The start of the battle to determine the fate of the universe has raised the hearts of the entire universe.

People hoped that Lin Zhen would win, but seeing Lone Star's arrogance now, it seemed that Lin Zhen was at a disadvantage.

The facts also proved this.

The first collision between two people distinguished themselves!

The fishing rod in Lone Star's hand turned into a long stick and collided head-on with Lin Zhen's lotus spear!

Boom! The world is falling apart!

Lin Zhen stepped back several steps continuously.

With each step, the ground cracked, forming a broken spider web shape, scattered in all directions.

The continent of the Beastmaster Prison is showing signs of collapse!

You know, this Beastmaster Prison Continent is dozens of times larger than the Milky Way, and it can't stand the aftermath of the battle between the two.

This shows that Lone Star’s supernatural power must be above Lin Zhen!

Lin Zhen also felt the absolute strength of Lone Star through this blow.

The lone star who has reached the realm of Chaos and Fierce Beast definitely exceeds 500 million in divine power at this moment, even close to 600 million!

The divine power gap of two billion is enough to determine the outcome and fate of the battle.

After the Lone Star’s blow, he turned to the sky and smiled: "Jie Jie!! Lin Zhen, you really saw the old man myth and inherited from him, but it is a pity that no matter how hard you two struggle, you will not be me in the realm of chaos. Your opponent, today is your death date!"

The fishing rod turned again, with a blow!

This time, Lin Zhen still chose hard resistance.

Although Lone Star's blow was very shocking, after Lin Zhen's ninth-level life gene fusion, his physical strength can withstand this attack, and he is safe!

So Lin Zhen was definitely not as fragile as he thought, and he could continue fighting.

"Lone Star, do you think you will win this way? You are too naive! Give it to me!"

Under the turmoil of the universe, the two confronted each other again.

Lin Zhen still retreated, but there was no sign of abnormality or loss, just retreating.

"You... how strong is your body?"

Lone Star was shocked. He blew three times in a row, repelling Lin Zhen every time, but he couldn't really solve the battle every time.

This also gave the spectators infinite confidence. It seemed that their hero Lin Zhen had no problem for the time being.

Lone Star turned his eyes, and the fourth attack came again!

Lin Zhen resisted again, still able to block the Lone Star's onslaught.

But on the fishing rod, the fishing line with the hook, but suddenly turned and hooked directly on Lin Zhen.

The hook is not big, but its sharpness is unparalleled.


The body of the Supreme Armed Forces was actually stabbed by a fish hook.

As soon as Lone Star raised his hand, the hook immediately picked up a large piece of flesh and blood!

Lin Zhen couldn't help groaning and was injured.

The lone star laughed: "It's over, do you think you can ignore me if you have a strong body? My supreme weapon is not just a stick that can be used as a stick, this little fish hook is a knife that kills you!"

Having said that, Lone Star swung his fishing rod and stormed Lin Zhen like a storm.

Each hit used a nine-fold stack of combat skills.

This level of attack was even higher than Lin Zhen's brilliant.

Of course, Lin Zhen is not the kind of passively beaten character. Seeing the mysteriousness of Lone Star's weapon, he can easily turn corners and is undefeable, and he also launched a fierce counterattack.

Lin Zhen has used all his life's learning, and his sharp offense is enough to destroy the world.

But Lin Zhen had to face one thing.

That is the golden armor on Lone Star Fishing Old Man.

This golden armor is called Chaos Golden Armor. It is the first defensive weapon between heaven and earth. With this golden armor, the Lone Star Fishing Man is not afraid of any attacks by Lin Zhen at all. He just picks up his fishing rod and stuns him. The unpredictable attack power is brought to the limit.

But Lin Zhen attacked, but was always blocked by the golden armor, and couldn't hurt the lone star.

Just as Lone Star said, with this golden armor, he himself is already invincible, and Lin really has no possibility of winning.

Not only can it defend against physical attacks, it can even prevent mental shocks, even if Lin Zhenning's wafers are full.

Because Lone Star also reached this state.

Such a battle is a battle without hope.

Lone Star became more excited as he fought, and happier as he fought.

"Hahaha! You are over, you are over, the whole universe is over, from now on, my fierceness will cover the whole universe, and I will turn all people into my slaves. I was born alone, living alone on a planet, you Why can these people live happily? I want all my hatred! Fear! Despair! Solitude! I will give you a taste of them thousands of times! This world is about to become a ghost!"

"Lin Zhen, you are not a myth, and you can't save the universe. Even if the myth is still there, it's a dead end!"

The lone star became more and more crazy, with a fierce aura permeating, soaring into the sky.

His tyranny and power have made everyone in the universe desperate.

But Lin Zhen, who was facing the lone star's storm attack, was getting more and more injured.

