The night is deep, and the stars are shining.

Outside the forbidden area, the people who gathered because of the vision have gradually dispersed.

When it arrives, no one will dare to set foot. Those who will end in life are like Yun Cangxuan. They are dismissive of life and death. Maybe they dare to go in and fight. As for the others, they should go home to wash and sleep!

Speaking of sleep.

Zhao Gongzi slept for three to five days.

In his deep sleep, his body was golden light, and his whole body was evolving with visions, and more vigorous dragons entangled. It lasted for a long time. As usual, he was not willing to sleep, or draw symbols, or practice, and he would never waste time, but he had to Passing on against the heavens, melting the origin of the blood, and becoming more lethargic.

According to Lunar God's words, this is a necessary process.

Certain transformations need to be completed in deep sleep.

After all, that is not his origin, it takes a long time to run in.

The breeze swept over Zhao Yun's hair.

He slowly opened his eyes, and subconsciously turned his head to look at Master Luo Sheng.

Tonight's Master Luo Sheng was a little strange, sitting cross-legged, with beautiful eyes closed, as if he was having a nightmare. The pain between his eyebrows was unconcealable, and there were beads of sweat hanging on his cheeks, and his low groaning sounded one after another.

Zhao Yun frowned and silently opened his eyes.

After looking around, he saw the clues.

This girl is transforming.

To be precise, the blood is changing.

However, in the process of metamorphosis, something went wrong. Looking at his body, the bloodline power was very unstable. It was even said to be turbulent, sometimes sluggish, and sometimes violent.

His guess is true.

The Master Rasho is indeed transforming her bloodline. This is the hidden talent in her lineage. It will transform once every few years. The more it transforms, the stronger it becomes, and the later it becomes more difficult.

And this time, the transformation is much earlier than in the past.

It is caused by external forces.

What external force? ...Gong law backlash.

Earlier, she had cultivated too many pirated exercises and collided with her own exercises. This was the result of backlash. It was because of backlash that the bloodline was transformed in advance.

Zhao Yun immediately raised his hand.

However, after some thinking, he slowly let go.

Since the bloodline has changed, he will not be able to help. If one is not good, he will still help. It is a good idea to watch with peace of mind. It is up to Rashomon himself to pass this level.


When he watched, the Master Luosheng groaned again, his face instantly pale, sweat was like rain, unable to suppress the power of the restless blood, and even the vision of the blood was chaotic, like a sign of the devil. , Her mind was also confused because of it, and in a few moments, she could not even distinguish between reality and illusion.

"Stick to your heart."

Zhao Yun said, as a reminder.

Honestly, he was a bullshit.

If you can guard your mind, you won't be so embarrassed.

The bloodline transformation is such a technical job, Master Rasho has experienced many times, and the door is very clear, but this time is different from the previous rounds, it is too abrupt, and it is too abnormal, as if it has surpassed her. The situation that can be controlled is extremely bad.

It's a small thing to get caught up in anger, but it's a big thing to kill one's life.


With another low groan, the corner of Rashomon’s mouth was dripping with blood, and the form also changed. She was a magnificent woman who shrank by an inch. Under Zhao Yun’s stunned gaze, she became a young girl. Under Zhao Yun's stunned gaze, bit by bit, it evolves in the direction of children. This repertoire is properly rejuvenated.

Compared to him, Moon God saw it more realistically.

Both are rejuvenating, the master Rasho is very different from the former Zhao Yun and Linglong. Linglong is caused by the exercises. Zhao Yun was robbed by curses. The situation of the master Rasho is the most complicated, involving bloodlines, exercises, and cultivation. , Backlash...A variety of factors have led to this disaster.

I don't know when Zhao Yun came forward.

He touched his chin and lowered his head, and circled around the Lord Rasho. He really rejuvenated and turned into a one or two-year-old baby girl, pink, fleshy, and petite body. Above, there is haze from time to time.

If he hadn't seen it with his own eyes, he wouldn't know that Master Rasho was so cute when he was a child, and he couldn't help but stretch out his hand and squeeze Master Rasho's little face.

In fact, he really stretched out his hand. feels good.

He was watching, and the Master Luo Sheng was also watching, tilting his head, Lingche's big eyes, although he couldn't find the slightest impurities, he was confused.

When Zhao Yun saw it, he couldn't help raising his eyebrows, "Amnesia?"

No one gave him the answer.

Master Rashomon’s confused expression at the moment is the best answer.

Absolutely amnesia.

Otherwise, he squeezed her small face, so there was no reaction at all, like a newborn baby, with blank memory, and everything is novel.

Zhao Yun smiled dryly.

The bloodline is really profound and mysterious, and any nonsense can happen, just like the master of Rasho, failing to change and transform, and even rejuvenating.

If you think about it, it's lucky.

At least, there is life.

With fate, there is the possibility of return.


When I was watching, I suddenly heard these sounds.

Zhao Yun took the spirit fruit casually and stuffed it to the master Luo Sheng.

The little guy leaped for joy, holding the spirit fruit and eating it very fragrantly, sometimes with a milky laugh.

"Is this... still worth the money?"

Zhao Yun touched his chin, scanning the Luosheng master up and down.

Whenever it comes to money, Lord Rasho's eyes are extremely slanted.

Either baby or money.

Why did she teach such a disciple.

In the next few days, Zhao Yun had something to do, either looking for a baby or looking at the astrology, and what he did the most was to look at the Lord Rashomon, and if there was anything to do, he would come over and study it.

