"Eternal Saint Emperor (

In a head-on fight, he was not Ye Chen's opponent at all.

However, the Great Lord is after all the ancient great Lord, and also a Gedai figure with the appearance of the Heavenly Lord. The Master is also the Supreme Heavenly Lord. He has a lot of understanding of the Heavenly Lord. Although he was repeatedly shattered by half of his body, he still did not Was fatally injured.

He has the majestic vitality to recover, and taking this opportunity to swing the Sky Axe, he instantly split the 36-style, which is the Sky-Opening Axe created by him.

The thirty-six-style sky-opening axe cleaves out, even facing the Supreme Heavenly Sovereign.

However, the Great Great Sovereign smashed the object of the Great Sky Thirty-Six Type Sky Opening Axe, only to be blasted through the ten-fold sealed door with a gap.

He knew that even if he had the power to fight against the Supreme Heavenly Sovereign, but if this continued, he would definitely die.

Even in the twilight period of the heavens, the ancient great sage slayed the highest heavenly sage, and it required multiple people to work together.

There is only that pervert who can truly face off against the Supreme Heaven.


The sealed gate was directly chopped off by the sky axe, and there was a huge axe mark on the sky gate that almost tore the entire sky gate.

This shows how powerful the Great Lord is.


The Great King Qingtian's face showed joy. After this forbidden domain was blasted open, he was able to send the message to Master Wanxuan Tianzun, and once the Master came, he would be able to turn away the guest.


He immediately rushed past like a cannonball with lightning.


But, the next moment, his figure was hit hard, and the whole person was torn apart, the blood rushed into the sky, and almost exploded.

The pupils of Great Sky Great Sovereign froze all of a sudden, and they saw it in horror. At some point, Ye Chen's figure appeared in front of him, and his palm grabbed the foot of the Great Chaos Cauldron.

Just now, he grabbed the Great Chaos Cauldron like this and slammed it on himself.

At the same time, he found angrily that the sealed gate that had been blasted had returned again, slowly overlapping, once again sealing this space into an absolutely sealed place.

"The deity said about you, you can't go today."

Ye Chen said indifferently, his body overflowed with infinite chaotic brilliance, just like the supremacy when he dominated the original realm in the past years, he was the real chaotic emperor.

In his body, the chains of eternity are constantly breaking apart, and the two supreme heavenly beings penetrated into his body, and the eternal sky that restricts his eternal origin is all transformed, turned into infinite eternal power, flowing in his body.

At the same time, countless black holes opened on the surface of Ye Chen's body, frantically devouring the energy of Xu Tianzun's sun.

The sun of the Xutianzun is the energy sourced by the great great-sovereign that spent infinite years and sacrifices. It has the power of the great-sage that contaminates the way of heaven. There are also infinite eternal sky patterns in it, no less than the origin of another great-sage.

Originally, this is where the great sovereign depends on fearlessness of the world, and even, one day, perhaps Xu Tianzun’s sun will undergo a qualitative change and suddenly become the real heavenly sun. Then, he will be able to become the real supreme. Tianzun.

But that is almost impossible.

Now, the infinite energy of Xu Tianzun's sun was madly swallowed by Ye Chen and became his nourishment, which made Great Heavenly Lord extremely frightened.

He turned around, swung the sky axe and slashed towards Ye Chen.

To hack to death this shameless Supreme Heaven.

However, when Ye Chen fell with the sword, his Supreme Heavenly Sovereign body was the strongest weapon. He directly shook the Heavenly Axe without falling into the wind, and even flew the Great Heavenly Sovereign to the latter’s On the body, there were wounds with deep bones, and a lot of blood was splashing.


After a short while, with the roar of Great Lord Great Sovereign, the sky broke and the ground broke, and the sun of Xu Tianzun also seemed to be faintly broken.

He exploded and was blown by Ye Chensheng.

The terrifying great master has the power of crushing the bones, stirring the six and eight wilderness, I don't know how terrifying.

Absolutely can destroy half of the sky directly.

However, all of this was unblocked by the door of ten seals, completely isolated, unable to pass to the outside world.

Of course, as the ancient great deity, the vitality is amazing, and part of the eternal origin is contained in the great deity's origin. In the next moment, it has been reorganized.

However, Great Supreme looked at Ye Chen, who almost completely ignored the explosion fluctuations, his heart sank.

He was blown up just now, and he also had his own meaning.

Because he wanted to use the destructive energy formed by crushing bones to hurt Ye Chen one or two.

Through the battle, he already knew that although Ye Chen was very strong, compared with the Supreme Heavenly Venerate, there was still a certain gap.

There is a certain hope to escape.

But the opponent was not only very strong, but also very cautious. At the moment when he was blown out, he was also quickly backing away, avoiding the center, and the devastating storm that formed, and the final impact on Ye Chen did not achieve the expected one. General effect.

There is no way, it can only be so.

Great Sky Great Sovereign took a deep breath, and an ancient seal flew out from the Tianling cover~www.mtlnovel.com~ It was said that it was an ancient seal, but the moment it flew out, it bloomed with infinite brilliance. The heavenly realm contains hundreds of millions of sentient beings.

The endless power of faith surged out.

This is the Great Heaven Seal, the ancient seal of the Great Heaven Palace, one of the five heavenly palaces of the 33rd Heavenly Palace, which can mobilize the endless power of faith in the 33rd Heavenly Palace.

The Thirty-Three Heavenly Palace, the endless beliefs of sentient beings in the place of origin, how terrifying the power of belief, is not comparable to the secular world.

Especially the accumulation of two or three Chaos Epochs is even more terrifying.

Therefore, the Great Lord, with this sacred seal, can mobilize at most one-fifth of the power of faith, which is extremely terrifying.

Originally, this Great Heaven Seal had been kept in the Great Heaven Palace. Great Heaven Great Venerable’s original plan was not to use it against Ye Chen, but to avoid other Supreme Heavenly Venerables suddenly intervening, and could use the Great Heaven Seal’s faith. Contend.

It was also decided after returning from Pangu Tianyu.

But I didn't expect it to be used to deal with Ye Chen.

Because, even he didn't know that Ye Chen was actually a Supreme Heavenly Venerable.

As soon as the Great Sky Seal came out, the power of endless faith rushed out and combined with Great Sky Great Venerable. In an instant, his aura once again strengthened, actively killing Ye Chen.


The place of origin.

Thirty-three heavens, there are huge beams of light soaring into the sky, not small compared to the sun of the sky, and there are rare visions in ancient and modern times, and a huge amount of majesty is permeated.

Every Optimus Prime-like beam of light represents an ancient great deity.

At this moment, the great lords of the heavens are paying close attention to the shocking battle far beyond the sky.

It was the first battle between the Great Lords that took place since Tianyue that year. To some extent, it can also be called a battle of heaven.