Chapter 1 Prologue

   In the sixteenth year of Minghua, in the northernmost part of Dachang, it began to snow from the beginning of winter, and it took a whole month.

  The surrounding mountains are all covered with snow.

  This place has long been sparsely populated, and the birds are absolutely extinct.

   But a horse was driving in the snow, and soon, because the snow was too thick, the horse could no longer run.

  Two men in black cloaks got off their horses, holding a white object in their arms.

   They walked hastily in the snow, looking around from time to time.

   "Okay, just leave it here, we've already walked two hundred miles, and we'll have to climb the mountain no matter how far we go!"

   "Oh, I still can't bear it, after all..."

   "Take people's money and help them eliminate disasters. Where can there be so much nonsense? It's about to be lost. We have to go back to sleep. It's such a cold day, it's really going to freeze people to death!"

   Not long after, there was a "bang" and something was thrown into the snow. The two of them didn't even look at each other, rubbed their hands together and hurried towards the horse.

   Brothers Wang Chuanfu and Wang Chuanman were walking down the road in dejection when they heard the sound of horse hooves not far away.

   Before the two had time to react, Wang Chuanman was hit hard, and he staggered a few steps. Seeing that the horse stopped, he immediately walked away.

   "Fourth brother, are you alright?" Wang Chuanfu immediately stepped forward to see.

Wang Chuanman patted the snow on his body and stood up: "It's nothing, I'm wearing thick clothes, and the snow is thick. Brother, let's go, it's getting colder and colder today, maybe there will be a heavy snowfall before dark, so hurry up Just go back."

   At this time, the sky was falling with light snow, and the brothers didn't even bother to cover it up.

   As a result, not long after they left, Wang Chuanman suddenly kicked something under his feet.

   "Yeah, it looks like a package!" The thing was originally on the snow, and was covered with a thin layer of snow.

   Because it is white, it is not easy to be found.

  Wang Chuanfu also lowered his head to look, and said, "Will it be those two who lost it? Look at them running so fast, maybe the package will fall off right away."

  Wang Chuanman was also anxious: "Oh, what can we do then, we have no horses and can't catch up with them."

   "Take it back to the village chief first, let's talk about it when the snow melts." Wang Chuanfu sighed, "We haven't finished our own affairs yet."

   While talking, the two brothers went to pick up the white package, but when they pulled it, they found that it was a piece of white flannel.

  The velvet cloth was torn apart, and the contents rolled out directly.

   landed straight on the snow.

   is a thinly dressed child who looks only one or two years old.

  Xu was hurt from being dropped, and his tightly closed eyes were slightly opened halfway, like a weak deer glancing at the world, the bright eyes didn't show much, and they closed quickly.

   His face was flushed, like a ripe persimmon, and his breathing seemed to be absent.

   "Yeah, it's a doll!"

   With just one glance, the two big men didn't dare to look at it any more. It was freezing and snowing, so shivering, I'm afraid it would be bad!

  Wang Chuan was in a hurry, so he quickly spread the flannel on his body again, and went to retrieve the doll on the ground.

   "Make a sin! Hurry up, wrap it up!"

  Wang Chuanfu also saw it, and he didn't care about anything else, so he subconsciously took off the coarse cloth scarf around his neck, and wrapped another layer of the flannel outside.

  Wang Chuanman did the same, both of them had cold fingers, so they didn't dare to touch the baby's body temperature.

   It took only a few breaths before and after, but the two men broke out in a cold sweat.

   "Brother, why is this doll's face so red? Is it hot?"

  Wang Chuanman is only 23 years old this year, and his family is poor. He only married a daughter-in-law the year before last. He has not been able to give birth to a baby in the past two years, so he does not understand that at all.

   "I'm afraid it's going to break, this doll has a fever! That little nephew from the second cousin's house had a fever like this last year and died. Hurry up, go home and let my mother take a look!"

  Wang Chuanfu patted Wang Chuanman on the shoulder and took over all the miscellaneous things in his hand, letting him hold the child with peace of mind.

  The two hurried to Hujia Village in front.

  Hujia Village is located in the northeast of this mountain. The mountain road is rough and difficult to walk, and the snowy weather is even more dangerous.

   Fortunately, the brothers are used to walking, even with their eyes closed, they can't fall.

   Originally it took half an hour to walk in the snow, but it took them only a quarter of an hour to arrive.

   just walked to the entrance of the village, and saw Mrs. Hu with his hands behind his back, smoking a big cigarette pole, and walking tremblingly under the yellow horn tree.

  There are two roads at the entrance of the village, one is to the bottom of the cliff, and another two miles is the Qujiang River.

   One is to the right, which is the only way to the outside world in the village.

   "Wang family, you have caught something good?" Mrs. Hu asked loudly when he saw the two brothers, one was carrying something for hunting and trapping, and the other was holding something tightly in his arms.

The sound of    caused some people in the village to stick their heads out from the door of their houses, but they only stuck their heads out.

   In such a cold day, people who don't have thick clothes at home can't go out at all.

  Wang Chuanman touched the snow on his face and quickly replied, "We picked up a doll outside."

   "What? You are so hungry, you even eat dolls? This is not good, our village doesn't have this rule!" Mrs. Hu's eyes widened.

   He knew that some people in the village were so hungry in the snow that they had already started to eat dolls.

   Their village can't break this rule!

   "No, no." Wang Chuanfu shouted, "Mr. Hu, this child has a fever, we have to take it back to my mother to see. If Dr. Hu is here, we can also take a look."

   An aunt shouted at the window: "Boss of the Wang family, did you find a male doll? Are there too few male dolls in your family?"

   "Is it a girl?" Wang Chuanfu was also not sure.

   The doll's cheeks were red with burning, her eyes were closed, her lips were peeling, and she couldn't tell it was a boy or a girl.

   But from the dolls he has seen at home, the ones that look so good must be female dolls.

   There are no dolls in their house.

"Oh, what are you doing! Hurry up and throw it away, what do you do when you pick it up and take it home! You lose money!" The aunt sighed, "Your family is starving to death, why are you picking up a girl doll? Go back, your mother must be **** off by you!"

   Before the aunt could finish her words, she heard a soprano voice beside her.

"Jiang Dahua, if you don't close your stinky mouth to the old lady, the old lady will throw the big dung in your mouth! What a bad thing, pay for it, why didn't you pay your old Jiang's family to the ancestral grave! Boss, old man Fourth, what are you doing for that pestle, get back for the old lady!"

  I saw on the snow on the dam in the middle of the village, an old aunt wearing a large brown padded jacket, standing with akimbo.

   There are still four or five hundred meters away from here, but the sound is extremely penetrating and reaches everyone's ears.

   Wang Chuanfu and Wang Chuanman didn't dare to delay, they said hello to the people here and hurried down the village road.

   Mrs. Wang saw her two sons approaching and stretched out her hand: "Give it to me!"

  Wang Chuanfu had a bitter face, and lifted the things in his hand gently: "Mother, we went out this time, and we didn't wear anything. It's snowing too much—"

   "The old lady knows you two are unreliable. When you get back with your stuff, your old lady will have passed the first seven!" Mrs. Wang rolled her eyes almost to the sky.

The old lady glared fiercely at Wang Chuanman, and hugged the doll he was protecting in his arms, her movements were gentle, but her mouth was not soft at all: "I picked up the doll, I don't know if I'm going home soon, what are you talking about with those things? One by one, they don’t have to worry about doing good deeds to the fullest, and it’s because of you that they call it Chuanman! Idiot!”

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