The frontline battles do not require Lin Yun to shoot. After all, the frontline battle conditions are relatively stable. Although the space here is stable enough for the Tier 8 powerhouses to make all-out shots, the Tier 5 rarely appears on the frontline. Above the level. Read books ≠ · 1 · c · c

The undead didn't make too strong a shot. The Northrend coalition naturally controlled it, and did not let the strong ones go out to stimulate those undead. After all, the current situation is the most favorable for the Northrend coalition.

There was nothing to do with himself. Lin Yun wanted to return to the natural half plane to understand the rules, but after thinking about it, he found Promi.

After mixing with Promi for a few days, it became even more certain that this guy was indeed a Virgin. At that time, Uther's soul was divided into two, not cut into two halves, but the good and evil parts were completely cut. Drive into two individuals.

Most of the evil has turned into a **** Lich. Those who have no mind on the undead plane will fear the brutality and evil of the Bloody Lich, and on the other side, they become Promi.

Thinking about Promi's life, all the things this guy has done in his life are really impossible to pick out a little black spots. If you want to say the disadvantages, there are basically no disadvantages except that it is too virgin. Already.

All the virtues of the Paladin, Promi can be used as templates ...

Since the power in this passageway space can be changed to the eighth level, Promi has been stationed on the front line to guard against possible accidents. Promi continues to travel back and forth for thousands of kilometers to treat those injured. Man, to heal those eroded by the power of death ...

Simply put, it has been doing dirty work and leading by example. The reputation of the Holy Light Alliance was so bad before. When everyone heard the name of the Holy Light Alliance, everyone's first reaction was the group of crazy dogs ...

Because of being affected by the Holy Light Alliance, the reputation of the Light Master has been completely ruined, so that in many places, the Light Master has equated with Mad Dogs, and many new-generation mage. ╠┣╣Yao ~ ~ Obviously has a strong affinity for the Holy Light, becoming a pure Light Master may be very promising, but in the end it has become an ordinary Elemental Master ...

The Alliance of Light has completely ruined the reputation of the entire Light Master group.

But that's the case, cleaning inside the Holy Light Alliance. After Promi was released and pushed to the first spot of the Alliance of Light, the reputation of the Alliance of Light was restored with a terrible degree.

It may take many years to manage a good reputation, but if it is corrupted, it can be completely destroyed in a few years. If you want to read ≧ · 1╳k╋a╬n╳s╳h╋u╋ · c╋ · c, the reputation will be completely broken, and you want to recover again, it will take too much energy, and may not even be useful.

However, in this case, Promi still restored the reputation of the Holy Light Alliance. Even those who mention that the Holy Light Alliance still scolds a crazy dog, they will be very respected when they hear Promy's name. There are even some people who are not worthy of Promy, and feel that the Holy Light Alliance is simply a drag on Promy.

Promi leads by example. The people in the Light Alliance did not dare to challenge the new regulations. After being caught for a few typical, the atmosphere of the Light Alliance has completely changed. Now it is also an indispensable part of the battlefield and fights with those undead. The biggest danger is not to be killed directly.

It is eroded by the power of death. This is the most troublesome. In this large-scale war, few people are not eroded by the power of death. The difference is just how much.

Because the use of potions requires too much potions, the best solution is the Light Master, which can be solved perfectly with only a simple light drive. Even if it is eroded too deeply by the power of death, as long as the person has not died and has not really become an undead, the Holy Light spell can be saved.

Think about the number of people participating in the battle here. People who rotate to the front every day have to rotate at least 20 rounds, in a place where the power of death is violent. It depends on the scriptures.-1 · k ^ an / s ^ h = u ·. It is an inevitable thing to be infected by the power of death. After returning, hundreds of people will be gathered and a five-light mage will drop a five. All levels of the Holy Light are shining, and everyone can go back and take a rest slowly. If there is any injury, the group healing is finished ...

If you are lucky, you just meet Promi. As long as the person is not dead, do n’t worry about various injuries. Even if you are cut into adult sticks, Promi can make your limbs grow back and become half dead, as long as it is not completely Turning into undead, that's not a thing.

If you think about it, you will know why Promi is so respected. Although the mage is the main force at the front line, the alchemy and swordsmen still have to be charged for the charge. In fact, it is not unusual.

