If it is a surprise for Lou Lang and Qin Lan at the moment, then the other side of Xi Lei and Lou Yuanzhi is purely frightened.

Hey, they heard what they saw!

After a busy day, I dragged my tired body back home, but I saw that the Qin family was running around like a fool in the downstairs. When they saw it inexplicably, he actually shouted: "Don't you, do you want to marry me?"

Fang Xilei began to doubt whether this sloppy boy was a good match for his daughter. He heard the stupid daughter of his family shouting loudly: "Okay!"

Ok... what is it! Fang Xilei lived for most of her life, the first time it was so violent, it was just swearing!

The proposal for marriage is so sloppy, and the person who was asked to marry actually agreed so rashly?

Fang Xilei felt that her face was burning, how did she have such a stupid daughter? The two said so loudly, naturally caused the attention of the neighbors. Fang Xilei had already seen several neighbors in the probe, and did not look at what people lived around. No need to be tomorrow, tonight, the news will be passed. all over!

At that time, even if it was just two children playing around, there is a mouth that can’t be said!

Thinking of this, Fang Xilei opened the car and got off the car. He looked at the girl who had tarnished the reputation of his daughter. His eyes were a little angry: "Qin Hao!"

“Fang Ayi...” Qin’s expression was a bit embarrassing. The marriage proposal was captured by the woman’s mother on the spot. This is probably the most embarrassing time in Qin’s life.

Fang Xilei said coldly: "Come with me." Then he turned and went back to the house.

Qin Lan looked up and looked at the room of Lou Lou. When she saw her mother, she looked at the probe of the thief head who had shrunk her head and found that her mother had returned to the house and immediately stood up again. However, she did not dare to yell and shout. She pointed her finger at Qin Yu, and then patted her heart with her hands. Finally, she was helplessly spreading her hand, and she was helpless and asked for help.

Although she knew that this time should be correct, Qin couldn't help but be teased by her.

Into the house, did not see Fang Xilei, but the two nanny aunt stood on the side holding a fist to make a gesture of cheering, Qin Hao gratefully smiled.

Lou Yuanzhi was waiting for the car to stop in the garage.

"Uncle Lou."

"Well." Lou Yuanzhi was not cold or hot, and took a look at the two nanny aunts standing on the side, majestic said: "Don't go to the guests to make tea."

"Yes." The two aunts should go down to the kitchen to make tea.

After Lou Yuanzhi sat down on the sofa, he was very proud to say to Qin Yu: "Sit down."

Qin Lan just sat down.

Lou Yuanzhi looked coldly at the man who had just proposed to marry his daughter. His face was not warm and with a three-point smile. He was not arrogant, and he sat upright. Lou Yuanzhi couldn’t help but remember that he was going for the first time 22 years ago. The scene of the Fang family.

Fang Xilei's father is an old-fashioned, arrogant old man who doesn't have to be angry. He doesn't have to talk. He only looks at you with the eyes of the majesty. For a long time, people with a little courage will not be able to resist the sweat and their heart.

What's more, when the building was far-sighted, it was even more nervous. Sitting opposite Fang Xilei's parents, the whole person was stiff.

At that time, I was constrained by the tension, and compared with the current Qin dynasty, I was able to stand up.

Aunt Liu gave the two people a cup of tea. Qin Qin looked natural and politely thanked him.

Lou Yuanzhi took the teacup and picked up the tea cover to reveal a gap. Through the hot air, he continued to look at the Qin dynasty. In the whole process, Qin Hao looked very calm.

The two men sat quietly for a while, Fang Xilei and Lou Yi mother and daughter only went downstairs.

"Fang Ayi." Qin Hao stood up immediately, and his look finally revealed a few tensions.

This made the building Yuan Zhizhi, who always paid attention to his change of mind, suddenly felt unhappy.

"Qin Wei, you come with me." Fang Xilei's face was a little bit blue, and he looked across the floor: "You stay here." Then, with Qin Lan went to the study room upstairs.

The Lou Yu, who had already been told, spit out his tongue and went to the sofa, lazily shouting to Lou Yuanzhi: "Dad."

When he shouted, he turned his head and looked upstairs. A pair of big eyes dripped and didn't know what to do.

"Hey, sit and have a seat, look at what you look like, sit well." Lou Yuanzhi's disappointment is even worse.

Putting down the legs on the sofa honestly, the Lou Lou said absently: "Yes, Dad."

However, it didn't take long for the honesty to stand up. She couldn't sit still. She wanted to talk to someone and looked at it because the building was far away, and the two aunts who stood far away, looked at the building, and had to dismiss the person. When she spoke nodded, she finally couldn’t sit still. She decided to go against the mother’s words and went upstairs and eavesdropped.

When I saw the building on the floor, Lou Yuanzhi angrily slammed the teacup on the ground.

These two, did you regard him as the head of the family? The daughter was asked to marry, the man did not see him in the eyes, the daughter had a heart, and would rather tell the servant that he did not tell his father that his wife did things independently and never asked for his opinions. He was the head of the family. What's the point?

He took another look at the two nannies on the side, and his heart was even more angry. Even the next person did not take him seriously!

I was irritated and pulled the tie. Lou Yuanzhi did not want to stay in this house. He took the car key and went out.

Lou Yuanzhi was born in a poor mountain ditch. His parents are the farmers of his duty. They have not received any education. The name given to his son is also a very easy-to-understand name - Yuanzhi, which means great ambition.

They expect their children to have a lofty ambition when they grow up, but they don't have time to see their children become dying soon. However, this name with their good wishes has brought countless ridicule to Lou Yuanzhi.

When he was young and hard to study, the second time he was in the first grade, his classmates would be sour and said: "There is no way, who makes people have a great ambition."

