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Next, let’s talk about "The Enemy of the Country Within a Short Time".

The theme of this book can be summed up in one sentence in the novel-keeping promises!

Be faithful and stick to your duties.

Although many people may laugh when they see these eight words, this is the theme throughout the book.

People cannot stand without credibility.

In life, everyone is responsible for their words and deeds, everyone has their own responsibilities, and everyone has their own life value.

Take the above class as an example.

Maybe you do not like what you do, but as long as you are still in this position, you have to persevere and work hard to do what you should do.

Since Baili Qingfeng had set goals for himself at the beginning, no matter whether these goals would run counter to the lives of ordinary people in his mind, he had to stick to them.

When I wrote this book, I had divided the plot into four and a half paragraphs.

The first paragraph of the Three Holy League.

The second period of the Aurora Empire.

The third section of Heavenly Desolate World.

The fourth segment of the bilunar boundary.

Then, it's the remaining half.

The remaining half of the main plot is Baili Qingfeng and Bailizhu.

In this plot, Baili Qingfeng takes his body to suppress the world, make the three realms peaceful, no more disputes, and promote equality for all.

But all this is doomed to be in vain.

Equality is the biggest inequality in the world.

The book faintly mentioned that those warriors were dissatisfied that they had practiced hard for many years, but they wanted to run for life just like ordinary people.

In addition, Bailizhu didn't want to see him like this. In the name of the freedom of the Three Realms, he broke the stagnant water in the Three Realms, and finally held the Supreme Divine Sword, united the gods of the Three Realms, and opposed Baili Qingfeng.

The world is as old as one, only chronic death.


I didn't write down the plot.

Baili Qingfeng has done enough, he shouldn't be faced with this attitude by the world.

If all the efforts and efforts were in vain, then his survival in the world would be meaningless.

Although it is only a novel, I still hope that the world can be a little bit more love and beautiful.

So, I ended with the lyrics of the song "The Wind Is Up".

Never give up simplicity and self.

The gloomy road ahead may have allowed you to walk for countless years, making you confused, lost blood, lost passion, like a machine, day after day, walking dead, but...

Please firmly believe that one day when you look up, the light of dawn will eventually dissipate all the haze.

The morning glow was all over the sky.

It is a gift from the heavens and the earth, and a touch from the depths of the soul.

Gentle, innocent, and beautiful.

Never give up your original intention and self, never give up hopes and dreams.

May you go through the wind and frost and return as a teenager.

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