"Because I love you."

When I heard this sentence, the building that had been like a puppet had completely collapsed, and the tears of the broken thread were generally stopped, and I couldn’t stop it.

Qin Xiao in the isolation window looked at her distressedly. He put his hand on the glass window and seemed to want to wipe her tears away, but it was only in vain. In the end, he had to say with distress: "Hey, don't cry."

How could you not cry, the floor screamed almost back, and he was comforting her on the other side of the isolation window. The voice was as gentle as ever, just like every time in the past, as long as she was crying and swearing, he I will put everything down, regardless of her, and accompany her and stare at her.

It is she who is too stupid, only to think that there is only brother and sister between them, she is too stupid, it will make him sin for her!

"Qin Wei, why don't you say it earlier?" Lou Lou cried as he asked.

Qin Hao just smiled and did not answer her.

In fact, he didn't have to answer him. When Lou Lang asked this sentence, he already thought of the answer, because even if he said it, it would be useless. At that time, she was blinded by Chen Hao. In addition to Chen Hao, Can't see anyone.

I want to understand this, and the building is crying even more sad.

The prison guards are urging on one side, and the time for visiting the prison has arrived.

Qin Hao called the building a bang.

Lou Lou holding a microphone and screaming on the window sill, he was so angry that he couldn’t breathe, but he also listened to him.

"Hey, I can't stay with you anymore in the future. You have to take care of yourself. Can you stop being willful?"

"Enn." Lou Lou only knows the nod of noisy.



"Don't know how to marry Chen Hao? Find someone who truly loves you, do you know how to live with him?"


The Qin dynasty said a lot of things, the first time in the life of Lou Hao did not feel annoyed, seriously, although he did not understand what he was talking about.

The prison guards have been urging several times, and it is impossible to drag on. Qin Hao finally looked at the floor and looked down, put down the microphone, and got up and ready to leave.

Lou Lou suddenly stood up and knocked on the glass hard, regardless of the warning sound of the prison guard, pointing to the microphone in his hand.

Qin Lan said sorry to the prison guard and picked up the microphone.

Lou Lou looked at him through the glass. This handsome man who always loves to pay attention to the image, but in just a few months, he has already looked like a scum. He can see that he is shaved in a hurry and his face is not shaved. The face is yellow and very embarrassing. Only one pair of eyes is still radiant. It seems that the hardships of life have not caused any impact on him. The building has seen a bit of sadness until the Qin dynasty screams, and the floor squats use the usual arrogance. The tone said: "Qin Xi, you know that I am very self-willed and selfish, so, even if I am at once, wait for me, good? I am not asking you, I am commanding you, you must wait for me, otherwise you will Don't think about living a good life, you know, I will most toss people!"

Look, she is such a vicious woman, always forcing others to do things that she does not want to do, and never knowing how to repent and be proud of it.

Qin Lan didn't understand what she was saying. When she wanted to understand, Lou Lou had already smiled and put down the microphone.

After a long while, Qin Xiao was laughing. She asked him to wait. He waited, and he accepted his life. He was planted in this woman's hands in his life.


Lou Lou cried for a long time, two eyes swollen like a peach, the outside sun made her face black.


Chen Hao, who was waiting outside, saw her, threw away the cigarette butt, and smiled and walked toward her.

He was wearing a white shirt and white suit trousers. His face was handsome and delicate, with a faint smile, coming in the sun, and it seemed to be coated with a golden light behind him, which made people dazzling.

Lou Lou eyes squarely face this man. She has seen him for so many years, but for the first time she has seen it so seriously, so clearly.

Chen Hao reached out to hold her, and Lou Lou disgusted and opened, walking away from the car.

Chen Hao’s face was stiff and he quickly recovered his smile. He walked to the side of the car and thoughtfully helped her open the door.

When the building was seated, Chen Hao returned to the driver's seat and started the car.

Lou Hao looked at the window and was in a daze. During the period, Chen Hao used to look at her look with a mirror.

The building was looked impatient, and when he turned around, he sneered and said: "Chen Hao, do you hate me?"

"Hey, what the stupid thing to say." Chen Hao seems to be surprised that Lou Yi will say so, his face is full of surprise, looking at her eyes but looking a little bit helpless, that look The eyes of all men who are helpless to their wayward girlfriends are exactly the same.