In the beginning, it was only praise. The more I listened, the more I didn’t taste it. He worked hard, he went up, what was his name? If you don't have the skills, you will only say your name!

Later, he was said to be a Phoenix man, and his grievances against the name were even heavier, but he could only pretend that he did not know, or even changed his name, so as not to be stigmatized.

In the end, he married Fang Xilei, but he was ridiculed by all sorts of people: "It turned out to be a small white face, that is his great ambition, I am a long-sighted!"

In this case, he has heard his ears in these years! I didn't think about divorcing Fang Xilei, but he didn't want to be willing to end up. He would marry Fang Xilei at the beginning, not to look at the background of this woman, but also to be attracted by her talents, the gentle and watery woman who was with her mother. In comparison, Lou Yuanzhi prefers Fang Xilei, who is strong and independent, and they also have a common topic.

It’s just that Fang Xilei’s temper is too proud and too self-contained. If he gets along for a long time, he will feel tired.

Everyone thought that he married Fang Xilei, which is equivalent to marrying a Jinshan, but who knows that after so many years of marriage, he has become more and more difficult.

Fang Xilei’s self-improving temper, what he has now is all his hard work, want money? Yes, earn yourself! Fang Xilei never wears her husband, but she has never given a penny to the building. Of course, if she wants it, she will give it, but Lou Yuanzhi I can't afford to lose that face.

After more than 20 years of marriage, the money that Lou Yuanzhi has is only his monthly salary. As a general manager of a small and well-known clothing company, how much salary can he earn in a year? one million? Two million? or more. It sounds like a lot, but the average is about a hundred and twenty thousand. This money is enough for ordinary people, but for Lou Yuanzhi, it is a drop in the bucket.

They are at this level of people, and they will have a meal with their customers. It’s tens of thousands, and the money is not enough! I can imagine how hard he has been in these years, no wonder others say he is an iron cock.

At first, I didn’t love the building, I didn’t want to be close to the building. It was just what she wanted. He couldn’t afford it. Moreover, like Fang Xilei, she was too proud to be placed on the apex of everyone. So many people hurt her to spoil her, and for his biological father, Lou Lou even spoiled.

Until the appearance of another daughter's building was clear, when she looked at him with such a weak but adoring look, Lou Yuanzhi realized the pride of being a father. The child simply regarded him as a god, so he knew his wife. Will not be happy, he still proposes to leave the building clear.

It’s a pity that as a father, he can do very little for this daughter. Even the monthly living expenses are just enough. But fortunately, this daughter is kind enough to understand that Fang Xilei is harsh on her, not willing. give more.

The more the daughter's building is clear and understanding, the more he feels embarrassed and embarrassed, and at the same time, some of his resentful wife is doing too much. This is also his daughter. His wife actually ignores his daughter's life and death, and does not even give her a penny. This is too unforgettable. Of course, these ideas only dare to think about it.

Now, this family is really more and more unstoppable, wife, daughter, daughter's boyfriend, servant, no one puts him in the eye! He is at this home, what is it?

When I thought of my daughter’s look at him, the kind of ridiculous and indifferent eyes could no longer see the kind of resentful but implied look of the past. Lou Yuanzhi felt that his breathing was not smooth and his heart was hurting!

Lou Yuanzhi feels that he is very tired. He has never been tired. What has he got for more than forty years? Not even a son, the three generations of the family, single pass, and since then in their own hands!

Lou Yuanzhi is in his heart, asking himself over and over again!

Over there, Fang Xilei, who had talked with Qin Lan, rushed out both Lou and Qin, and stayed alone in the study.

She licked her forehead, and her heart was a little exhausted. She always worked arbitrarily, but this time she couldn’t make a decision because it involved her favorite daughter. Every time she was involved in the building, she was completely devoid of it. This is probably her only weakness.

Although the two children are very determined, Fang Xilei is a mother, but she has to think about her daughter. She is only twenty years old, and her heart is undecided. Maybe she will regret it for her impulsiveness soon. Like her, marriage can be a child's play, not to mention having children, we must consider more.

When you are in love, you can get together, all by your own heart, but marriage is not good. Once you get married, it is not just two people.

Fang Xilei felt that she should find someone to come up with some ideas. The first person who thought of it was naturally a husband and wife, but I found a circle, but I didn't find him at home. I was finally told by Aunt Liu that he would go out after a while. .

When I heard this news, she had an anger in her heart. Her daughter had this big thing. As a father, he didn’t care whether he ignored it or not.

Before I got married, I thought it was a person who was upright, but I didn’t think that after years of marriage, the character of Lou Yuanzhi became more and more weird!

With full of exhaustion, Fang Xilei came to the third floor.

The door of the building was half open. She stood on the stairs and could hear the conversation between the two.

"Don't worry, my mother will definitely agree."

"So sure?"

"Of course, don't look at my mother is very serious, in fact, she hurts me the most. For Qin Hao, your marriage proposal is not too much, too no mood, no romantic, I am losing money, you want me to marry For you, then you have to re-marriage!"

"As long as you are willing to marry me, you can re-quest for a hundred marriages."

"This is what you said. I want to see what romantic ways to propose marriage. After that, you have to make up all of them. If you don't ask for a hundred times, I won't marry!"

"Well, how many times have you said how many times?"

Listening to these childish words, Fang Xilei finally left with helpless smile.

Anyway, I will call the Qin family tomorrow morning. This is not a matter of fact.

Although, with this call, the matter is basically finalized.

Qin Yu’s mother also seems to know that the two children are in contact. Recently, many times, she has concealed and asked Qin Yu and Lou Lou to get married soon, so as to hug her grandson early.

Moreover, seeing Qin Hao’s pets against Lou Lou, compared with her own, but Qin Yu is more like a mother than her, so I believe these two children?