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Every Day I Wake Up and See Myself Selling Stupid

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Novel Summary

Su Yuan committed suicide.

When her father passed away, she faced all the pressure to deal with the mess left by her father alone, yet she had not thought of dying.

The stepmother coveted her property. When she was roofied by her and sent to the opposite house, she never thought of dying

From being well-protected by her father to becoming the stepmother’s trading tool, she gritted her teeth and survived with difficulty.

Those who hated her, she hated them, she sent them all to hell, but she didn’t have the desire to live.

It’s just…

Su Yuan opened her eyes and looked at the face in the mirror that she hated to her bones. Why would she become the stepmother she hated so much?

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Short Title:EDIWSMSS
Alternate Title:每天起床都看到自己在卖蠢
Weekly Rank:#7509
Monthly Rank:#8990
All Time Rank:#9139
Tags:Cold Protagonist, First Love, Mismatched Couple, Modern Day, Reincarnation, Ruthless Protagonist, Tragic Past, Wealthy Characters,
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14 Comments on “Every Day I Wake Up and See Myself Selling Stupid
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  1. At first it seems like a comedy but there is a rather drastic genre shift partway through that changes your impression of everything that has happened. The name of the novel is an outright lie, and the MC and FL are not actually the same person.

  2. Mundo paralelo,Mano esse final me deixou agoniado,alguém me diz se as 2 ficaram juntas de novo?não consigo entender,talvez seja por que foi traduzido literalmente.

  3. I cant remember the novels name and i wanna ask that. Fl and Ml are a married couple in the begginig but there is no misunderstanding between the two. And the Fl help Ml's siblings. First she going to school to help one of the siblings. And that time someone wants to defeat Ml's family and create problems for them. Please help me;(

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