Zhao Yun waved his sword and cut the black robe old man.

Wang Yang is still alive. He knows that the only drawback is that in this person's memory, there is no specific secret of Wang Yang, such as where the devil's lair is, and where is Wang Yang's true body.

So, it must be found as soon as possible.

He understands Wang Yang's disposition too well. He has cultivated the Immortal Demon Body Art by himself and has become more and more intensified. He is also a participant in this period of cause and effect, and he can bear the blame for every **** calamity caused by Wang Yang.

Thinking like this, he quickened his pace.

Before leaving, he went into the Sea of ​​Fallen Immortal Clouds again, and took away the corpse puppet of the old man in black robes, and brought it back to the sky, which might surprise him.


Soon, the Dapeng spread its wings and soared.

Because of Zhao Yun's nirvana, the Dapeng has also undergone transformation. The messy feathers have completely faded away. Today, every piece of hair is golden, reflecting the moonlight, like a golden cloud, as fast as a startling light.


Lord Rashomon patted his belly, milky milk.

Zhao Yun smiled and took the Lingguo casually. Even though she was not big, the thief could eat it. As he had seen before, even though the Sea of ​​Fallen Immortal Clouds appeared, he could not restore the Heavenly Martial Realm.

It takes a successful bloodline transformation to return to normal.

As for whether or not to return to the Heavenly Martial Realm, it depends on good luck.

Nine days later, he returned to Qianqiu City.

As in the past, every time he came back, there were a lot of people at the gate of the city.

In order to match someone’s compulsion, a banner was erected at the gate of the city, and I looked far away. I don’t know, I thought which leader was welcome?

"Well, bring back another one."

Seeing this, the three elders of the Mojia stroked his beard.

Everyone saw it too, and because of seeing it, their eyes were strange.

What a little girl.

Ever since, everyone's brains are wide open.

Could it be someone's illegitimate daughter?

While talking, Zhao Yun has arrived.

This product is okay, but it is the master of Rasho, who is afraid that it is the first time to see so many people, a little timid, and his little hand is tightly holding Zhao Yun.

"Who is this!"

Many old guys gathered around and looked up and down.

Those with high vision narrowed their eyes slightly. This little girl seemed to be of a special bloodline.

"Master Rasho." Zhao Yun said casually.

His randomness made his compulsion complete in an instant.

But the eyebrows of all the old guys are raised high. Seeing Zhao Yun's eyes, they are also collectively slanted. When someone goes out, he still learns to brag. If this is the master of Rasho, the old man will live and eat shit.

"Tianwu Realm?"

I saw it in the sky after I arrived, and was taken aback for a moment.

It didn't matter what he said, the whole audience was shocked, Heavenly Martial Realm?

"You can see this?" Zhao Yun was also surprised.

"You too underestimate the old man." Cang Qiong took his hand and looked at the Master Luo Sheng like a monkey. After watching for a long time, he added a certain sentence, "It's the Heavenly Martial Realm."

"Really." Everyone looked unbelievable.

"She should have had a problem with her bloodline transformation, and even regained her youth." Cangqi said leisurely, "The form can be changed, but the hidden Tianwu Qi cannot be changed. The old man was once a Tianwu, so I can't read it wrong."

After that, he looked at Zhao Yun, "What I said is right."

Zhao Yun took a deep breath and nodded gently.


The elders all looked at each other, the eyes of Master Luo Sheng changed.

Such a little girl doll is actually a Heavenly Martial Realm, which is unbelievable.

"Are you sure it's the master of Luosheng?" Cang Qiong looked at Zhao Yun with a smile.

The same goes for everyone, collectively cast their eyes, "Are you sure it is the Lord Rashomon?"

"It's really her."

"We don't believe it."

"This sword should be recognized by someone."

Zhao Yun didn't say more, he took out the weapon of the master Rasho, it was a slender sword, flashing from the rays of the sun, with a kind of coldness that penetrated into the bones, and besides that, it was a kind of evil spirit. The ghost knew this sword. , How many people's blood was infected.

"Sky Frost Sword?"

The well-informed ancestor of the Bai family was suddenly surprised.

He is not the only person with a wide range of experiences.

Too many old guys have their eyes bright. They have never seen the master Rasho, but they recognize the sword of the master Rasho. To be precise, they recognize the material for casting this weapon. It is ice jade iron from the outside world. There is no second piece in the world, the sword. The ancient secret pattern is the best proof.

In other words, this little girl is really the master of Rasho.

No one questioned it, Zhao Yun seemed to have no need to lie to them.


The noise dissipated, and the sound of secretly swallowing saliva became a piece. The look in Zhao Yun's eyes became like a monster, this kid...what a god! Last time I brought the ghost face Yan Luo, this time it was even more awkward, and it really brought back the master of the Rashomon, even the master of the Rashomon was taken down, who else... he was unfair.

The one who was going to eat **** just now?

Many old guys looked around, left and right.

No one talks, what **** do you eat? Doesn't it taste good to eat?

"I wanted to hug."

The old guys rubbed their hands, but no one dared to step forward.

This is the master of the Rashen Sect. You can’t hug it. If she returns to normal one day, she will go crazy. If she is targeted by a Tianwu-level assassin, she will not think of Immortal Mountain in this life. Going out is dead, I am afraid that she will only Zhao Yun, such a talent, dared to wander around the world holding Lord Rasho.

"Come back home."

Zhao Yun smiled and took the first step.

It coincided with a few cover-up charms on his body. When the time limit was reached, the masked breath appeared suddenly. The majestic vitality and blood hit many juniors to step back. The powerful blood and power, and the pressure of the phoenix dance could not stand firm. .

"The peak of Jizo?"

"What a domineering bloodline."

The surprise sounded again, and the crowd exploded.

How long is this, is this the peak?

There is also his bloodline, what is the situation, the origin of the bloodline, and it is so overbearing, not to mention the elders, the mood of eight thousand years is like the sky, and they all show awe.

This is the first time he has seen such a terrible bloodline, stronger than the Faerie Body.


Zhao Yun's words were deep, making Ge even more dazzling.

He wants to be low-key, but... the conditions don't allow it!

"The blood of Nade."

"In the past two months, what have you experienced."

"Break into good luck again?"

Everyone stopped Zhao Yun and chattered for a while, which was really strange. Every time the goods went out, they would bring them back with a surprise, which was the big surprise this time.

"Go home and say."

Zhao Yun smiled and walked into the city.

Everyone swarmed to keep up, and wanted to listen to Zhao Gongzi's story.

And Zhao Gongzi did weave what he saw and heard into a story, telling vividly and vividly, shocked all the friends, their eyes were straight, it turned out to be a sea of ​​fallen immortals, with the origin of blood hidden. Unfortunately, somebody got it.

In general:

This product broke another taboo.

To say that the master of Rashomon was really sad enough to bump into such a scam, but thinking about it, it is not to blame Young Master Zhao, the master of Rashomon rushed forward.

This doesn't matter, it's bad luck.

Compared to Zhao Yun's battle in northern Xinjiang, this section seems more interesting.

"What kind of blood is this?"

After the story was told, Zhao Yun looked towards the sky.

There are many elders who followed him to see, and I really want to know.

"I don't know."

A dry cough in the sky is unheard of.

I don't know, I can't even see the unicorn holy beast, let alone him.

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