You know, on this kind of battlefield, as long as your limbs are cut off, don't even think about finding them back. Those undead who see blood and go mad will definitely tear up the stump in the first place. When encountering undead like zombies or ghouls, it will definitely eat away with bones and meat.

Even if you are lucky enough to find the stump, there is no way to use it. Without the protection of strength, the stump you take back will soon be corroded by the power of death and finally become a bone.

In the Northrend world, the lowest level of rebirth spells are all eighth level spells. It is not easy to find a light mage of this level. In addition, the light alliance destroys the light mage. Reputation, who can show up outside, are basically only those of the Holy Light Alliance. Read the book ┠┠╠┢┣., 1`k / a ^ n = s-h = u ·., C / c ·

Most people have broken their arms and legs. Where can I find a light mage who can rank nine-level magic wizard level to perform broken limb rebirth? The price of the light alliance is clearly marked, and it depends on the mood. Not necessarily affordable for this price.

And the eighth level of limb regeneration is also a long period of weakness after recovery. The stronger the strength, the stronger this weakness period. We must slowly adapt the newly grown limbs and exercise slowly. This process takes a long time, because a little carelessness may cause the newly grown limbs to be discarded.

The best way is the 9th level magic spell. This is the spell that can perfectly regenerate the limb. Unfortunately, most people have no chance. Heavenly Light Master, where they will consume a lot of magic to release this for others. Spells, once in a while are considered good ...

But on this battlefield, so far, as long as there is no death, no one has broken arms and legs, and all have been recovered by Promi, yes, Promi did it alone.

Here are the people who have accepted Promi's affection. There are no 10,000 and 8,000. Just thinking about Promi, he can do these things just like madness. This is how his eighth-level Light Master can survive. Since it was released by the Holy Light Alliance, Promi's strength has continued to improve. Until now, it is not far from the ninth level of Heaven.

A light mage of the ninth level can play a great role in the war against the undead. It can be described by one person. If Promi is really promoted to the ninth level, now In the war, there is still such a tangled battle. As far as the undead that currently appears, Promi alone can purify all undead within a few thousand kilometers, including those undead lords!

However, now that Promi has not advanced to the ninth level of the Heavenly Rank, he has not yet fully comprehended the Holy Light. The capacity of this kind of map cannon is too large to use at one time. It is best not to use it until the critical moment.

There is no problem here, everything is going very smoothly, and if nothing unexpected happens, the rest is time consuming.

Although there is no problem, Lin Yun still feels a little uneasy. Although the **** Lich guy is evil and vicious, his wisdom is definitely top-notch if he puts his wisdom in the top mage. He cannot fail without making his own advance. Preparation.

With the character of the **** Lich, he certainly won't feel that his soul and the soul of the Nightmare Lord are fused together, and no one can destroy him. Even if he is dead, he will make a layout in advance to be fierce. Revenge.

Death must be accompanied by a funeral, such as a **** Lich. According to the normal history exhibition, this guy was notorious for his revenge and died. Once he was destroyed, his body was revenge. For thousands of years, normal people cannot do such things.

But all these days have passed, and nothing unexpected has happened, and Lin Yun also feels a little bit worried, maybe the **** Lich has always thought that he would not die before he died ...

Time passed little by little and everything went very smoothly. The war may end sooner than expected. From the beginning of the war to the end of the war, if nothing unexpected happens, it only takes three years ~ ~ Lin Yun basically does not need to shoot in person, but occasionally disguised as an undead, ran to the undead and went to Imir to receive the essence of the undead accumulated by Imir. Although the Northrend Alliance also has a large amount of undead essence, but These undead essences are consumables required by many mages. It is impossible to buy them all together. In addition, the quantity is not as good as that collected by Yimir. Lin Yun only supplements the undead essences acquired here.

After collecting the essence of the undead several times, the ninth-level extreme spell position in the chapter of the sage will also really appear. According to speculation, in a few more times, a ninth-level extreme spell position will really appear. Lin Yun has now begun to think about what kind of spell is printed on this nine-level extreme spell.

Judging from the current situation, after the emergence of this ninth-level extreme spell, it may be possible to release only such a ninth-level extreme spell for a long time. There is too much undead essence that needs to be consumed. A nine-level extreme spell, The required preparation time, after a little calculation, it will take several years to prepare, and it must be in such a large-scale war. The number of undead that falls every day is an astronomical number, so that it is possible to accumulate enough undead essence. . (To be continued.)


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