The Era of National Gods: A Hundred-fold Increase Author: The Leaf of Dongtian

Travel through the world of the gods.

There are infinite true gods here, hundreds of millions of planes.

Li Yue obtained the supreme talent of a hundredfold increase.

Ordinary Beamon increased for gold Beamon!

The double-winged angels are increased to twelve-winged seraphs!

Elf girl increased to Elf Goddess!

The ordinary black dragon is increased by the wings of death!

Ordinary soil* increased by the three-headed dog of hell!

The ordinary snake is increased to the snake that surrounds the world!

Ordinary small trees increase to the world tree!

Years later.

The other true gods are still working hard to develop half-orcs, goblins, dwarves...

Li Yue's hundreds of millions of believers have all become the main gods of one party, sweeping all planes!

Chapter 1

Snowy winter, a ray of sunlight pierced the gloomy sky, illuminating the world.

Millions of miles of wild land.

The beast roared, the different species rushed, and the old trees fell in pieces.


A full-body purple bird fluttered across the ground and swooped down.

Pass through simple wooden walls and arrow towers.

Asuka slowed down and landed gently on the highest ancestral shrine of the tribe.

While combing the feathers, looking down.

The tribe is surrounded by wooden walls into an irregular rectangle.

The dilapidated wooden houses are scattered among the tribes.

In front of the ancestral temple.

The bonfire was burning.

In this cold winter, it brings strong warmth.

A large number of orcs knelt on the ground, praying piously.

They have tilted foreheads, protruding jaws, exposed teeth and rough skin.

She was surrounded by crude animal skins and her hair was messy.

"The ancient and great **** of thunder, you gave us life and gave us hope—"

"Light up our way ahead—"

"You are our ancestor—"

"You are our faith—"

"You are the supreme being!"

Prayer sounded continuously.

Looking through the rays of dawn, each of these half-orcs was full of piety.

They are all five bodies on the ground.

Even some young half-orcs.

Under the guidance of his parents, he offered his faith to the gods.

In the forefront position, the old and only half-orc shaman's voice was passionate:

"Great God of Thunder, you are the master of Thunder, and your power is endless!"

"May your divine power be eternal, and may your divine fire never go out!"

"Please accept our sacrifice!"

"Please bless your humble believers!"

As his voice fell.

Two strong orcs immediately carried a **** corpse of a **** bull.

The horns of the **** bull are knotted in a spiral shape.

The bull's eyes were wide, and even if he died, there was still a bit of evil spirit left.

The cowhide is black and shiny, with a few strange patterns on the back.


The corpse of the **** cow was placed in front of the gate of the ancestral hall.

"Great God of Thunder, please accept our sacrifice!"

All the orcs shouted enthusiastically.

They are looking forward and nervous.

I wonder if the great God of Thunder will accept their sacrifices?

In the ancestral shrine.

Li Yue's expression was calm.

Two years ago.

The world has changed dramatically.

Billions of people.

All came to this place called the Immortal Continent.

Everyone became a deity.

Through the supernatural lines on the fingers.

He has entered the city of gods many times.

Learned a lot.

"According to some bigwigs."

"The most important thing for a deity is a believer."

"I heard that in our earth star, many unlucky **** believers have died, and even themselves have fallen."

He muttered to himself.

But knowing is one thing.

How to do it is another matter.

According to his observations.

Near the village, it can be said that there are many crises.

Fierce beasts, fierce beasts, monsters, alien species, birds...

There are so many.

His little tribe.

There were originally one hundred and twenty-three half-orcs.

The result is now.

Only ninety-five left.

This is because he does not hesitate to believe.

Let the shaman treat the wounded orc.


At least twenty or thirty people will die.

These dead orcs.

Not killed while hunting.

It was killed by a beast that accidentally rushed into the tribe.

"Unlucky too."

"I heard that there are some gods, and there are thousands of believers at the beginning."

"Even a big boss, there is a Tier 5 flying dragon among the starters."

"It's so cool."

He was envious.

Don't talk about the fifth-order flying dragon.

Is to give yourself a Tier 3 arms.

I wake up with a smile when I sleep.

Which is like now—

He looked at the three information panels in front of him and sighed.

【Deity Interface】

[God]: Li Yue

[Title]: Thunder

[God name]: Admon. Prosius. Inlun...

[God Name]: God of Thunder

[God Order]: Ordinary Demigod

【Divine Power】:0

[Power of Faith]: 19300

[Artifact]: None

【Sect】: None

[Believers]: Gush Half Orcs

【Believer Interface】

【Holy Spirit】:0


[Mad believers]: 3

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