The small courtyard under Qingyuan Mountain.

Shi Yiyi happily greeted him: "Qing Feng, you are back."

"came back."

Baili Qingfeng smiled slightly: "Let you wait so many days alone again."

"It doesn't matter, I know Qingfeng, you have important things to do. Men, you should put your career first, not to mention Qingfeng, you are still the greatest person in the world."

Shi Yiyi said with a smile.

"When I come back this time, I will take care of the affairs of the Wild Federation, and then I can accompany you for a long time."

"What's the matter with the Federation?"

Although Shi Yiyi didn't know what exactly the Tianhuang Federation had to deal with, he nodded, "Well, listen to your arrangements."

"By the way, in a while, let's move to another place."

Baili Qingfeng glanced around.

There are too many changes around this small yard, and everyone knows that he lives here, and they come over from time to time just to see him. Even if there is a dedicated person to persuade him to leave, the surroundings still lose their previous peace. .

"Should we move? Where shall we move?"

"What do you think?"

"How about the north...Oh, it was the previous location of the Aurora Empire. The bishops of the Void Temple built a large group of palaces for Qingfeng."

"Is that right? I will have a look at that time, but I should wait for a while. I will let you know if I am moving."

"it is good."

Shi Yiyi nodded.

She had long felt that such a small courtyard was not worthy of the identity of Baili Qingfeng, and living here would bring a lot of inconvenience.

It is not the inconvenience in life, but the prying eyes from people from all walks of life...

Even if their snooping is not malicious, it will eventually have a big impact on life.

"Qingfeng, when you returned to the Heavenly Desolate Realm a month ago, many people called to make an appointment, as if to talk about the Shuangyue Realm... Well, Qingfeng, did you change your name to the Moon God Realm? You said you want to deal with the Tianhuang Federation, do you want to see them?"

"Wait a minute."

Baili Qingfeng said, after finishing speaking, he added again: "Wait a minute."

"How long? How should I get back?"

Shi Yiyi asked.

Baili Qingfeng smiled: "It should be... soon."

"Okay, then I will postpone these things first, Qingfeng, when you have time to deal with it, or let other people help to deal with it."

Teacher Yiyidao.

Baili Qingfeng nodded: "I'll take a bath, change my clothes, and then go see my family..."

"Want to contact everyone for a dinner?"

Shi Yiyi said with his mobile phone.

"No, I'll see it alone, just take a look at them."

Baili Qingfeng said, and went upstairs.

It seems that many new objects have been added to the room, but unfortunately...

The computer can no longer turn on.

Baili Qingfeng found a suit and went to the bathroom.

As soon as he turned on the water, the air temperature, water temperature, water flow and other data flickered in his mind.

Just like instinct.

Although he is restraining this instinct, but...

They are so clear.

not only that.

He could "see" Shi Yiyi calling below.

Her voice is transmitted to the solid receiver through the compound vibration of the air and converted into electric pulses. The receiver records these electric pulses, and then transmits the codes in the form of electromagnetic waves.

He just "looked" at it and clearly understood the content of the call.

Sorry to an appointment with a sister and turned off the gathering this afternoon.

"If you have anything to do in the afternoon, just go ahead. I happen to be away from home this afternoon."

Baili Qingfeng's voice rang in Shi Yiyi's ears.

When she looked up, she saw Baili Qingfeng appearing at the top of the stairs.

But in fact, this is just Baili Qingfeng who used the twisting and reshaping of light waves to project his figure onto the cornea of ​​Shi Yiyi's eye. His figure is still in the bathroom.

"It's okay, I can go with Qing Feng with you."

"It's okay, you do your thing. I haven't seen my father and sister for a long time. I want to have a good chat with them."

When Shi Yiyi saw this, he hesitated for a moment, and saw that Baili Qingfeng seemed to want to talk with them alone, and didn't want to follow it by himself, so he didn't force it: "That's good."


Baili Qingfeng responded.

The water flow, following his body, constantly washed down.

He carefully felt every inch of skin and every cell on his body.

Baili Qingfeng stretched out his hand and silently pressed gently on the position of the heart...

"Punch! Punch!"


Baili Qingfeng closed his eyes.

At this moment, his memory travels through time and space.

His age has dropped from thirty-two years old to twenty-two, twelve, two years, two months, two days, two hours...

Vaguely, he could feel the moment his body was just conceived and pushed out of the delivery room.

He could still see a little girl chirping and asking: "Is this my brother? Let me see, let me see..."

Farther away, in that small black room, he heard a lullaby with some unclear syllables echoing in his ears, his body gradually grew from nothing, slowly growing.

Limbs, face, facial features, brain, placenta...

That kind of warmth, kind of softness, kind of gestation, kind of rebirth...



