For the last time, Hei Tu had broken his promise. Yesterday, he finished the book, but it was an hour late.

It was indeed due to a cause. This afternoon my wife and brother had a car accident and was injured by a tractor that was overturned. The situation was serious. The black soil went to the hospital and was busy with various things until midnight. When I came back, it was more than ten o'clock before the code was started. So it's late.

Let’s talk about this book. It has been written for more than a year in the Era of National Evolution, with more than 4 million words, and finally finished.

During this period, I experienced a lot of things. I was hacked, scolded, and of course there was a lot of support. It can be said that there are good and bad things.

But there are some things that I really said. During my writing, my mother was sick and many book friends helped me. Later, my wife had a problem again, a little anxious and depressed, which also brought me a lot of pressure.

In the past six months, the number of visits to the hospital has almost caught up with the number of homes.

I support my family by myself, and in many cases, I feel a little bit overwhelmed. Many of my book friends are thanks to you.

Hei Tu doesn't like to say some sensational things, because a big man, who thinks he is a bit hypocritical.

Thank you, keep it in your heart, use better words to return, don't talk nonsense and do nothing.

At the later stage of writing, I was a little tired of writing, but later it was a bit slow, sorry everyone.

The writing is long and there are a lot of loopholes. The black soil feels that he is still not tempered enough, his writing is not good enough, and his writing is not very ideal.

But no matter what, it ended, and finally there was a happy ending, neither a **** nor a mess.

Some small holes may not be filled, but it is not that important anymore.

After the book is over, Hei Tu may still release some extra stories from time to time, such as a daughter's wedding. Please continue to pay attention to such small tidbits.

The new book has been conceived for a long time, and I have almost thought about it, but the time to upload it has not yet been decided. Recently, there have been so many things that I have been in trouble.

Give me some time, and the black soil will return in November at the most.

Good night kiss!

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