This kind of attack frequency beyond the speed of light made people unable to react quickly. The sharp fishing hook was Lin Zhen's nightmare, and his proud body couldn't bear it.


As the lone star roared, the fishing line turned into inextricable light, penetrating Lin Zhen's body.

Countless small holes appeared on Lin Zhen, and this blow was fatal!

Lin Zhen flew upside down, raised his head and looked towards the sky.

In an instant, time seemed to pause.

Above the sky, there seemed to be a faint person.

It was a young man, wearing a blue shirt with a smile on his face.

Lin Zhen had never seen him, but he seemed to have known him a long time ago.

"Lin Zhen, what do you think life is?"

Lin Zhen was speechless, not knowing how to answer.

"Life is a process, a reincarnation, a process from birth to death, from nothing to being, and then from being to nothing.

no matter where? No matter in any time or space, people are discussing the meaning of life, but there is never a standard answer.

But I think that life must have a meaning of life. "

When the young man raised his hand, he seemed to pluck a flower from the void.

"If life is a flower, then your infancy, your growth process, is a flowering process, until you mature, you reach Consummation.

Flower bone is fragile and weak, because it is still weak.

Many people think that the most important time for the sound of a flower is his blooming, because it is the most beautiful and splendid moment, but people have ignored it. The splendor will wither, and no matter how splendid the flower is, it cannot resist the force of withering.

Why do people die? Why do the flowers wither? Even all things in this world are born and die, nothing can be eternal, where is the source of all this power?

Lin Zhen, don't forget our agreement, I'm still waiting for you where time and space meet. "

Having said this, the image of this young man is a bit vague.

Lin Zhen didn't know whether this person was a conjecture or a real existence, but at the moment he had a problem with his mind.

"Who are you? Where are you from? Where is your hometown?"

"My surname is Qin, where do I come from...? The vast universe does not have my hometown. I can only say that I feel at ease. It is my hometown. Call me Qin Haohan."

After Qin Haohan finished speaking, he turned around and disappeared!

Lin Zhen closed his eyes slightly, with a clear understanding in his heart.

That's it!

People are greedy for the color and beauty of flowers. They think that the best time for flowers is blooming and splendid.

However, few people see that a more powerful force than blooming is its withering.

It is this external force that can let the splendor wither and let the blossom wither, which is the root of everything.

And this power certainly did not come from the flower itself.

It's no wonder that I can't find the way if I want to enlighten and die, because I am walking the wrong path.

The power of withering should not originate from oneself, but from outside the body, not from the power emitted by itself.

This power comes from the galaxy, from the universe, from the heavens and all things, from what you can see, what you can’t see, everything.

As long as you find that feeling, you can master it.

Stretching his limbs gently, Lin Zhen could clearly feel the power of everything in the world.

What the Lone Star does has threatened the security of the entire universe, so all life and all vitality have a will to resist the Lone Star.

A person, a dog, a tree, a grass, even a little dust.

All these powers were captured by Lin Zhen.

All things in the world, the forces of the universe, begin to converge!

At this moment, in Lin Zhen's eyes, the lone star is the most brilliant flower, and he is in the best years of his life.

But no matter how brilliant it is, it can't resist the moment of withering!

"I understand, I understand. It turns out that the so-called splendor does not refer to myself, but my enemy. Only when the enemy is regarded as the most splendid, I can master the destruction of splendid withering."

At this moment, it started on Lin Zhen's lotus spear. This is the withering power!

"Lone Star!"

All this happened in an instant, and Lin Zhen understood it just after he thought.

When Lone Star thought it was over, Lin Zhen fought back.

"The heavens and the earth, the universe and the sky, are repelling you, how can you live!"

With one stroke of the lotus spear, the dazzling light above is like an exploding white dwarf!

"If you came alone, you should also walk alone. The world is so big that there is no place for you!"


With a shot, the world fades, and the situation swept!

This is an inevitable shot that directly pierced Lone Star's chest!

A black light passed through.

The Lone Star's offensive came to an abrupt end!

The eyes bulged out fiercely, and the almost indestructible one on his chest, the world's first defensive artifact, the chaotic golden armor shattered.

No matter how strong a defensive weapon is, it can't withstand this final withering force.

The single blow not only smashed the golden armor, but also halted Lone Star's whole person's momentum.

"This...this...this...what kind of combat technique is this?"

Although Lin Zhen was also seriously injured, his momentum rose at this moment: "What combat skill is not important, the best combat skill can kill you."

" won."

The golden armor pieces on Lone Star shattered and fell to the ground, with a large hole in his chest.

"But...but this is not the end, Lin Zhen, I will not die, we will see you again in the future."

