Baili Qingfeng said to himself: "That's it."

Then, he stepped falsely and disappeared into the city.


Moon God Realm.

New Star City.


God city.

The original Star City was destroyed in the disaster that swept across the entire Bimoon Realm, and the surviving people built a new city named after the city of God on the ruins of this city.

However, Baili Qingfeng, who entered the Moon God Realm, did not stay in God City for a long time.

He went directly to a valley thousands of kilometers away from God City.

I don't know when this valley has undergone a series of transformations, and a large number of wooden buildings have been built, full of the elegance of man and nature.

Following Baili Qingfeng's appearance, in the cabin, a figure in white clothes, like a peerless fairy, turned out from inside.

She looked at Baili Qingfeng who had reached the sky, with a soft smile on her face.

"Brother Qingfeng."


After that, Baili Qingfeng never showed up anywhere in the Three Realms.

Someone saw him appear in the bimoon world, measuring the earth with his feet.

Someone saw him outside the city of God, living with a peerless beauty.

Another pope claimed that he appeared on the silver moon, ruled the gods, and became the king of the gods and the emperor of the gods.

There is also the exchange of gods, thinking that he and another person have entered the vast starry sky and explored the mystery of the starry sky together.

Since then...

One hundred years, one thousand years, ten thousand years...

The world has changed, the vicissitudes of life.

Legendary figures have risen from the Three Realms, performing epic long songs with epic scenes!

The myths and legends are also gone as the wheel of destiny rolls forward, silent in the long river of history.

The deeds of Baili Qingfeng are gradually forgotten.

The Void God Emperor and the Void Temple are also in turmoil again and again, because of the lack of strong enough practitioners to preside over the overall situation, or even more stunning peerless geniuses turned out to overwhelm the world and gradually become a thing of the past.

What people remember is the divine inscription that has been engraved on the wall of the Void Temple!


"I have witnessed the rise and fall and the end of countless worlds, wandering in the endless emptiness for hundreds of millions of years. In the time of a mortal heart beating, there are countless galaxies and galaxies in my eyes disappearing in the brilliant light. But until now, I don’t have the slightest feeling or sympathy for them. I am nothingness, hear nothing, see nothing, feel nothing... ten million, one billion lives, all Return to nothingness...I am eternal life, eternal death, eternal emptiness, eternal nothingness..."

"Until, I came to this world..."

"If they can have your perseverance and unyielding, if they can have your love for life like yours... Maybe it is your imperfection that gives you free will, gives you the unyielding faith, and makes you strong In the face of all seemingly accidental and inevitable disasters... You are walking in a waning manner, you are fearless, you hesitate to move forward... You are blooming with the light of longing for the'existence of life', which is what I have always been pursuing. significance."

"I will watch you quietly, guide you, and guard you until one day, truly born out of nothingness, truly descended from nothingness, evolving out of the kingdom of God walking on earth, leading you to glory, to immortality, and to eternal life……"

(End of this chapter)