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Era of the Gods of the Whole People: A Hundred-fold Increase

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Novel Summary

Travel through the world of the gods.

There are infinite true gods here, hundreds of millions of planes.

Li Yue obtained the supreme talent of a hundredfold increase.

Ordinary Beamon increased for gold Beamon!

The double-winged angels are increased to twelve-winged seraphs!

Elf girl increased to Elf Goddess!

The ordinary black dragon is increased by the wings of death!

Ordinary soil* increases to the three-headed dog of hell!

The ordinary snake is increased to the snake that surrounds the world!

Ordinary small trees increase to the world tree!

Years later.

The other true gods are still working hard to develop half-orcs, goblins, dwarves…

Li Yue’s hundreds of millions of believers have all become the main gods of one party, sweeping all planes!

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Short Title:TGPEHI
Alternate Title:全民神祇时代:百倍增幅
Author:Eastern leaves
Weekly Rank:#131
Monthly Rank:#133
All Time Rank:#156
Tags:Apathetic Protagonist, God Protagonist, Godly Powers, Harem, Mind Control, Multiple Identities, Multiple Realms, Multiple Reincarnated Individuals, Mythical Beasts, Polygamy, R-18, Religions, Ruthless Protagonist, Saints, System, Threesome, Time Manipulation, Time Skip,
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165 Comments on “Era of the Gods of the Whole People: A Hundred-fold Increase
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  1. Guys, I know the story is great and all, but can anyone explain the beginning part. I mean how he came to this world and whether his 100x talent is his exclusive golden finger or does other deities have the similar broken talents...!!.. Could anyone explain the beginning part ??..

  2. Yah abis selesai baca sih ceritanya tai sama aja, dikit dikit terkejut terkejut terkejut. Terus dikit dikit teks nya ngomong ekspresi tenang tenang mulu. Pas berantem gitu nggak ada yang namanya si MC ngeledek musuhnya biar seru gitu, terus pas setiap makhluk yang dia dapet pasti ngomong terkejut terkejut mulu bosen bat dah asli. Yah kesimpulan nya ceritanya dari awal sampe akhir pokoknya cuman terkejut terkejut abis itu yang di terkejutin itu ntar ujung ujungnya nggak layak di masukin ke matanya kata MC. Berantemnya juga cuman gitu gitu doang, bantai bantai nggak ada yg ngatain musuhnya paling cmn tenang tenang doang gitu aja terus. Nah nanti si MC pas naek ranah juga ngomong nya "Kekutanan ini benanr benar berbeda-" lanjut "yah ini benar benar mengejutkan -". UDH GITU TERUS SAMPE AKHIR!

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