"I knew the truth when I was young, I wouldn't die."

"I tried jumping off the tenth floor and hurt a passerby."

"I tried plunging into the river and it happened that someone was diving nearby."

"I tried taking poison and I got fakes."

"I tried to get an electric shock and the voltage tripped."

"I've tried cutting the veins, but my special constitution is so amazing that I can't wait to bleed to death. The wound has healed."

"I tried lying down ... I was found to be criticized and educated by the staff, and my parents were banned for a month."

"On April 5, 2049, the nuclear war erupted without warning, a nuclear bomb detonated above me, and the blazing white light shone in the heavens and the earth. I thought that I was finally going to be relieved ... but I was still not dead, Instead, it is strangely reborn and continues to live in this world! "

"But this time ... I might really be dying."

"Not to die in the destruction of the stars, but to die under one man's fist, that fist aimed at my skull, the fist intended to smash the soul, and the breath of death came to my face. I found out that ... I was also afraid of death.


"Little beast, get out!"

"Wang Gang!"

The roar resounded in his ears, and there was also a gunshot.

This shot forced the figure who was aiming at Baili Qingfeng and twisted away, avoiding bullets. The punch that had been aimed at his head was also turned into a swing, and fell to him. On the shoulder.


At the next moment, Baili Qingfeng passing by the alley just felt like he was hit by a truck, the sound of the broken bones sounded clearly, half of his body suddenly lost consciousness, and his body was involuntarily caught by this terror. The force blasted out, smashed to the ground after flying six meters, and then rolled twice along the inertia. The knees and palms were broken, and blood was flowing.

"Ha ha ha ha, Jiang Ziheng, you waste, dare to bring someone to kill me, what are you running now !?"

Wang Gang, who flew the hundred miles of green front, laughed wildly, his foot broke out, and the tile floor broke and shattered when he broke out, and he used this power to burst out like a sharp arrow. ...

More than thirty meters!

"Bad me!"

In front of Wang Gang, a man with a gun less than thirty was directly hit by him. For a moment, the man seemed to be bombarded by a cannonball. Baili Qingfeng could even see the kind of air formed when it was blasted. Invisible ripples.



A fist print was sunken directly on the man's chest, his ribs were broken, and his violent energy seemed to run through his body, bursting out from his back, shattering the shirt on his back, and then ...

His shape is the same as that of Baili Qingfeng ...

Do not!

Worse than Baili Qingfeng.

Baili Qingfeng flew out six meters, and after flying three meters, he smashed heavily on a wall, smashing the cement wall surface unceasingly, and the blood mixed with the internal organs spewed out from his mouth ...

Can't live.

This is the first time in 30 years that Baili Qingfeng and the two generations have combined to see the dead.

And he was still a dead man who was beaten to death with his fist.

He is a good student who loves to study. He understands physics. It takes a thousand cows to break a person's ribs with a fist. However, the injury on the man cannot obviously be explained simply by force.

Is it a monster?

still is……


Wang Gang disappeared.

Chasing Jiang away gradually.

In the other direction, the voice of someone making a call can be heard: "Immediately send an ambulance to save people, yes, Xizi Lane, the martial arts vengeance ... There is also a passerby who was accidentally injured by Wang Gang, I am afraid we must prepare for the aftermath ... ... "

The sound gradually faded away, and soon there was no movement.

Baili Qingfeng lay for a while, his bones were broken several times, and his injuries were a little serious. Such a serious injury ...

I'm afraid it will take a day or two.

Go to the hospital?

It will not bother people's hospitals, the hospitalization and discharge procedures are too cumbersome.

So, in the population just now, Baili Qingfeng, who might have to prepare for the aftermath, stood up staggeringly. Although the shoulder still hurts, knowing the pain is a good thing, which proves that the injury is recovering.

Baili Qingfeng came to the middle-aged man who was killed.


He was not afraid.

In life, when life and death look down on.

Besides, he can't die.

He looked at Ah Cheng and looked.

"Special department of the state? Dragon group? Or martial art master? Heir to the hermit?"

Baili Qingfeng watched for half a minute, until a ringing alarm bell came out of the alley, and then he looked back.

He did not stay here anymore and chose to leave.

At the alley, he was seeing several medical staff hurriedly carrying the stretcher into it, and Baili Qingfeng ...

They looked as normal as they could move, and they didn't take a closer look at all.


Baili Qingfeng's home is not far from the corner. It belongs to the old city. It is a two-storey old building. Although it is dilapidated, when it is demolished, you can rely on this small building to get rich.

