After calculating for several minutes around the altar, Lin Yun determined that this altar had no effect on the entire alchemy circle. The only effect was to increase the level of the Dark Iron Orc faster, and it had no effect on humans.

Because of this, this altar can exist in the shining fortress. I don't know how long, even if the black iron orcs demolished the entire shining fortress, this altar will not be damaged in the slightest.

With a wave of Lin Yun's hand, his mage legion was dispatched. A group of people surrounded the altar, and the altar was demolished in less than three minutes. There was a blackness underneath the altar that was ten meters high. Empty, standing at the entrance of the cave and looking down, I can't feel how deep the passage is, and the thick abyss of breath from the inside turns into the smoke of bóbó.

On the other side, Wagner saw that Lin Yun suddenly summoned his men, and immediately retracted his head and drilled into the room. But then he quickly got out of his room and quietly moved towards the next room.

Damn, why did Malfay Merlin suddenly summon all his men over, is this going to start a war again? No, I have to hide quickly, the provincial he pulled me into the battle, it will definitely not work in my room, I will hide next to him, hey, he must not find me this time.

I'm just an eighth-level magic wizard, and I have lost my legion. I can't beat the orcs who have muscles in their heads ...

Wagner snickered and walked from the back of the room to the room next door quietly, wanting to play with the lights in the dark, but before taking two steps, a figure fell from the sky.

With a loud noise, the earth shook fiercely. Wagner looked at the red leather orc with a sledgehammer in his face and smiled awkwardly.

"That off-duty, right, what are you doing to stop me?"

Impatiently reaching out of his class, he grabbed Wagner's collar.

"Damn bastard, dare to let the great off-duty adult come to invite you personally, oh, no, I cursed you, the great Merlin said, and I want to explore a ruin and let me come with you."

Wagner twisted his body awkwardly, and it was wise not to ask me if you could put me down first.

At such a distance, in the face of a monster in orc skin that can not be treated as such, Wagner understands that crushing his head in the direction is not as difficult as pinching the ants, so it is still difficult to talk to anger. Look at the orc that is not pleasing to his eyes ...,

He was taken by the off-duty chick to the center of the shining fortress, Yang Linyun, and glanced at Wagner.

"Well, people have expired, let's go in, Kulum, William, you keep the shining fortress, if someone invades, kill them directly, don't worry about others."

Wagner originally wanted to ask a question, but when he heard Lin Yun's aggressive words, he looked at the group of legion mage who was obviously with a butcher's temperament. He didn't say anything wisely and followed him honestly.

I just looked at the passage of the black hole, as if it was the passage to the abyss. Wagner shrank his neck and looked reluctantly.

Zhe Linyun took Lena, Shu Fei, Anderfa, Alchemist, and Wagner into the passage, and William and the Mage Corps stood guard at the shining fortress.

After entering the passage, Lin Yun immediately threw out a dozen wizard eyes, and magic detection, life detection, and undead detection were thrown out one by one.

The results of the radon detection were surprising, there was no magic reaction, and no life or undead existed.

But after walking down the stairs for a while, Lin Yun knew why there were no protective measures.

Straight, oblique downward and one-way passages suddenly appeared three forks, Lin Yun frowned slightly, controlling the eyes of the three wizards to enter these three passages.

However, an accident occurred. The wizard ’s eyes flew out for more than ten meters, and Lin Yun ’s induction plummeted. The things seen through the wizard ’s eyes blurred quickly. After the wizard ’s eyes flew out for more than 20 meters, they were completely lost. induction.

The summoning of three rock salamanders was the same result. After entering the three passages for more than 20 meters, the connection was completely disconnected, but the faint connection let Lin Yun know that the three rock salamanders did not disappear. But there is serious interference in this channel.

If you want to go in, there is only one way. Choose a channel to enter and walk through this maze that looks the most ordinary and does not use magic.

And this seemingly simple maze, but completely cut off the opportunity for the mage to use magic.

As soon as Lin Yun waved his hand, several floating manuscript papers appeared in front of him. Lin Yun held a quill pen and quickly calculated on the manuscript paper. The magic energy array assisted the calculation. The data on the manuscript paper was extremely concise. Some key figures.

After a minute, Lin Yun strode to the left channel.

