In order not to cause trouble to the tribe, Darli almost never appeared in the tribe, and occasionally returned some food, but also worried that the tribes of other races around him would find it and **** it.

The old lizards are dead, and every battle is the old lizards rushing to the front, in order to reduce the pressure on the tribe. The young lizards are small in number, purely because they do not dare to breed and do not have enough food to feed their offspring. Hunting depends on young and strong lizardmen, who are the most important reason for the existence of the tribe.

Seeing this picture, Lin Yun was also a bit surprised. Although I know that the lizardman has always been in a dispersed state, the lizardman's combat power is strong and it cannot be reduced to this level. Then there is only one possibility. This tribe of lizardmen was once expelled from the big tribe. Only in this way will they survive in such a resource-poor place.

The magic battleship slowly lowered its height, but the lizardmen tribe on the ground had already messed up. When have these lizardmen seen such behemoths like the magic battleship, the terrible atmosphere is like a five-headed monster Some lizardmen fled in horror, and some lizardmen lie on the ground in fear to surrender.

Zhe Linyun shook her head and did not show up, but let Darli go down.

After so many years, I finally stepped on the land of the tribe in a bright and honest way. Darry's mood was also very complicated. With a large amount of food, cheers continued to be heard in the tribe.

I had a lot of food and a powerful backstage, and what Lin Yun ordered was quickly spread by these lizardmen.

Lizardmen are never afraid of fighting or war. In the past, the tribe almost never caused trouble, and everything was bearable. That was because it could not be consumed. It took only a small war and the tribe would be overwhelmed. When hunting, everyone must starve to death. In normal times, except for the strong hunters, there is hardly any other person who can eat. At most, they are hungry.

But now it ’s different. It ’s okay to eat whatever you want. It ’s okay to encounter a fight. Just fight, the confidence of the Darri tribe is enough. Within a week, the news has been spread within a few hundred kilometers. Regarding the several characteristics of the 73rd God, as long as there is a certain exact clue, you can use the news to exchange food.

The news continued to spread. Within half a month, the news spread thousands of kilometers away, and even other lizard tribes began to spread the news.

Those key characteristics, no one knows are the characteristics of the 73rd God's reincarnation, except for the 73rd God itself, whether someone has actually found it or is known by the 73rd God. It doesn't matter.

Even if the 73rd God knows that someone is looking for him, he will definitely come to the door. In this case, the 73rd God will never reveal that he is a reincarnated body.

The next thing you need to do is to wait for the news quietly. Dahlri merges the blood of dragons with blood power, and progresses smoothly to the extraordinary level. After he advanced to the sky, Dahlry did not exercise well, but opened immediately. He started to run around, looking for other Lizardmen tribes, and spreading news.

Each lizard tribe visited by Darli has become a stronghold, and anyone with news can use the news to change food to the lizard tribe.

A large amount of food was sent out by Daerli. Every time I sent out food, I felt very distressed, but I didn't know that Lin Yun prepared this ordinary food in advance enough to feed tens of millions of people for several years.

And most of these foods are produced in the gold-plated roses' own farms. In Northrend World, these foods can not be sold at all, and the energy consumed is more valuable than the food itself. Only the magical food is in Northrend World. It is the most popular. Even ordinary people who are not wealthy are willing to eat food with magical power. This will not only slowly change the physique, but also the possibility that future generations will have the talent of mage.

Only the most ordinary poor people will always eat these ordinary foods. The biggest role of these foods is not to feed people, but to use them to make wine, or to use other materials to refine some special things, which is a waste. The biggest food.

But in the underground world, even for some powerful races, food is hard currency. No one has ever felt that there is too much food ...

Zhe Linyun sends a lot of food here, and uses the food to open the way. The progress of investigating the news is very fast, at least the speed of spreading is terrible. On the other side, some people feel uncomfortable ...

"All these **** underground creatures, **** it all, **** it, **** it ..."

The curse of Reeves, who gnawed at the Tower of Storms, had been in the underground for more than half a month, and the gain was not small, but it was too far from expectations.

I want to conquer a few underground races and use the indigenous races underground to search for resources, but I find that things are far less smooth than imagined ...

When I first arrived, I conquered a tauren tribe among the half-orcs. More than 8,000 tauren were put into the underground world. They are not small tauren tribes. These arrogant guys are terrible, especially during the war. A group of tauren charged, and no one could stop it.

开始 The road to conquest went smoothly for the first week. The surrounding several orc tribes were suppressed and suppressed, but after ten days, changes appeared ...

All the tauren joined the battle, and the food could only be hoarded before eating. Coupled with the fierce fighting, the consumption of food became more and more intense. Ten days later, Levis was a little dumbfounded. Appeared, there is no food for the entire Tauren tribe, and the remaining food is only enough for three days ...

