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I am the King of God, with a bright moon in my heart, but I seek the ordinary, the mediocre to disturb myself, the King of God returns, and will live forever!

- Description from MTL


Short Title:EIK
Alternate Title:永恒神王
Author:Wan Shi Zhi Yong
Weekly Rank:#4681
Monthly Rank:#2727
All Time Rank:#4319
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5 Comments on “Eternal Immortal King
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  1. wtf is this novel the mc is an idiot fuck I tried reading a little more this mc is a bitch he is supposed to be a demon king with unparalleled talent but hides and lets this bitch step all over him he's thousands of years old but acts like a bad tempered twat. fuck this author fuck this mc

  2. What are you expecting? Do you think he had high iq? If mc is not an idiot then how will he fall to his situation right now, all rebirth mc died becauee of their stupidity trying to give their chance to their best friends and wives and those mc didnt even know that they already fallen into scheme. Their best brother, disciple, wife etch is already planning to kill mc yet he didnt even notice it with his thousand of years experience no wonder he will fall into a trap of a child. Its not suprising at all. Lol

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