It's really a waste of time. Maybe I said, maybe Mafmelin is already dead in it. We are wasting time waiting here.

Let's do what we do, there is no need to continue wasting time here ... "

Dilath said, and gave a sneer to the Andalusian.

"Well, I didn't think your people in Andalusia were so weak before. Now it seems that they are as weak as low-level Warcraft. Seeing what you have done is to keep refreshing the slowest record.

Well now, you think that the strongest person has set the slowest passing record. Is this your strongest in Andalusia?

Do n’t be kidding, you go back, do n’t waste time on the angry flame plane, as for Mafam Merlin, definitely dead in it ... ”

Heron was dark-faced and had not spoken yet. The off-duty side carried the slaughter, and stared at Dirac with a grin.

"Little white face, if you talk anymore, I will break your mouth full of teeth!"

Lena's face on the side was also very ugly, and her whole body of ice cold rolled up like boiling water.

DeLas sneered, watching Hugh and Lena a little bit frightened. The two were only slower than him in opening the path to the spirit, which is why they have no powerful real magic weapon in their hands.

Dirac didn't say anything about Merlin's death, but showed a look of sudden realization.

"Ah, I see. Mafam Merlin may not be dead. He is too injured. He may be fighting slowly and recover slowly after finishing one. When he recovers, continue fighting.

Four hours, now I understand ... "

After Dirac spoke, he turned away and did not have the opportunity to talk to them off-duty.

This could have exasperated the popularity of Andalusia. If it wasn't for Lena, the off-duty had already rushed to fight Dirac.

There was worry on the side of the sky Swordmaster. Whispered Joey.

"Her Excellency, did you say that something really happened to Herr Merlin?"

Joey hesitated. Still shook his head.

"Don't think too much. There should be some unexpected situation. With the strength of His Excellency Merlin, it should be able to cope. Let's continue to wait, that golden orc has not come out yet.

This shows that His Excellency Merlin should still be on the path of the spirit. If there is no one on the path of the spirit, the golden orc will enter the path of the spirit. Let us wait. "

On the side of the Kingdom of Odin, the people of the Odin royal family showed a disdainful sneer, Morgan's eyes turned around and he didn't know what he was thinking. expression.

Raphael looked at the phalanx that never lit up. His eyes were full of doubts, and he couldn't understand why Lin Yun hadn't cleared the road to the spirit in four hours.

And Dida ramen was expressionless, just a frown. It seemed that he was a little confused, but followed Dedala's brow and opened his eyes, shaking his head silently.

It seems that he is still overestimating that Malfay Merlin. He can exert the power of the Heavenly Order, probably because of that explosive technique, which has greatly exploded the magic. Then, in a short period of time, it can show its strength beyond the limit.

Orc heroes on the heroic path are very good. The former orc hero has very rich combat experience, and a single orc hero should not be the opponent of Malfurmlin.

But for eighteen games in a row, his explosive power will exceed the limit. He may have to rest for a long time before continuing the fight. He should be about to hit the last few orc heroes in four hours ...

People in the temple were either guessing the truth of the matter, or just like Dirac, they constantly despised Lin Yun.

And Lin Yun has entered the path of the spirit, ready for the last battle!

Entering the Road of the Spirit again, Lin Yun looked dignified. First he took out the Book of Death, then the Book of Mantras, Dragon Staff, and Wheel of Manners. All the magic weapons were used, even with a finger. With three magic rings.

Then he performed flying and accelerated towards the strength of the road, and the most common wind blades flew out, constantly awakening the sleeping orc heroes below.

After awakening all the eighteen orcs' spirits in one breath, Lin Yun looked at the orcs chased from behind in the momentum of the road, and instantly burst into full combat effectiveness.

The book of death is automatically opened, and the chapter of elements, the chapter of Sen Luo, and the chapter of sages are all activated, and the magic incarnation of the dragon staff also flew out, turning into a huge purple dragon ghost behind Lin Yun. .

Behind Lin Yun, a huge roulette wheel as deep as the sky emerged. Countless runes circulated in it. The most central flame, a hurricane, began to blend under the endless runes, slowly Earth blends together.

Lin Yun's body was pulled up instantly, and the three elements of fire and wind seemed to meet a black hole like crazy, converging towards Lin Yun's body.

In an instant, Lin Yun displayed the incarnation of wind and fire elements. This is not the simultaneous use of the two incarnations, but the fusion of wind and fire elements to form a very violent wind and fire with the wind element as an auxiliary. Fire the power of the flame to unimaginable levels.

Lin Yunfei was in the midst of the air, and the magic was liquefied, erupting from Lin Yun's body like a fountain. Instantly, Lin Yun slammed in front of the nearest orc prophet.