By this time, Lone Star could no longer fight. He was injured very badly and he had to find a place for treatment.

The fishing rod in his hand slammed out and turned into a blue light. This was an instinctive attack of the Supreme Armed Forces, who wanted to entangle Lin Zhen for a moment.

The Lone Star stretched out his hands, his body turned into the real body of the Golden Winged Roc Bird.

Seeing Lone Star trying to run, Lin Zhen turned his lotus spear and directly blocked the flying fishing rod: "Do you think you can run away?"

"That's not necessarily. Do you think I won't leave myself a way of life? You can't make a second attack like that, Lin Zhen, goodbye! Let's not finish!"

A golden light flashed in front of me, and a time-space portal suddenly opened!

The lone star flees in an instant with a flap of its wings, and then disappears in the blink of an eye.

The Golden Winged Roc wants to escape, and there is a gate of time and space, and no one can stop it.

Seeing the lone star disappear, Feng Qingluan over there was anxious: "Husband, he's gone!"

Lin Zhen's eyes were shining, and at this time, he couldn't let the lone star run away.

But where did the lone star go?

Lin Zhen's heart suddenly moved: "I know where he is!"

Lin Zhen pointed to the distance, where was the end of the Beastmaster Prison Continent.

There is an unmanned planet there, it is the lone star of Tiansha.

Lone Star is running away now, and the only place to go is where he was born.

With a shake of his body, Lin Zhen turned into a black hole beast, and Lin Zhen took a position in time and space, and in the next second he appeared on the lone star of Tiansha.

Here is a series of evil spirits, changing to a general ruler, the first second you come in, you will be crazy.

Lone Star hadn't dreamed that Lin Zhen would actually chase here. He thought it was safe, but at the moment he was shocked.

"Why are you? How could you find me? How could it be okay?"

Lin Zhen shook the black hole beast's big head and smiled: "I really forgot to tell you one thing. I am a fierce beast now, and the fierce aura in me is still above you?"

The black hole beast's fangs were exposed, and Lin Zhen yelled: "Lone Star, this time is really over!"

"You dream!"

The lone star went crazy, transformed into a golden-winged big peng bird, and lost all of his supreme weapons. He wanted to kill Lin Zhen in hand-to-hand combat.

And Lin Zhen didn't have a lotus spear at this moment, so he faced the enemy like a black hole beast.

One bird and one beast started the final **** fight on the lone star of the evil spirit.

There are no moves, no combat skills, only fangs and claws, only beaks.

Feathers fluttered, **** flesh and blood!

This time of fighting, the sky-shaking roar spread throughout the universe.

Feng Qingluan could feel the vibration of the lone star of Tiansha even in the Beastmaster Prison Continent, she simply rode on the Qilong and went straight to the lone star of Tiansha.

Qilong is also very powerful, carrying the evil spirits abruptly, protecting Feng Qingluan, and letting her follow and shoot.

What Feng Qingluan captured was only the second half of the process.

In the head-on fight, Lin Zhen did not have the upper hand.

Lone Star, the Chaos Fierce Beast is indeed superb. Lin Zhen withered with one blow. Most of his power destroyed his armor. His own injuries were not fatal, and Lin Zhen was half-hearted.

After returning to the same starting line, Lin Zhen did not have the advantage.

Moreover, they are all unarmed and rely on their bodies. Although Lin Zhen's body is strong, the Chaos Fierce Beast is stronger.

All the lone stars also had the advantage for a while.

Until the last one.

The lone star descended from the sky, trying to give Lin Zhen a fatal blow, but was suddenly pierced through his chest by a long sword!

This was the fatal blow, and Lone Star had no response, and was successfully attacked.

As he fell to the ground, Lone Star looked at the sword that attacked him in disbelief.

The sword slowly turned into liquid and returned to Lin Zhen's hands.

"You...what is this? Why can't I sense it?"

Lin Zhen put away the soft magic soldier in his hand and restored his human form.

When he came to the Lone Star, Lin Zhen said, "Because he doesn't belong to this world at all, Master, you have counted everything, including all people and things, and even every piece of my weapon, but you will never Thinking that I still have this, it's called people not as good as heaven."

"I...Lin Zhen...Master..."

Lin Zhen raised his hand to stop Lone Star’s words: "I already know everything about you, and there is nothing to talk about between us. Master, your fault lies in being too greedy. There is nothing wrong with pursuing the limit of strength, but you However, he chose unscrupulous means and ignored life, making the sky angry and angering people. The entire universe is repelling you. If you don't fail, who will fail?"

After speaking, Lin Zhen opened his mouth, and a howling black hole hovered.

This black hole is so terrifying, enough to swallow anything, completely covering the lone star fishing man.