Suddenly, a sudden battle brought several other half-orc tribes around to the same crisis, and everyone was starving to death.

As a celestial powerhouse, Reeves, who can hardly eat, would have expected this situation, and took out the magic crystal to buy, only to find that there is no place to buy so much food.

Hunting? Don't think about it, the prey within a few tens of kilometers around the tribe are almost eaten and extinct, and the rest that can't be extinct have already migrated to other places.

Then for twenty days, the most loyal Tauren warrior, rebelled ...

刚 At the beginning of a battle, the people of the Tauren tribe joined with the orc tribe on the opposite side, completely forgetting that Reeves was a terrible and extraordinary creature ...

Then, Reeves led the mage of the Storm Tower and made a very stupid move, together with the tauren and those orc races, launched a furious slaughter.

I killed the first half-orcs, and the remaining half-orcs fled and fled, and the people of the Tower of Storms became the commanders of the bare poles again ...

And this is not the most uncomfortable for Reeves, what makes him even more furious is that the two half-orc Celestial Orders that did not know where they came out after he was killed, appeared again within a day. A stronger guy killed several Sky-level mages of the Tower of Storms and chased Levis for hundreds of kilometers ...

For the past few days, Reeves has been hiding with the mage of the Storm Tower. It took several days to figure out what was going on.

半 Each orc tribe is a separate individual, even if it is loyal to the blood elves, there is no problem. When encountering the same family on the battlefield, they will start fierce battles, and they are all the most loyal fighters.

However, there is a premise. Let the half-orc tribe loyal to you eat, and this is the most basic rule. You ca n’t let the tribe loyal to you, eat and kill half-orcs loyal to you, that is the orc One of the most hated of all the half-orcs.

The relationship between the half-orcs and the blood elves is so bad that they almost go to war when they meet. The main reason is that the orc tribe loyal to the blood elves has been eaten more than once.

A few days of events, to understand the reason for being chased, Reeves stubbornly wanted to kill people and wanted to use the magic crystal to buy food, but found that the magic crystal is the least valuable thing in the underground world, except for the forty level. In addition to the above magic crystal, the magic crystal below the forty level is almost the same as the price of cabbage compared to Northrend World ...

Do you want to buy a lot of food in the underground world? Ha ha, wash and sleep ...

Use purple gold coins? Don't even think about it, there is no such thing as a purple gold coin in the underground world. In the end, there is no way to be forced. Reeves took out the top-level materials in his collection, but found that the creatures in the underground world did not know it at all, and found an orc The city that turned around for a whole day, and the one with the highest bid was just enough for a thousand tauren to eat food for ten days ...

The mighty tower-level powerhouse, the powerhouse who can take charge of the underground world alone in the Tower of the Storm, has fallen to the dilemma that the most common food cannot be bought in the underground world.

I made a lot of preparations when I came to the underground world. All the materials I brought were the most precious. The lowest level of magic crystal was 38.89. The alchemy medicine was also brought with the best. It was specially used to deal with unexpected situations. .

带 I brought everything, except that I did n’t bring any food, let alone ordinary food, no magic food ...

In the end, there was no other way. He was chased by a crazy tauren. He could only use a bottle of heaven-level alchemy potion to make up for his previous mistakes, and he replaced a bottle of heaven-level potion for enough 10,000 tauren to eat. ... 15 days of food.

But even then, the tauren tribe who received the food is not willing to continue to be loyal, and the Tower of Storms can only continue to operate alone, and all the plans previously planned are bankrupt ...

On the other side, the situation of the Light Alliance was even more miserable. As soon as the three forces separated for a day, the people of the Light Alliance encountered a group of dark races and fought against the blood elves.

Delton originally wanted to grab these heretics and ask for something useful. I did not expect that when the power of the Holy Light appeared, it was attacked by both dark creatures and blood elves at the same time. The furious Delton didn't even think about it. Purified these dark creatures and blood elves ...

But this time the trouble is big. There is a heavenly vampire in the dead dark creature, and there is also a lord eldest son in the blood elf city among the dead blood elves.

In the following days, the people of the Alliance of Light will be miserable. Originally, it was just a battle between two puppets, but now it involves a vampire power and a blood elf power. The strong on both sides are terrible and chased. After killing for half a month, all the powers of the sixth rank of Tianjie appeared ...

The Holy Light Alliance suffered heavy losses. It was completely unexpected that the power of the Holy Light was so unpopular in the underground world ...

