When I came to the Altar of Chaos, there was a mask of light on it, which was indestructible before, but now it is much weaker.

The lone star is inside, but it is no longer in the form of a human, but in the form of a golden-winged roc.

And it was not an ordinary Golden Winged Roc. It was obvious that the lone star had already mutated, and it was about to evolve toward the chaotic beast.

Since the sacrifice can't be stopped, his strength has been increasing, and it is about to be completed.

Lin Zhen stretched out his hand, directly tore through the light curtain of the Chaos Altar, and jumped in.

The space in his heart pit is not big or small, about 100 meters in diameter.

The Golden Wing Roc has also shrunk a lot, and it looks only the size of a fighter jet.

When Lin Zhen came in, a surging force was pouring into Lone Star!

"He's going to finish!"

Lin Zhen Lightning shot, the lotus spear, a brilliant blow!

This shot contained Lin Zhen's 400 million supernatural power, enough to break the ground.

But when entering three feet in front of Lone Star, a layer of white light suddenly blocked Lin Zhen's spear from advancing!

A golden armor appeared out of thin air!

The defensive power of this armor is simply ridiculously high, and Lin Zhen's supreme armed forces didn't even break it in the first time.

The two treasures had a brief stalemate, and in such a short time, the evolution of the lone star was completed.

The feathers are thick and sharp as a knife!

The long beak, the terrifying big claws, the fierce aura of the whole body rises into the sky!

The chaotic beast is born!

The whole world is shaking!

There are countless galaxies around, landslides and tsunamis, like the end of the day.

Some small unmanned stars, such as satellites, were even directly shattered by the fierce aura!

On many planets, the moon will never be seen.

People panicked and ran for their lives, but where they could escape.

The whole universe is feeling at this moment. Those who don't know the truth are okay. Anyone who knows the truth feels that the end has come.

The chaotic beast has been born, and it will eventually swallow the life of the entire universe. Is there a way for them to survive?

People who don't know all want to know what happened.

Only Feng Qingluan is still here at the moment.

Feng Qingluan even received news from many people, including some old friends, including An Ning and Su Mingyue.

They want to know the truth of the matter and watch the progress of the matter.

Feng Qingluan couldn't refuse their request, and simply used the Dimensional Universe to broadcast the battle.

When Feng Qingluan's Dimensional Universe video broadcast started, it almost immediately reached the highest broadcast volume in the universe!

Throughout the ages, and even from now on, it is impossible for any video to exceed this playback record. Almost everyone in the universe is watching it.

At this time, people also knew that the final battle that determined the fate of the universe had already begun.

Many people are optimistic because of Lin Zhen.

Lin is really a cosmic hero, a man who has created miracles for countless times, and I believe he will be safe and sound.

As for who the Lone Star Fishing Old Man is, many people don't know or care about it. No matter how you look at it, it can't be Lin Zhen's opponent.

Some high-end people have different opinions.

Lone Star Fishing Old Man is the master of Consummation, and now he has become a chaotic beast, whose power must surpass the commonplace and become the most terrifying existence.

And there is another point of view that proves that Lone Star Fishing is stronger because he is Lin Zhen's teacher!

The teacher has broken through, does the apprentice still have a chance?

Two completely different views flooded the universe's forums, and almost everyone was discussing this matter.

Every second, hundreds of billions and trillions of posts are swiped on various forums to predict the outcome of this battle.

Regardless of the prediction of victory or defeat, everyone's heart is panic. This battle Lin Zhen won, the universe is stable, Lin Zhen lost, and the end is coming.

In everyone's hearts, they still hope that Lin Zhen will win, even those who don't like him.

When Lin Zhen was in contact with Lone Star, when the fight was about to start, people hardly dared to breathe and stared at the screen closely.

The huge wings flapped and flapped a few times, and Lone Star suddenly opened his eyes.

Turning into a human form and beckoning, the golden armor had returned to him.

Taking out his fishing rod again, Lone Star laughed at Lin Zhen!

"Lin Zhen, my good disciple, I am really fortunate to have a student like you in my life as a teacher! Your achievements, a few hours ago, I would be jealous when I saw it!"

Lin Zhen sneered: "What? You won't be jealous now?"

"Haha, of course! I will teach you a lesson. In fact, I always give you some exercises for you to practice. I haven't really taught you a lesson. Then today, Master will really teach you something."

At this time, the old man Lone Star was not anxious. He pointed to Feng Qingluan who was recording a video in the distance: "That girl is broadcasting live in the Dimensional Universe. I believe that by this time, everyone in the universe is watching, then You ordinary people will listen to it together."

"I! Lone Star Fishing Old Man, I was born an ominous person. From the time I was born, I was abandoned on top of the Tiansha Lone Star. I don't even know who my parents are. I only know that I have Jinpeng blood.