"Your unfortunate experience is not the reason for you to impose other people's destiny. If there is reincarnation, go and confess your sins, but I feel that people like you are not even qualified to enter reincarnation!"

"Lone Star, never see you again!"

The black hole burst out suddenly!

The Lone Star screamed, and he had been hit hard by consecutive heavy losses. How could he resist Lin Zhen's current black hole swallowing?

The body was instantly pulled in and turned into dust in the black hole.

Since then, there will be no lone star in the world, and his body and spirit will disappear!

After doing all this, the universe seemed to be silent for a few seconds.

Then came the cheers of the whole universe!

Lin Zhen could clearly see the situation in some nearby galaxies through the pupil of the broken delusion.

A planet six thousand light years away on the left is somewhat similar to the situation on Earth.

Randomly look at a city, a building.

The family of three on the first floor embraced and jumped excitedly.

The boys on the second floor toasted and sipped their glasses.

The **** the third floor looked down and cried, crying with joy.

A single dog on the fourth floor was dancing with his husky in his arms.

The family on the fifth floor is burning incense and worshiping Buddha, oh, it's not worshiping Buddha. The incense table is enshrined, and it is a bronze statue of Lin Zhen.

An old couple on the sixth floor. At this moment, the old man was chatting madly and did something he loves to do. I don't know if it was stimulated, it turned out to be very intense.

On the seventh floor rooftop, a group of excited people set off fireworks.

The sky full of fireworks was unexpectedly beautiful.

Looking around, such scenarios abound in the universe.

As soon as Lin Zhen raised his hand, he took away all the fierce aura above the lone star.

"This Beastmaster Prison Continent shouldn't be so cold!"

With a move in my heart, stars bloom here.

This method came so suddenly that Lin Zhen broke through without realizing it!

It is not the master of Consummation, but another realm.

His new universe has stabilized at this moment. As the master of a universe, Lin Zhen has the ability to create things casually.

Of course it is not a creation out of thin air, he also needs to gather elements, gather dust, and instantly transform into a planet.

But this method is the creator.

This state came so suddenly, yet so natural.

Looking back, Lin Zhen saw Feng Qingluan and his wives who had woken up.

Looking over, Lin Zhen even saw that in the Starfall Lake, his wife and family were still waiting, watching the video of the Dimension Universe with excitement, and they believed that Lin Zhen could also see them.

They were waiting for Lin Zhen to come home.

Peace now.


From then on, the world is stable and worry-free.

Lin Zhen smiled at his wives. Before returning home, he still had to see someone.

Raising his leg and taking a step forward, Lin Zhen has come to the intersection of time and space.

There was already someone waiting for him here, and when he saw Lin Zhen coming, he walked over with a smile.

This person is Qin Haohan.

Lin Zhen wanted to speak excitedly and wanted to thank Qin Haohan for his silent support and help over the years.

But Qin Haohan raised his hand to stop Lin Zhen from speaking.

"Thank you, don’t talk about it. There are several reasons why I was able to choose you. One is that your life is hard enough to be able to rebirth from the black hole, and secondly, you have inspired the blood of the black hole beast. It is also an essential condition."

"Before Jiang Nan was the person I liked, but he was a little short, Lin Zhen, you are good."

After speaking, Qin Haohan stretched out his waist and laughed: "Great, Lin Zhen, you finally reached this state. From then on, the intersection of time and space is finally not lonely anymore. UU reading is fine in your leisure time. When you come, you can come here to see me, because in the entire universe, only we belong to a stage, can communicate normally, and we can study and study magical creation."

Lin Zhen laughed too, the other party was so free and easy, he didn't say too many words of thanks.

"Brother Qin, that's it, but I'm still very curious about your origins, and I have a lot of questions to ask."

Qin Haohan patted Lin Zhen on the shoulder: "I also know that you have a lot of questions to ask, but our future is infinite. Once life is reincarnated, we can all be eternal. I have a lot of time to talk to you. Now Your family is waiting for you. When you go back to reunite, go quickly, don’t make them wait anxious, come back when you are free, and I will tell you my story."

Qin Haohan smiled: "That story is very long, and I will give you a good plan at that time."

Lin Zhen finally nodded, suppressing his curiosity.

Leaving the intersection of time and space in one step, Lin Zhen didn't care about too many problems for the time being.

My family is still waiting for me, and I promised my daughter to go there when she marries. Now it's almost time to count.

It's time to go back, there is so much happiness in the future, so many people can't enjoy it.

Looking back, thinking about the tortuous experience of his life, Lin Zhen felt like a dream, like a world away.



Everything seems to be yesterday.

No matter how hard there were during the period, it finally came over.

Raising his hands, looked at Lin Zhen and smiled.

Whether you are a warrior or any industry, happiness depends on your hands!

End of the book

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