According to the mind of a normal person, the middle channel is the front channel. It is a little smarter and understands the doubt. The first reaction is also the left channel. However, as long as such doubts arise, the probability of choosing the left channel will be much smaller. This channel and the channel on the right have the best chance of being selected.

Zhe Linyun put away the manuscript paper and quill pen, and her brows were slightly frowned. The master of the Hua Ruan had a peeping ability similar to the true eyes of the human blind spot.

面对 In the face of a labyrinth that is not a magic labyrinth, ordinary mages will tend to judge by themselves. If it is not for the entire structure of the shining fortress and the legal array, Lin Yun may not choose the channel on the left.

But combining all the data and clues, combined with the angle, position, and length of this channel, the channel on the left is the only channel that is likely to enter under the shining fortress.

The amount of calculation required here is simply an astronomical figure. It takes at least a day to determine the change for a creator without a magic array, and the premise is that there is complete data for the entire shining fortress and the magic circle.

Just the first channel, there is such a seemingly simple, but the most difficult choice.

And knowing without thinking, there must be deadly danger in the other two channels.

Lin Linyun's forehead shone a little cold sweat. Now it is more certain that this ruin may be the ruins of Bill George. Only this guy who has experienced countless sufferings in the first half of his life will have this kind of seemingly simple but dangerous vicious maze.

Zhe Linyun summoned the eyes of the wizard and the rock owl to explore the road in front, and even felt uneasy, opened a door to hell, summoned a little devil, and forcibly controlled the little devil to explore the way in front.

Anderfa, none of them understood why Lin Yun suddenly became so cautious, even cautious.

But following Lin Yun for so long, I understand that there are too few situations where Lin Yun can be so cautious. No one dares to come out, and the most careless and off-duty classes are all shut up honestly. Follow behind.

I didn't go far, and then I encountered another intersection, which was still three roads. Lin Yun calculated it in detail for more than ten minutes before calculating that the correct passage this time was the right.

Wagner followed, with a puzzled look, totally unclear why it was just three simple choices, it took so long to calculate, and even after calculating it, he still carefully used three methods to explore the way.

This is too careful, isn't it good to summon some elemental creatures to explore the way? If there is any danger, it will be discovered in advance. Can you return even if you choose the wrong one? Malfam Merlin is too careful. The eyes of the wizard and the rock cricket were not enough, and they even ventured to open the gate of **** to get a little devil.

I walked through the seven intersections with a look, and when I encountered three identical openings for the eighth time, everyone was accustomed to it and took the initiative to stop, waiting for Lin Yun to continue to calculate the correct path.

After the calculation of, Lin Yun still carefully released the eyes of the wizard and the 傀儡 傀儡 walked in front of dozens of meters.

内 There is still no danger in this passage, and there are only solidified runes on the rocks on both sides, and it looks no different from the passage before.

At least through the eyes of the wizard and the observation of the rock 傀儡, there is nothing different.

But Lin Yun, like an enemy, forcibly controlled the little honest devil to walk more than twenty meters in front of him and explore the road in front.

There were no changes in the seven passages in a row, but suddenly there was a change at this time. When the wizard's eye and the rock 傀儡 walked by, there was no change in the passage. 0

But when the little devil walked over ~ ~ some of the solidified runes in the channel suddenly changed. The original ordinary solidified runes were combined into new ones through permutation and combination. Rune, between the hours, the passage was covered with dense flames of fire.

A reddish ray of rays is like a thick light of a little finger, and instantly forms a dense net.

The most terrible thing is that this kind of flame net is not one, but there is one every ten centimeters.

The drooling, demon-faced little devil was penetrated by three flame rays, and a scorching smell spread out in the passage, and a large purple blood splattered out, but was instantly evaporated by those flame rays.

Suddenly the attacked little devil stayed there, but moved a little. When the body passed through the net of flame rays, the body seemed to be cut into countless pieces by sharp blades, and it instantly broke apart ...

Then a large piece of purple blood was sprayed out, and it was completely evaporated by the hot flame rays, and even the little devil's body was instantly turned into ashes and scattered ... "

Lin Linyun's brow frowned slightly, and there was a hint of clarity in her eyes.

It really is Bill George's style. This guy who was full of suffering and distress in the first half of his life, the most favorite thing to do is this kind of people who fall into the trap without knowing it, and he is surprised before death. (To be continued) If you like this work, you are welcome to vote for recommendations and monthly tickets. Your support is my greatest motivation. )

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