Lou Lou was not confused by him, but said from his own self: "How can you not hate me, I killed the woman you love, killed your child, how can you not hate me?"

Chen Hao frowned, and said with dissatisfaction: "Floor, what are you talking about!"

"I don't talk nonsense? You know very well. Isn't it? At the time, all three of us were there. How did the building clear down? You won't know? It's me who accidentally killed the building, not Qin." Lou Yi’s brains put these Saying it, then throwing a mine: "I am going to surrender."

During this time, she has been jealous, but she cried in the prison. Her brain became very clear in her mind. She couldn’t let Qin Hao plead for her. Qin Lan is now thirty-two years old. This is a man’s. In the peak period, however, it is necessary to stay in prison for ten years. In this era of rapid change, ten years later is equal to another world. At that time, everything was late.

Although she is very selfish, she can't let Qin Hao bury her life for her, and he should have a better life.

Chen Hao seems to be scared by the words of Lou Jie. She was shocked to see that she couldn’t speak for a long time. He looked at her seriously and found her look very serious. It was not like a fake. His eyes flashed with anger. But he was quickly suppressed. He said in a gentle voice: "Hey, we are getting married next month. At this time, don't say this stupid thing. I told you, I am with Lou Qing. There is nothing wrong with it."

"There will be no wedding." For Chen Hao's remarks, Lou Hao was too lazy to pay attention. She said with sarcasm: "I am very happy, you finally have to get rid of me!"

Chen Hao seems to be irritated by her words. She said with deep affection and injury: "Well, what are you going to do, will you believe in my heart?"

The building was so disgusting that she wanted to vomit. Just a short time ago, because of the dispute with the building, she accidentally killed the building, and the child in the belly of the building, a corpse and two lives, but now, this man Actually said true to the murderer who killed his child?

Lou Lou suddenly felt that the building was very sad, and their sisters who were half-sisters were actually fighting for such a disgusting man for more than ten years?

The floor is clear and the floor is clear. If you see the man’s face now, are you going to climb out of the grave?

I am afraid... Chen Hao has never loved the building to clear it?

The more I think about it, the more disgusting I feel. I don’t want to see this man’s face for a moment: “Parking!”

How could Chen Hao stop parking, still looking at her with a bitter face: "Hey, I know that your relationship with Qin Hao has been very good, even so good that I am embarrassed, but can not be because of this, go to Qin The sin, I love you so much, where do you put me? Have you ever thought about my feelings?"

Nima! The building was stunned, she should have discovered that this man is simply having problems with his brain!

"Don't say it again, you make me feel sick! I just got my head in the water. I would like someone like you at the beginning!" Lou Lou was so angry that she looked at Chen Hao with disgust: "I will say Once, stop!"

Chen Hao certainly won’t stop, the white face’s handsome face twisted into a ball, and his expression was so painful that he would cry: “Hey...”

When I saw Chen Hao’s face, the building collapsed: “Please don’t talk anymore, you have a mouth, I want to vomit!”

Chen Hao seems to have been disgusted by her straightforward words, and even forgot the disguise. She looked at her with her eyes wide and stiff. She always heard that the building was so vicious and vicious, but because the building liked him, it would not He swears in front of him, until now he discovered that this woman really has a strange mouth.

Lou Lou, this person, when you like you, can hold you to the sky, hate you, even more undisguised, is a straightforward woman without a brain!

If she is smart enough, she won’t tear her face at this time. If she is smart enough, she will not be able to bear it...

The two were stagnant, and the building was too lazy to look at him. Chen Hao took a few breaths and managed to calm down his emotions. He turned his head and just wanted to continue to show his affection, but he heard the horn and the rushing brakes.

At the corner of the front mountain road, a truck was on the way.

At the moment when the steel bars went straight to the forehead, time seemed to stop. The short-lived 27-year-old man’s life was passed by Ma Guanghua, and there was an inexplicable thought in his mind: this is a very sad fairy tale. The story, its ending is very strange, the Cinderella female host was accidentally killed by a vicious woman, and then the ignorant prince and the virgin woman are in a good life of harmony and happiness, but unexpected Was killed by the car, and no dead body! This is really a fairy tale of dog blood!

Before closing his eyes, the building was unwilling and regretful to think: poor Qin Qin, it seems that you have to wait for me to wait for the next life!

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