Of course, it doesn't matter to me who my parents are. I was born strong and survived and embarked on the path of cultivation. Why is it called Lone Star? Because above the remaining lone star, I am also a lonely person. My life and my life are all determined by myself.

The sufferings I have experienced are beyond your imagination, and my mind and strategy are beyond your reach. I will not let anyone walk in front of me, no matter who it is.

When mythology ruled to save the universe for the first time, I was not his opponent, but I assisted and gained his trust. From then on, I was tolerating until the second time when the chaos aura was restless, I finally waited. Opportunity, the myth failed to attack the chaos, I took the opportunity to give him a fatal blow! "

Speaking of this, Lone Star is full of pride: "From that day on, I was the real first person. Although the myth is still ranked before me, he is finished and there is no chance!"

"Actually you are a villain!" Lin Zhen scolded.

"Hahaha! What is a gentleman? What is a villain? If people do not serve themselves, what is wrong with what I did?"

Lone Star's face was taken for granted: "But defeating the myth is not my ultimate dream, because I know that the highest realm is chaos, and I am born with the blood of a beast, but I hide it well enough that no one can find it. I also understand. If I don’t reach that level, I can’t be truly free, so this time, I’ve planned for a long time."

The Lone Star slowly shook the fishing rod in his hand: "Do you think I would do it without preparing everything? The idiots and fierce beasts in the Beastmaster Prison are just the tools I use, and you, Lin Zhen, I have long been Watch out for you."

A look of jealousy appeared on his face: "Your rapid growth has also brought me a lot of pressure. Even in the process of your growth, I have caused a lot of stumbling, but unfortunately I did not stop you from moving forward. Footsteps, so I have to plan ahead."

"I am even worried that if you see the myth, it may affect my plan. Unfortunately, I can't find where the myth is hiding, so I can only use the current methods. The characteristics of the chaos altar is particularly important. Once it is destroyed, the surrounding area will suffer. , I bet you don’t have the courage to give up your car and protect your handsomeness, sure enough! Lin Zhen, Lin Zhen, this is your weakness, and you have good intentions. If you are decisive and abandon thousands of galaxies around here, no Did you get rid of me in one fell swoop? Unfortunately you didn't."

Lin Zhen said coldly: "You are also vicious enough to ignore the lives of trillions of people and turn this starry sky into a ghost!"

"Hahaha! What about their fortunes? Life is a cyclical process. As long as I can succeed myself, it is more important than anything!"

Lin Zhen also rubbed the lotus spear in his hand lightly at this moment: "You really have a vicious and deep scheming, and you can endure three times of chaos to achieve your goal. But here is a live broadcast in the dimensional universe. You say that, everyone in the universe will watch Now that you know your true face, are you not afraid?"

"Afraid? Why should I be afraid?"

The lone star looked up to the sky and laughed: "What you said was too naive. I might have been afraid before, but today, I have become a chaotic beast. Do I still need to be afraid of anyone?"

When he said this, red light appeared in Lone Star's eyes.

It is a powerful and evil spirit, which is manifested through emotional fluctuations.

"At this time, who would dare to disobey me? I want him to die! Even if it is you Lin Zhen!"

Lin Zhen looked directly at Lone Star: "Do you think you are invincible now?"

"Of course! Do you think I will do things that are uncertain? Now I have become the Chaos Beast~www.mtlnovel.com~ Yunei Wushuang, even if Lin Zhen, you have the level of the mythology of the year today, you have to drink hatred on the spot!"

Having said that, Lone Star raised his hand, holding the fishing rod in his hand, and the golden armor dazzled.

"See, this is the supreme weapon. The first two supreme missions in the universe, I completed it once, and the myth completed once. This golden armor is the idiot of myth. It is the strongest defensive weapon, plus the attack fishing Rod, offensive and defensive, I am already in the invincible, and your Lin Zhen has not reached the realm of chaos, so why fight with me!"

The red light in Lone Star's eyes became more and more shining, creating a chaotic beast, coupled with liberation of his mood, completely exposed his fierceness.

Human nature has quickly disappeared from him.

"From now on, this cosmic world is the only one, Lin Zhen! Now use your blood to add some color to the new crown of the division!"

Stepping forward, stepping through the void to Lin Zhen's eyes.

"Let the teacher teach you, as an apprentice, the first thing you must learn is to be beaten by the master!"

The fishing rod shattered into the void, and it was in front of you in the blink of an eye!

At this moment, Lin Zhen had no choice.

Lone Star took out all his affairs, and obviously put everything down.

No matter how things were at the beginning, the world of warriors, at the last moment, still depends on strength to solve problems.

With a horizontal lotus spear, Lin Zhen is unmoving like a mountain and opens up!

Drive me! ! !

With a loud noise, the master and disciple collided head-on!

The final battle to determine the fate of the universe begins!

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