In such a three-hundred-meter distance, the abrasions on the palms are okay, the cracks on the knees, crusts, and when he got downstairs at home, he uncovered the crickets, and the new meat was white and tender, look No wounds, as if nothing was wrong.

Resilience is amazing, this kind of constitution brought along with his rebirth.

"I am back."

Baili Qingfeng entered the door and said aloud.

"Come back, did the job search go well?"

The voice of his father, Barry Hung, came from the kitchen.

"That's a health product sales company. It doesn't feel reliable to sell Sanwu products."

"If you really feel bored, go to a training course. Summer vacations are not necessary."

"I'll look again. I can't find a job and learn something."

Baili Qingfeng said, changed his shoes, went upstairs, came to his bedroom, and lay down on the bed.

There was also a tingling sensation in the shoulder, and the madness of death when he was a child made Baili Qingfeng's ability to endure the pain very strong. Anyway, it would not take long to recover, and he was too lazy to think.

Lying on the bed, Baili Qingfeng opened his eyes, looked at the shabby ceiling, and seriously thought about a problem.

"I was a student who just happened to pass by the alley. I was ignorant and was pushed by a middle-aged man named Jiang Ziheng to block the road. Wang Gang, who blocked the road, punched me with a violent temper, and would kill me? You can ask me to let go, I will obey and I will let it. "

No answer.

The suffocation that sent him from the soul and the trembling of life instinct once again appeared in his mind when the man named Wang Gang was punched.

At that time, he really thought he would die.

To Wang Gang, he was humble like a ...


You can crush dead ants.

Therefore, instead of telling him to give way, he punched him down, as if there was an ant colony blocking the way. People would not move the ant colony or wait for it to crawl away, but would run to death.

"Dead ... would he have killed me with that punch in the head without the interference of that shot? Will I die?"

This question lingered in Baili Qingfeng's mind.

Wang Gang, the only man in his life who made him feel the breath of death, the kind of spiritual shock was so strong that it was so deeply rooted in his mind that he couldn't stop thinking about it.

Will it die?

this problem……

Only Wang Gang can answer.

Baili Qingfeng tossed on the bed.

Half an hour, one hour, two hours, three hours ...

"This world is interesting."

Baili Qingfeng sat up.

"Resurrection I, I want to be a good student who is both good at learning, good at morality, and good at learning, and deserved to be sad, disappointed, and desperate for me in that life. The passers-by of soy sauce are involved. One ignores my life and kills me, and one directly kills me. Now, my heart is very square and chaotic. This chaos comes from the unknown, from curiosity, from ... … Death! I yearn for death, because my heart is unhindered, but people should learn to cherish it. Since I am resurrected from death, I should cherish the living, and live well ... For those who make me afraid and disturb my heart ... "

Face it!

Face them in a fearless state of mind!

Wang Gang and Jiang Ziheng.

"They want to kill me, and I will kill them."


"Training martial arts?"

On the table.

After cooking the dish, Barry's father, Barry's sister, returned from work, and looked up at Barry Qingfeng.

"Do you want to practice martial arts?"


Baili Qingfeng nodded: "One summer vacation, I want to find something to do, so I want to practice martial arts."

"Yeah, martial arts can not only strengthen, but also keep fit. You can also protect yourself at critical moments. You go to Sanshun Town to find your second grandfather, your second grandfather can martial arts, and you have taught a few disciples. . "

"it is good."

Baili Qingfeng nodded.

"Yes, your sisters and brothers have been more careful recently. I heard from the unit that a group of exiles fled to our city of Wuhe. The above came to inform them. If you see some people who behave strangely, do n’t watch and do n’t anger On the other hand, these exiles are said to have been killed in their hands, very vicious, and we ordinary people can't afford to provoke them. "

Father Bai Lihong cautioned.

"Today's alarm bell on Xizi Lane has been ringing for a long time. Will the gang of criminals be arrested?"

Thousands of butterflies asked.

The company where she works is over there.

"Who knows, the world has become more and more chaotic recently, wars have broken out between the Iron Empire and the Kingdom of Lanka, and the friction between the north of our Kingdom of Shia and the Aurora Empire has intensified. In this month, four war parades were held on the street. Units have to organize war donations. I don't know if they will fight, anyway, just pay attention to it. "

Bailihong Road.

Baili Qingfeng didn't say anything, didn't tell his father and sister that he met the gang of vicious exiles in their mouth in the afternoon, and was slapped by the other side, which was enough to slap an ordinary person to death.

Although this father and sister are not his native parents, it has been a year since he was born again, and he has cultivated some feelings year after year.


It is the most difficult thing to understand in this world.

Warm, motivate, hurt, destroy.

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