In October, the northern land was already covered by heavy snow, and the sky was white.

   At the end of the wilderness, a big city rises from the ground.

   The city wall is 100 meters high and tens of meters thick. The wall is large enough for two large trucks to run side by side.

  All reinforced concrete structures, within thousands of meters around the city wall, there are countless induction mines, the city walls are bright or dark, and countless metal muzzles are densely extended outwards.

   Even the city wall underground, within tens of meters, was poured concrete, and the alloy iron gate weighing hundreds of tons closed the city, forming an almost indestructible fortress. No matter the sky, the ground or the underground, it is a defense armed to the teeth.

The city stretches for hundreds of miles. This is the largest base city in northern China. It was called Harbin during the AD calendar. After the divine change, it was called the ice city. After the restoration, it was developed and constructed and built into a bridgehead for the war between humans and mutant beasts. The northern home for survival.


   The sixth high school is located in the northern district of Bingcheng. There are thousands of students on campus. Today is the last class of the third grade, and the next is the graduation exam.

   The teacher instructor of the third class stood on the podium to teach.

"Today is the last class I will give you. Three days later, there will be graduation exams, cultural classes in the morning, and physical fitness in the afternoon. The time of this day is the time to determine your future destiny. Results will be issued at that time. There will be the military and the major martial arts halls on-site. Whether you can get the favor of those martial arts halls, whether you will be successful in the future depends on this time. As your mentor, I am here to wish you good luck."

   After the instructor finished speaking, he turned around and packed his things and left the classroom. School was over.

   The students filed out, but many did not leave the campus for the first time. For the school, the students are still very affectionate and want to leave the last memories here.

  The students who are familiar with each other get together in twos and threes, saying goodbye, and more about exploring the future.

"I'm so nervous, I'm about to graduate. I don't want to go to university. I want to be a warrior. I don't worry about cultural classes, but what can I do about the three physical fitness? My punch is less than 150kg, no Some martial arts halls are willing to accept me."

   "Although I hit the 200kg pass line, which is the entry level of a second-level fighter, my average qualified punch speed is 4.5 punches per second, which is not up to the standard. Am I going to be a mobilizer?"

   "There should be room for improvement in 4.5, and pass the cultural class. As long as the neural response reaches the 0.1 pass line, it should still be possible to enter the martial arts hall. Besides the military, it may not be impossible. There are no fewer warriors from the military than the martial arts hall."

"That is because the base of the army is large. Besides, not all the real powerhouses come from the martial arts gym. For example, our gale is the No. 1 strongman in China, the gale martial arts gym is the No. 1 martial arts gym in China. I dream of becoming a gale. Warrior's."

"Don't think about Gale. Even Changfeng and Tulong, these two martial arts halls are not qualified for ordinary people to enter. I think Ouyang Yu, Meng Dong and Lin Zhen have hope in our class. This is us. Class’s three carriages."

   "Ouyang Yu and Meng Dong are okay, but Lin Zhen is probably close. I heard that he offended Ouyang Yu because of the peace of our school flower. Ouyang Yu has let his words go and will not let Lin Zhen enter any martial arts gym."

   "No way, Wuguan will listen to Ouyang Yu?" Some students didn't believe it.

   "It's hard to say that Ouyang Yu's family is very powerful. His father is still an official in the base city. As long as Lin's performance is not against the sky, the ordinary martial arts gym will still give face."

   "Really? Then Lin Zhen is in danger. His grade is just a little bit above the pass line. Huh! What about Lin Zhen? Why didn't I see it? I remembered it just now."

   A few chatting boys looked around, only to see a figure from the back that had gone far away, it was Lin Zhen.

  The black eyes were shining, and Lin Zhen's pace was fast.

   He has forgotten how long he has not left so fast. Although his body is still weak, his blood is boiling, and his body is full of strength.

   God cares about him so much that when his lifespan is exhausted, the wonder of the black hole of the universe appears, space collapses, time reverses, and his soul actually returns to the earth, back to the eve of his high school graduation.

   In his previous life, Lin Zhen devoted himself to martial arts, hoping to one day change his own destiny and the destiny of his family, but his destiny has never really favored him.

  Although his qualifications are not bad, he is not a real genius. In addition, he is a commoner, lacks resources, and his martial arts career is extremely hard, and his steps are not smooth.

Either you don’t have any aptitude, honestly be an ordinary person, or you have to be a genius. It is too difficult for a warrior like Lin Zhen to get ahead. His life has been crushed by countless geniuses and has become countless. The stepping stone of man, although he is smart enough, he has always limited achievements.

Until the end of the divine change, Lin Zhen was still alive, but he was always aggrieved. His desire to realize value and caring for his family was shattered. He lived long enough, just because he could bear it, even if some geniuses died. , UU Reading www.uukanshu. com, he is still alive, but this is not what he wants.

  The divine change calendar ended, and the earth changed drastically for the second time. Humans began to walk out of the earth and migrate to the interstellar. In the end, he was in the interstellar, even successfully breaking through the mortal realm, and successfully attacking the astral realm.

   But that was just the beginning of another tragedy. Lin Zhen still lived at the bottom, crushed by countless geniuses, and never had a chance.

He didn't realize it until he failed to hit the realm again, his lifespan was exhausted, and he was about to die. He was cautious in his life, and everything was safety first. Although he lived long enough, he could not go further. This is not the way of a warrior. He went the wrong way at the beginning.

   If he has a chance to come again, then he will seize all the opportunities, use all the resources, and strive to blaze a trail to heaven.

  Martial artist, this is something going against the sky, so if you choose mediocrity, don't practice martial arts!

   This was Lin Zhen's enlightenment before his death. He thought he understood it too late, everything was over, and there would be no chance of starting again.

   Before he closed his eyes, he saw the sky hole open, the sky tide counterattacked, the space-time storm was raging, and the cosmic black hole appeared!

   He felt that his soul was about to be torn apart by the black hole energy, but when he opened his eyes, it was actually in the high school classroom.

   He is still Lin Zhen, he is still alive, with all his memories, returned to the earth, back to the age he most hoped to return.

   When Lin Zhen walked out of the classroom, he couldn't believe what he saw now.

   But everything around told him that it was true, and he came back.

   "The family I haven't seen for a long time, I'm back! The girl I like, I'm back!"

   All the regrets of the previous life, I cannot have it in this life!

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