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Lin Jiao and Gu Quan have been in love for two years, playing the role of a little white flower for his liking, willing to be humble as dust.

She thought that Gu Quan loved each other as much as she did.

But at a party, I heard him and others say, “Lin Jiao is very good, but it’s not her.”

Only then did Lin Jiao realize how ridiculous her character was.

She was ashes as she was, and when he left himself and lingered with his sweetheart, she left the stage sadly.


Later, Gu Quan, remorseful, found Lin Jiao.

He grabbed her hand, his eyes full of nostalgia: “Jiaojiao, forgive me, okay?”

“Not good.” A man in a bathrobe suddenly appeared and hugged Lin Jiao tightly in an absolutely possessive posture.

He glanced at Gu Quan defiantly, leaned over and whispered, “Wife, shall we continue?”

【Guquan Crematorium】

【The second male upper position】

【Double C, 1v1, Cookies】

- Description from MTLNovel


Short Title:EF
Alternate Title:不止沦陷
Author:Difficult to reach the galaxy
Weekly Rank:#4648
Monthly Rank:#5317
All Time Rank:#4413
Tags:Devoted Love Interests, Doting Love Interests, Female Protagonist, Handsome Male Lead, Love Interest Falls in Love First, Older Love Interests,
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13 Comments on “Endless Fall
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  1. No!😫😓 I deeply regret wasting my time on an incoherent dogblood novel that accomplishes nothing. MC and ML are boring 2 D cut outs. Finished reading it and had a headache!

  2. Sorry this is not my cup of tea . There's too much heartache going on and I hated the white moonlight bitch that made the mc be the substitute. But it's nice for a change that the story was in the perspective of the FL where she didn't know she was treated by her boyfriend and everybody else as the 'cheap' substitute. Which is hilarious because the FL is not poor and is a veritable Bai Fumei

  3. And also, the FL here (at some point) was pushed by a stupid loyal male dog and got hit on her head. She was rushed to the hospital and when she woke up, she exhibited romantic feelings for the ml (who had a crush on her for years and was there for her when she was fragile when she broke up with the scum bf). The psychiatrist analyzed her and told them that the FL has memories of her past life and said that the ml was her husband in this life and the past life. Hahhaha so funny. If this was a transmigration story I would have believed the FL but it's not, and that's what's so funny because it was all explained in a scientific way

  4. Basically because of the hit she has a blood clot that is pressing on nerves in her brain and is causing her to confuse dreams she had about being married to ML in a period drama with reality so she thinks they were married in another life instead of it being a dream she had

  5. That sounds so incoherent and weird...thanks for the heads up, otherwise, I'd have fallen into the trap as well.

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