoned Qin Huai, and later heard that the empress had removed his quota for the imperial examinations, and knew that empress Qin, who had always refused to admit defeat, wanted to set the children free.

   But Emperor Minghua had read Qin Huai's articles, which were sharp yet gentle, serious and warm. At the beginning, Qin Huai was only nine years old, and he had such insight.

   Ming Huadi worked diligently for the country all his life, how could he miss such a talent.

   What's more, that's still the queen's child, so he should be the prince.

   It's just that the two of them haven't won or lost, and Qin Huai and the others have spread good news one after another.

  Emperor Minghua is pleased and proud.

   After finally waiting for someone to come back, he just wanted to see this son well, and then push him to the position of the prince.

   But never thought, Empress Qin fiercely refused, and said that she wanted to give him the status of a wealthy prince.

   Before the uproar was over, Empress Qin fell ill. Once she was ill, she could not get out of bed for three months. The imperial doctor even said that Empress Qin might not survive this year.

   Emperor Minghua became anxious.

   "Go and find out who is behind it." Emperor Minghua said to the guards, "This matter doesn't have to be very secret. If you find anything, please inform me. If anyone dares to stop it, he will be killed without mercy!"


   He has been a benevolent ruler for too long, and I am afraid some people have forgotten that he also came out of the sea of ​​corpses and blood.

  If he can't even protect his beloved wife, then the name of the benevolent monarch is not worth it!

   After the guards left, Emperor Minghua called for his confidant again: "Who is the little genius doctor you asked you to check?"

   Knowing that Empress Qin was seriously ill, Emperor Minghua sent people to search for magic doctors in various places, and the magic doctors found in Baihua County were the most reliable.

   said that he rescued all the sons of the Murong family who had entered the gate of hell.

  The Murong family is tight-lipped and has not disclosed exactly which little genius doctor it is, but the news that Murong Run of the Murong family has a variety of poisons has leaked.

   If you can rescue such a person and let him come to diagnose and treat the queen, it will certainly work.

"Reporting to the sage, according to investigation, the little genius doctor left Baihua County soon and appeared in the area of ​​Yongchang City to help prevent the spread of the plague. After that, there was no trace. The subordinate heard that there was news in Wangbei County, and sent someone to go there. Check it out, and you'll know by the end of the month."

  Emperor Ming Hua waved his hand: "Well, as soon as possible."

   He was afraid that the queen couldn't wait.

   After returning to the council hall to deal with the memorial, Emperor Minghua was still restless, and he couldn't hold back.

   Have to see if their son has come back, and if he does, bring it to the queen to see.

When the Queen    saw it, she might be cured.

  Even if you can't get better right away, you can still get better emotionally, which is good for your body after all.

   "Concubine Jing's hometown is also from Baihua County?" Emperor Minghua suddenly remembered that Concubine Jing was the daughter of Taifu Qiu, and the other daughter of Taifu Qiu was the royal merchant Murong's family, "Call Princess Jing to see me!"

   When the emperor was actively looking for a genius doctor, A Yu, the "little genius doctor", was squatting in the sheep pen, his eyes were tense, his hands were clenched, and he was staring straight ahead.

"A-Yu, the girl's family, don't look at it if you don't understand!" Wang Liulang came from outside the yard, saw Wang Wulang squatting next to him, and slapped him directly on the back, "Fifth brother, why don't you? Following the blending, what's so good about the ewe giving birth to cubs?"

  Xiaoyang couple had the crystallization of love again, and Ayu just caught up.

   The little lambs born by the previous little sheep couple are now very smart and lively, very sticky to their own family, very cold and even cruel to outsiders, and everyone seems to raise them as guard animals.

   "Ah, I gave birth!" A Yucai didn't care what they were saying, her eyes widened, and she saw the ewe gave birth to a calf.

   Then, there were three new lambs born. The three lambs trembled and stood up quickly, and everyone breathed a sigh of relief.

  Ayu got a new experience and couldn't wait to share it with Qin Huai.

   "Brother Ayou, it's scary to have a baby! I still remember that A-Niang said before that having a baby is just passing the gate of hell, and you will lose your life if you're not careful, so all mothers in the world are respectable."

   As usual, Qin Huai would definitely refute A Yu's words, telling her that some parents are parents, while others don't care about the future of their children at all. But seeing Ayu's serious face, he also nodded.

   Almost the moment he nodded, he suddenly felt a tightness in his chest, followed by a dense pain.

   "Brother Ayou, what's the matter with you?" Before Ayu could finish speaking, she saw Qin Huai clutching her chest. Before she asked a question, Qin Huai had already fallen to the ground with a thud.

   "Brother Ayou!" Ayu was terrified, and even though Chijia and others were there, he couldn't catch him in time.

   And at the moment Qin Huai fainted, Empress Qin, who was far away in the palace of Wanning City, suddenly spit out a mouthful of black blood while drinking the medicine.

   "Niangniang!" The medicine bowl in Hua Hong's hand fell to the ground. She didn't care about anything else, and hurried to Empress Qin.

   At this time, Empress Qin was venting a lot and taking in less.

  【Treasure, go do the task quickly, save people, hurry up! 】