If it is sold by the gram, wouldn't it be a big loss.


I don't know what day, Zhao Yun's eyes flashed with shock.

The so-called stop is that the magic circle in the forbidden area has stopped changing and completely corresponds to the stars in the sky. That is to say, they can go out. Seeing Cang Mian, a way out has been outlined.

Only he can see it.

As for the others, they couldn't even see through the sea of ​​clouds covering the forbidden area, let alone look at the stars.


Zhao Yun picked up the Luo Sheng sect master and went straight to one side.

After being sleepy for two months, I can finally go out.

This trip didn't come in vain, it was full of good fortune.

But this one in his arms! It seemed to be a bit embarrassing. When you came in well, it became a small thing when you left. Even if you leave the forbidden area, most of it will not return to the Heavenly Martial Realm.

From the perspective of the Master Rasho, if they say that the two characters are incompatible, the ghosts don't believe it, and if they catch Zhao Gongzi, she will be on the unlucky road, farther and farther, from the Heavenly Martial Realm, all the way to rejuvenation.

"It's this way, that's right."

Zhao Yun's legs were numb, and he was in a good mood.

Exhausting my eyes, I can see the peaks outside the forbidden area.


When approaching the exit, he freezes abruptly.

There are indeed people with a black robe, but Zhao Yun can see clearly that he is a burly man with a heavy body. Every step he falls, the ground he steps on is sunken. The walking posture is a bit strange, stiff and dull, look at his eyes. , Is also empty and godless.


Zhao Yun narrowed his eyes and got an insight.

It was a corpse puppet, and moreover, it was a corpse puppet of Tianwu rank.

In other words, there are corpse people nearby.

Although the coffin sinking technique is mysterious, it has a drawback. The manipulator and the corpse puppet cannot go beyond a certain distance. Now the corpse puppet is here, the manipulator must be located not far away. That person is not stupid, he is not. Dare to come in first and send the corpse puppet to clear the way.

"Tianwu-level corpse puppet."

"The weakest manipulator is Zhuntian Peak."

Zhao Yun muttered, then opened his eyes.

There is a connection between the corpse puppet and the manipulator, that is, a strand of light that is thinner than a cow's hair, which is invisible to ordinary people, nor can the ordinary eye of the sky, it is a coincidence that he can clearly capture it.

He followed the light thread and chased it all the way until he left the forbidden area.

The manipulator is outside the forbidden area.

He was an old man with a black robe. He sent the corpse puppet to clear the way because he was afraid of the forbidden name and did not dare to enter. However, he connected the corpse puppet’s sight with a secret technique, just to look at the forbidden area. If there is no danger, He doesn't mind going in.

"Zhuntian Peak."

Zhao Yun hid in the dark and determined the cultivation base of the old man in black robes.

Why are there so many talents in the corpse clan! The ghost knows how many graves he has picked up, and how many Tianwu corpses he has searched. He has already seen a few. With this lineup alone, the general forces can't afford to provoke them. In addition to the name of the corpse ancestor, even the major dynasties will be a little afraid.

"It's better to come early than to catch it by coincidence."

Zhao Yun put down the Master Luo Sheng and took out Long Yuan.

Since he is a member of the corpse clan, there is no need to keep his hands. The grievances have been around for a long time, and he will have a battle in his first year.


The black robe old man frowned, his face ugly.

Just a moment ago, the Tianwu corpse puppet he controlled broke contact with him.

Just disconnect.

This will be the answer of Zhao Gongzi.

Fallen Immortal Sea of ​​Clouds is so fierce that he was just looking at it. I really thought I could clear the way with a corpse puppet. What do I think? It's okay to walk on the edge, if you dare to go deep, you will get lost in it. Even the master Rasho of the Heavenly Martial Realm has been suppressed and repaired. It's not a matter of dividing the connection between minutes!


Zhao Yun moved and shot out a sword instantaneously.

The black-robed elder is not bad in perception, and his mind is awe-inspiring.

However, this is an instant lore. Even if he feels it, he can't avoid it. He was hit on the spot, and his dantian was penetrated by a sword. The cultivation base of Zhuntian Peak was then wiped out.


This scream was very stern.

Zhao Yun received his sword, and the black-robed old man collapsed in one step. With scarlet eyes, staring at Zhao Yun, he could recognize the instant lore, and he could recognize Zhao Yun's identity. He was definitely the son of Heavenly Sect. How could he be here? He didn't even notice that he was caught off guard by a sword, and he didn't even have a chance to make a move, so he was beaten into a waste.

Zhao Yun stretched out his hand and pressed it on his heavenly spirit cover, searching for the soul forcefully.

After searching like this, he couldn't help but frown. From this person's memory, he saw an interesting news. What news? ...The news of the assassination, who assassinated? ...Assassinated Ji Hen, and the person who asked him to assassinate him was his old friend: Wang Yang, the son of the Demon Cavern.

"He is still alive?"

Zhao Yun muttered, his eyes bright and dark.

In the old days, he had already chopped Wang Yang into ashes at the Demon Realm Site!

Actually still alive.

It can be seen that the person who entered the Demon Realm site before was not Wang Yang's deity at all, but a demon body, and the deity was hiding in a wretched development. In order to destroy him, he would not hesitate to ask a strong corpse clan to assassinate him.

If it hadn't happened by chance, he would still be in the dark.

Wang Yang was afraid that he could not think of it. The killer he had paid a lot of money was knocked down by him when he met him.