Between the movement of the dragon's staff, a fierce raging flame turned into a ten-meter-wide fire sickle, and severely cut at the orc prophet.

Although this orc prophet has the lowest combat effectiveness, if he is kept alive, the combat effectiveness of the seventeen orc heroes will be less than 30% or 40%.

The fighting power of each orc hero has skyrocketed by 30% to 40%. When the seventeen are added up, the overall combat power that can be exerted has skyrocketed by three or four times.

Faced with such a situation, Lin Yun asked himself that he might not be able to defeat the eighteen orc heroes. There is a 90% probability that he will die here.

These orc heroes are very powerful. Orcs who can act as heroes are at least heroes of the orc tribe, and the tribe can rank among the top three strongest. And it is the kind of person who is not a strong opponent of him at all.

The fire sickle waved, the orc prophet was not panic, summoned the ghost wolf to rise to the top, and then the orc prophet began to quickly retreat, constantly narrowing the distance with those orc heroes behind, while backing, began to chant war songs.

Lin Yun's face was calm. Ignoring the several orc heroes who were about to arrive, he spit out runes constantly.

The flame sickle chopped the ghost wolf. Then there was a meteorite falling rapidly in the sky, and the direction of the fall was not the orc prophet, but the orc heroes behind.

An extraterrestrial meteorite is called just to fight for a second or two!

After casting successfully. Twelve wind and fire vortexes emerged from Lin Yun's head, and an endless mix of hurricanes and flames poured out, all rushing to the orc prophet.

The violent spells fell. This is Lin Yun's strongest performance. Twelve wind and fire vortexes will simultaneously eject 150 spells at a time. Hurricane spells and fire spells are merged together to exert the magic power. , Can improve at least half a level.

In this situation. A 39th-level, strong defender who specializes in defense may not be able to resist it. Not to mention this is not an orc prophet who is fighting head-on.

As long as you are hit, you will die.

In the rear, an orc wolf cavalry snarled in anger, and his mounted wolf suddenly turned into a streamer, spanning hundreds of meters in an instant. The speed is terrible. Seeing that he will be in front of the orc prophet before Lin Yun's twelve spells of torrents fall.

Lin Yun was expressionless. A pattern on the Sage's Chapter suddenly lighted up, and instantly, the huge Eskremu Gate, which was tens of meters wide and hundreds of meters high, stood up.

Suddenly, a huge Frost Gate, four or five meters thick, blocked the orc wolf cavalry, and the twelve spells flooded the orc prophet completely.

Suddenly, the orc prophet disappeared into a light, but at the last moment the orc prophet dissipated, his war song was completed.

The eyes of the seventeen orc heroes in the back became instantly red, and there seemed to be a strong **** smell coming out of them, and everyone's breath became extremely violent.

Lin Yun's face looked solemnly at the seventeen orc heroes in the rear. These were the heroes of the orcs. They had a very strong grasp of the battle.

The orc prophet knew that the orc heroes behind him would certainly not be able to save him, so from the beginning, he began to sing war songs, and it was still a song of revenge.

The Warsong of Vengeance is a warsong chanted by the orc prophet holding the belief that he must die. The moment the warsong is completed, he will die, but this warsong will exert its strongest power, bless the orc's fighting faith, and be immune to all hearts As long as the spell is not dead, the fighting spirit will always be in rage, and the magic will never have to worry about consumption.

This battle song is equivalent to semi-permanent madness. It is not only useful to swordsmen, but also to orc warlocks. Before killing the object of the orc prophet's request for revenge, the orc covered by the battle song will die unless it is dead. Won't stop ...

Anderfa quietly poked out a head in the wheel of Wan Fa and stared at the scene in stun.

"Merlin ~ ~ You're in trouble, revenge song, shit, this group of guys really dare to play ..."

After speaking, Anderfa retracted his body into the Wheel of Ten Thousand Fa and gave the battle to Lin Yun completely.

Lin Yun looked dignified and knew that he was in trouble ...

Seventeen orc heroes in the rear spent two seconds to smooth the wave of the meteorite fall, and it took less than two seconds to break the gate of Esquerem stored in the chapter of the Sage.

But after that, the seventeen orc heroes did not attack the first time, but showed a circle of encirclement, blocking Lin Yun in the deepest part of the passage.

Seventeen orc heroes were blessed by the song of revenge, and their eyes were red. At last, a shaman raised his wrath and raised his staff. A **** halo spread out, and all 17 orc heroes were enveloped in an instant. Mass bloodthirsty was released as soon as it came up ...

Then there was another Lightning Shaman, holding the Lightning Staff, and released more than a dozen Lightnings in succession, each of which turned into a Lightning Shield that was three or four meters across to protect all of them. (To be continued)

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