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Shao Qing grew up in the orphanage. In order to survive he went to school during the day and worked part-time at a restaurant during night, becoming a proficient cook. He was looking for his parents when he got into a traffic accident and died. He was reborn into decades before and activated the portable space in his jade pendant. He grew many kinds of flowers, planted trees and sold fruits, opened a restaurant and filmed videos.

In this time when internet celebrities are all on the rage, I must stand above the other shows.

Boss Ling Senhao: Lately I’ve taken a liking to this one person. Long legs, slender waist, really good at acting and the key point is he makes good food. Say, should I sign him or should I sign him?
Mo Shaoqing: So we only agree to work together?
Everyone: Male god Mo’s food is so delicious *cries*
Mo Shaoqing: Actually I’m a cook who’d being held back by my acting work!

In short, this is a gourmet internet celebrity. He started with private kitchen, exploded from forums to weibo then to the entertainment world, from China to overseas, getting the attention of everyone.

The guide to eating:
1. There’s a little bun, but the main character doesn’t have double gender.
2. Sunny handsome fine dining expert Shou × half-chinese foodie elite Gong.
3. Last year’s, mainly about good food, a bit of Xuanhuan, as well as some showbiz.
4. (Mary) Sue novel, there’s a golden finger.

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Short Title:EGFS
Alternate Title:娱乐圈美食担当
Weekly Rank:#2519
Monthly Rank:#3610
All Time Rank:#2875
Tags:Acting, Business Management, Celebrities, Chefs, Childcare, Cooking, Devoted Love Interests, Famous Protagonist, Handsome Male Lead, Hard-Working Protagonist, Magical Space, Male Protagonist, Modern Day, Mpreg, Pregnancy, Rebirth, Showbiz, Slow Romance, Time Skip,
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13 Comments on “Entertainment Industry’s Gourmet Food Service
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  1. Alur cerita yang lambat dan ceritanya tidak terfokus ke MC dan bahkan diawal cerita terlalu jauh dari judul 😭 aku tidak sanggub

  2. Ketika kalian membaca bab awal² kalian akan bingung dan bertanya². Ini cerita apa sih, lalu kalian mengecek judul novelnya untuk memastikan bahwa kalian tidak salah baca. Setelah yakin ini novel yang benar kalian akan lanjut baca tapi makin bingung lagi. Kalian ngecek genrenya ini beneran BL gk sih, tenryata BL. Kalian lanjut baca sambil berpikir, okey sabar ini baru awal. Sumpah ini vibesnha jauh banget dari novel BL. Terus ya ini kenapa bab awal gk fokus sama MC dulu malah cerita kemana2. Keluarga ini itu pernikahan konflik rumah tangga si mc kayak karakter umpan meriam njir. Ini malah jadi kayak mertua vs menantu. Makanya gw bingung ini beneran novel yg nau gw baca gk sih kok hawanya suram gini.

  3. The story is cute. The romance pace is good not so slow that you want to beat up the characters, but not so fast that it's unbelievable. MC and ML meet when MC is in school. ML thinks MC is like a silly, cute child and MC thinks ML is so handsome. They meet officially when MC opens his restaurant. From then on, ML slowly pulls MC into his net, so gently and beautifully that for some time MC even thinks it is his duty to earn loads of money for the 'poor' little hardworking ML who he thinks will be brushed away by his rich, noble family lmao.I love the MC and ML here. The MC is nervous at the beginning, not quite sure why, but he gets pretty confident and smooth with the ML as they grow closer and eventually get into a relationship. The MC is pretty OP here, and the balance between his cooking/restaurant and his acting/modeling was smooth. Though I would have liked more chapters with epilogues of the children or the future of the couple. The ML is the typical OP business/political guy, though I don't actually see him helping out the MC too much, unlike in other stories. Instead, he basically transitions into a stay at home dad halfway through the story, which is endearing. The bunbun is cute. The family is cute. ML family accepts mpreg easily (a little too easily). MC Mom faints lol. MC family takes a little more time but since they all love MC so much, they accept everything easily. As for the food portion, while there is food, it's not much. Or atleast compared to other food related novels, this one barely brushes by. Most of the book is on how and what MC plans to open his restaurant, then some family matters, then his acting/ modeling career. Cooking descriptions are there, though not as much as I had expected. The synopsis sounded pretty hopeful, and the story definitely didn't disappoint. I've always enjoyed these BL slice of life stories , and it's always nice to have something extra added to it to spice things up.

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