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Ethan’s Fantasy Drift

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Ethan came to a world full of oceans.

One person, one boat; there is also a pointer that can travel through the world!

Embarking on the journey, backed by countless planes such as Marvel and DC, the goal is naturally the sea of stars… Probably…

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Short Title:EFD
Alternate Title:伊森的奇幻漂流
Author:Dark Angel
Weekly Rank:#2583
Monthly Rank:#2349
All Time Rank:#1518
Tags:Boss-Subordinate Relationship, Cheats, Crafting, Fan-fiction, Firearms, Gate to Another World, Godly Powers, Harem, Harem-seeking Protagonist, Magic, Martial Spirits, Marvel, Slow Growth at Start, Wars Weak to Strong, Weak to Strong, Wizards, World Hopping,
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45 Comments on “Ethan’s Fantasy Drift
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  1. Turn around to save people when near the storm in the middle of the ocean WTF?, it's a miracle this guy's still alive.

  2. Can anyone tell me who are the girls in his haram because I am still chapter 50 and I haven't seen him with any girls and I can see he wants to have a haram but he wants to be strong first and ignoring women find there is no harem tag in the tag list there is only harem seeking, so I want to know who are in his

  3. It's a long while before there's even a hint of romance but the harem is Diana (Wonder woman), Ada Wong (RE Games),and Selene (underworld). There's also a hint about scahath (fate) and Hermione (Harry Potter). I'm currently at Volume 6 chp 55.

  4. Yes, but it pays off. You can read a few chapters of a novel to see if you're interested but if you want to continue you still have to pay

  5. Sigh so kind Mc is so boring and annoying always bring help people ? Are you a Virgin tsk its better to read ruthless Mc with bottomline with priorities his own

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