The only good thing is the members of the Chester family. Their power mainly comes from summoning Warcraft, and capturing a large number of Warcraft in a dark mountain to form a Warcraft army, but it caused a powerful darkness in the deep mountains. The attention of the multi-armed beast, four or five talents died and fled.

The people of the three major forces did not expect that the power of the underground world would be so strong, nor did they expect that all their plans could not be implemented at all. After a month of woe, the talents of the three major forces came together.

"I heard that some people are releasing a lot of food. It seems to be looking for someone. I didn't pay attention to it originally, but I found that all the food is Northrend's world food. In addition to us, other people have entered the underground world!"

Deanson of the Chester family said with a dark face, and the faces of Delton and Reeves went dark.

"Someone came with us to the underground world!"

Reeves stood up with an ugly face, his eyes full of magic, and his eyes were murderous.

He held his face calmly and shook his head.

不可能 "It's impossible. Where we come in, if we want to open it again, we must be good at mantra. If there is no magic weapon in my hand, the strength must be at least level six.

In addition to this method, any method that opens the channel will be perceived by me. It is impossible to come down with us. Someone must have come down one step before us, and more than once. "

Dai Nuosong and Reeves turned black. Even if they didn't come down with them, they suffered countless obstacles here, but the other side was very comfortable. They only needed to pay some scary cheap food in Northrend. You can get more than a thousand times return.

三个 The three of them have not eaten that kind of ordinary food since birth. The food from snacks are all foods with magic power. Ordinary food is rarely seen. Where would you think of this.

"The **** guy doesn't know who they are. Since they have the food of Northrend World, they must be the people of Northrend World. They know that the underground world lacks food. They must not be here for the first time. Damn, what are we doing now? What? Do you just leave this world? "

Reeves is a little bit irritable. This month, everything that has been suffered, compared with the time in Northrend World, it is two extremes. Now that he has plans to go back, Delton also has this idea. .

But Dai Nuosong immediately shook his head.

"No, we ca n’t go back now. We ca n’t hide how long we have entered the underground world. If we go back now, it ’s equivalent to tell everyone about the underground world. Everything will become chaotic here. We want to get benefits. It becomes difficult.

Since we ca n’t continue anymore, we ’ll ask that person for cooperation. Since he has so much food, he ’s definitely not here for the first time, but he ’s definitely not sure about the relic I ’m looking for. Let him join the exploration of the relic. Among them, we cooperated and excavated the ruins first.

其他 Other benefits of the underground world, we have time to take it slowly. Before we go back this time, we must first lay out in advance. When more and more people join, our advantage will be gone. "

When he heard De Noison's words, Reeves and Delton were shocked.

Damn bastard, no wonder it was so generous. Not only did he send out a real magic weapon, but also paid so much. It turned out that he was going to explore the ruins by himself, and this **** can pay such a large price. What is wrong? Ruins!

When Reeves and Delton heard De Noison's words, they immediately understood De Noison's plan. They would rather separate the interests and bring the people of the Holy Light Alliance and the Tower of the Storm into the underground world. The ruins, as long as they get the benefits of that ruin, everything else does not matter.

Now that I have heard the news, I also know that I ca n’t explore the ruins anymore. The people of the three major forces are hardly moving in the underground world. Let this opportunity pass, and when you next come, you want to feel at ease. Exploring the ruins is simply impossible. Whose benefits will be there, let alone, at least it may not have anything to do with the Chester family.

Reeves and Delton understood everything, but did not blame De Nosson any more, but nodded in agreement.

"Yes, we can only go to that guy for cooperation now, but, Lord De Noison, can you talk a little bit about the ruins?"

Dai Nuosong did not say directly, but changed the topic.

"Wait until I see that guy ~ ~ Let me talk together, but rest assured that the interest in this ruin is very great, that guy will never refuse.

家族 Our family has once captured a World of Warcraft that escaped from the underground world, and it is a Sky Warcraft. All these things are the ones that the Sky Warcraft told me first, absolutely reliable. "

De Noison said that Reeves and Delton were not easy to persecute. It was an accidental joy to get the news accidentally. After all, if it was not an accident, this time, the Chester family would never bring a storm. Tower and Alliance of Light.

Even if I think about it again, I can never imagine it. The underground world has food, especially plant food ...

There is no sun here. The whole world is like a closed ball. It is good to have light, but those lights are obviously not helpful to the growth of plants. What can grow food is the characteristics of some rare races. .

Zhe Linyun sent a lot of food and got a lot of news, but not much is useful. The power of a lot of food is stronger than anything here.

The racial population is relatively large. I ca n’t see this large amount of food. I just send more people to find news. Is it easy to find a person? Simple things. In this way, you can earn a lot of food. What's the difference ...

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