One week later.

When the Sussner family returned to the Telaya Federation from the Huberian, everyone was still in a trance.

Their daughter is actually the son of destiny chosen by aliens? Is it still responsible for saving alien civilizations? My God, isn't this the script of the latest sci-fi movie?

Since the arrival of aliens more than a decade ago, countless movie themes about aliens have appeared, and there are all kinds of good movies and bad popcorn movies. Sussner remembers that it was not long after he met Garland that he had met Garland for the first time. When watching a movie, it's an alien...

What he didn't expect was that after more than a decade, his daughter Xia Xin became the protagonist in the story.

They still have one month to stay at Telaya Star, the main purpose of which is to relax Thea Sin's mood. Yes, when Sussner heard the alien talk about this, it was unacceptable deep down in his heart, until he watched the growth history of Sia Singh over the years...

In that man-made collapse, the Sussner family almost lost all their relatives and friends. No one cares about them except for the distant relatives and friends who went to other states to develop.

Including the people who wanted to find clues to their family after their accident, except for Xiao Xia Xin, there were only three strange records.

Therefore, the Sussner family is not very resistant to follow the Huberian to leave the Telaya star, of course, the credit of psychological hints is indispensable.

"This is your temporary home. Tell me if you are unsatisfied at any time, I will stay here for a month." Kevin, who changed back to the body of Telaya, laughed, and no Yaeji appeared. By the side of Xi Ya Xin, he was still extremely comfortable.

In order to make the Susne family's psychological pressure not too great, the Moth of Fire Chasing did not tell about the birth of Xia Xin.

"You are polite, Mr. Kevin, thank you so much." Sussne smiled and shook hands with Kevin. He did not expect that the man who lived in the community with a successful career and liked photography was actually an alien. One of the generals of the army!

An alien general observes every move of their family all the time! It is true that Suss has some hairs in his heart, but he is not proud of his daughter. If Xia Xin is not good enough, is it worth an extraterrestrial general to put down the matter at hand and pay attention?

Dong Kate has been attracted by the children's play equipment in the large courtyard of the villa, and wants to try it eagerly.

"This is an unlimited bank card," Emily on the side also gave a gift, "I hope you can have fun this month."

"Miss Emily, thank you." Sussner did not shirk.

He knew more or less about the very prestigious Sorell family in the Federation, but he didn't expect that the heir to the top family of the Federation was actually an alien! Also became best friends with Xia Xin!

"Can't Emily be together?" Xia Xin expected.

Emily shook her head and said: "The federal election is still the last half month. I have to make arrangements for the affairs of our family."

"All right..."

Seeing Xia Sheen's loss later, Emily said again: "I will spare time to accompany you. After going to Huberian, we can be together every day."

Xia Xin's eyes lit up, "Okay! We're settled."

"Yeah! Bye bye Little Thea, Mr. Susne, Ms. Garland, goodbye, and Xiaodong Kate, see you next time." Emily waved goodbye, and several people replied, and the girl got into a black car. , Leave the villa area.

"What about Uncle?" Thea Shin looked at Kevin again, "You have nothing to do with your body, right? Do you want to be with us?"

"No, no," Kevin refused: "I'm going to help you explore the'evil of this world'. You can have fun this month. Even if you need something, it will take up to three to five minutes."

"okay then."

The next day, Sussne's family began to play eagerly.

Amusement parks, water parks, they plan to spend two days to visit all the attractions in Central State.

Because of Xia Xin's spatial teleportation, they don't need to spend time on the road. They are tired of climbing halfway through the mountain and don't need to hide. Xia Xin directly hypnotizes nearby tourists, and then teleports the family to the top of the mountain.

One day, three days, one week...

Thea Sin is standing on the top of Telaya Star’s highest peak "Mount Yair". The pressure brought by the extremely high altitude can be compared to that of flying far away on land. Not far away, there is a team of fully armed mountaineers celebrating, and they One family, just stay in the light gold protection made by Xia Xin and enjoy the beautiful scenery.

Half a month...Xia Xin began to wander into the tropical rain forest. Even without a local guide, Survival in the Wilderness made Xia Xin a wild meal.

At night, while the family was asleep, she stepped into the space crack and turned around to eliminate a population trading base detected by the Fire Chasing Moth.

This is to eliminate the "evil of this world", so as not to attract the attention of the collapse of consciousness.

Xia Xin wiped out evil people almost every night, as fast as a few seconds, as slow as three to five minutes, but she would spend a lot of time understanding what these scumbags did. UU reading www. uukanshu. com

Half a month.

The big evil organization on Telaya star was visited by Xia Xin. The Moth of Fire Chasing began to screen out some extremely evil people. Xia Xin gave up sleep every night. The body of the law was enough to support her to carry out high-intensity work. .

Thea Sheen doesn't know how many humans she has wiped out, tens of thousands? Tens of thousands?

The federal people in some areas have found that the law and order have improved a lot recently. With this credit, the candidate'Dias', supported by the Sorell family, won the federal election and became a new one. Speaker of the Federal Assembly.

The twenty-fifth day.

The Siyashin family has visited almost all the famous natural attractions of Telaya Star. They have climbed the highest mountain, dived the deepest trench, passed through the desert and Gobi, lived in the tropical rain forest, and explored the center of the earth. Mystery...

After experiencing a series of wonderful adventures, the Si Yashin family returned to the villa to enjoy the tender time of the last few days.


"Wow~ Thea Sheen is too photogenic, and she looks good with just a shot." Kevin praised with the camera.

"Let me see, let me see." Thea Sheen came to Kevin and poked her head to look at the screen.

The smiling **** the screen seems to be a little older, and it pauses on the screen for a moment, as if it is the beauty of the world.

"Uncle Kevin is so amazing! Be sure to send it to me later!"

"haha of course."

...In the mysterious and unknown, He woke up with countless different consciousnesses.

Since the birth of consciousness, he has forgotten how long it has been. With the programmed program running, he has descended into the world to find the most suitable candidate.

He suddenly thought of that unique girl last time, who was much more special than many end-of-life seeds.

"Curiosity" was born, and his gaze immediately penetrated hundreds of millions of worlds...

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