Baili Qingfeng said unconsciously.

He wanted to tell people this kind of touch from the very beginning of life, and to tell people the kind of unspeakable joy.


"Thank you."


"call out!"

There seems to be a flash of lightning.

His thinking completed an unprecedented leap.

From scratch, the initial zero to one is completed.



Baili Qingfeng opened his eyes.

The sound of water still echoed in my ears.

The world is still this world.

Baili Qingfeng stood for a moment, stretched out his hand, turned off the faucet, wiped his body with a towel, and changed his clothes again.

He went downstairs, and Shi Yiyi said that he would not come back for dinner at noon, and then walked out the door.

Bailidie was not at home. She and her brother-in-law Wang Qi took their nephew to the parent-child paradise.

Therefore, Baili Qingfeng planned to see his father Bailihong first.

Bailihong moved out of Wuhe City and lived in a high-end community under Wushan. This community was a high-end villa area invested and developed by Thunder Sect himself. The residents were all members of the Thunder Sect or their relatives, and there was a master of Thunder Sect who was responsible for security. The security of patrol is unmatched even in the administrative buildings of local authorities.

Baili Qingfeng went out, and many people who saw him along the way took out their phones and kept taking pictures.

Old Town, Shire University, Wu River, Crossing River Bridge...

Baili Qingfeng stepped on the ground, striding forward step by step across the prosperous and bright Xia'a City.

After walking for a while, he even took off his shoes, and walked barefoot on the ground, feeling the roughness of the friction between the soles of the feet and the ground, feeling the special rhythm of each time the footboard steps on the ground, and feeling the relationship between people and people. A perfect fit between nature.

As he walked, the cities of Xia and Wuhe in front of him are no longer the feasting and busy traffic in the eyes of ordinary people. Time seems to be reversed and reversed at this moment.

The cities of Xia and Wuhe he saw were thirteen years ago.

Any matter has the ability to carry information, and the stars themselves are no exception.

Baili Qingfeng's extremely large mental perception perceives the information filled with electrons and ions in the atmosphere.

The amount of this information is so huge that it can't be added, and it records the historical evolution of the planet of the Desolate World. If it is to be processed digitally, all the storage devices in the world cannot accommodate it.

Fortunately, Baili Qingfeng used his position and some scenes that have not changed in the past 13 years to index, which is equivalent to giving a coordinate, so that the information belonging to Xia City and Wuhe City 13 years ago can be taken from The countless vast stream of information is stripped out and manifested in perception.

Thirteen years ago and thirteen years later, the various changes are now contrasted one by one, just like the earth turned upside down.

As Baili Qingfeng walked, he unknowingly came to his small house in the old town of Wuhe City.

At this moment, the old city has been renovated, full of antique charm, faintly becoming a famous scenic spot for great men.

But in front of Baili Qingfeng's eyes, nothing has changed, as always.

After watching for a while, he stopped suddenly, changed his direction slightly, and came to a relatively spacious clearing.

In his field of vision, the time of the empty space quickly traced back and turned into an alley. In the alley, three figures were chasing quickly.

At this moment, a leisurely figure appeared at the entrance of the alley, like a passer-by who had just finished making soy sauce and was going home. Seeing these three figures who were chasing, he took a curious look.

That look is probably...

This person is so fast.

At this time, a person who was hunted down ferociously captured the passerby and threw it back in an attempt to block the path of the killer.

"Little beast, get out!"

The killer exhaled and punched out.

"Wang Gang!"

Another person who was pursued took this opportunity to suddenly turn around to drink, and fired with a gun.



This shot forced the hunter to twist his body to avoid the bullet. The punch he originally aimed at the passerby's head turned into a fist, and fell on his shoulder, killing him. Fly out.

"The bones are broken."

Baili Qingfeng said.

He came to the side of the passerby who flew six meters, hit the ground heavily, and then rolled two times with inertia.

I can hear the wanton laugh of the killer: "Hahahaha, Jiang Ziheng, you trash, dare to bring someone to intercept me, what are you running now!?"

As he laughed, his strength exploded under his feet, and the tile floor was cracked and shattered when his strength exploded, and his whole body shot out like a sharp arrow with the help of this strength.

Baili Qingfeng ignored the fight that was going away. He stood in front of the passerby who was lying on the ground with his knees and palms scratched and bleeding a lot of blood. He looked at his young, green, and seemingly young man. Carefree face.

For a moment, the passerby stood up swayingly, stayed in front of the body of a chased person, and then turned around...

Walked slowly out of the alley.

Baili Qingfeng looked at him...

Silent and speechless.

Until his back gradually disappeared.

Baili Qingfeng whispered: "May you go through the winds and frosts and return as a teenager."