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Emperor of All Games: I Have a Tyrant Simulator

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Novel Summary

The national emperor game is coming, and all human beings will travel to another world to become emperor.

Everyone gets the Emperor attribute bonus.

Righteousness, morality, force, strategy…

However, at the same time, everyone has to encounter a crisis,

Eunuch dictatorship, border chaos, harem curtains…

Unfortunately, the attributes that Chen Mu got at the beginning were,

The favorability of all the people has been greatly reduced.

But fortunately, Fang Ping, a programmer, brought his own plug-in, a tyrant simulator.

[Please select three from the next ten talents to start the simulation. 】

[In the first month, you are enthroned as emperor! 】

【In the second month, you died…】

[The simulation is over, you can choose a talent]

After the novice period is over, when other emperors are gearing up and planning to conquer cities and lands, and unite the universe and become a country of all nations,

An emperor named “Tyrant” smiled happily.

- Description from MTLNovel


Short Title:EAGIHTS
Alternate Title:全民皇帝游戏:我有暴君模拟器
Author:normal body temperature
Weekly Rank:#2222
Monthly Rank:#2081
All Time Rank:#3953
Tags:Harem, Imperial Harem, Male Protagonist, Simulator, Time Skip,
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33 Comments on “Emperor of All Games: I Have a Tyrant Simulator
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  1. After 100 chapters. Pretty awesome to be honest. The plot is intriguing and fresh. The mc doesn't kill all the villains but recruits them like a monarch balancing the scale of mercy and redemption. Even though he is claimed to be a tyrant but that is only for dead-set enemies.

  2. I Don't recommend it. It was fine before but then when the mc fought on the world scale suddenly one piece and naruto got mixed in. It's all junk fillers. When the author runs out of ideas I believe he will cross worlds in other animes. This somewhat breaks the immersion and turns it into a game.

  3. I want to like this book but the author is raising my blood pressure. The author made this a simulator novel but the mc doesn't use it when he needs to, enemies that could have been killed from the start are allowed to gather forces and become a threat. And the mc rarely takes action, he waits until the last moment to simulate and find a way to solve the trouble. For example I thought the mc had made plans to deal with the previous emperor but was waiting for tyrant points to reach 100k then used them to buy 100 soldiers. The story has potential but the author is trying to make it dramatic as possible so the simulator doesn't fulfill its purpose of allowing the mc to use foreknowledge to beat his enemies

  4. I'm at chapter 268. 210 chapters after my previous comment. The mc once again knew who his enemies are and allowed them to get stronger and didn't attack them while they are weak. I'm probably gonna skim the war because I don't read forced plot. The author's probably gonna use plot armor to solve this unnecessary situation again. I say unnecessary because the mc long ago knew that Wu Jiang and Zhang Jiao were powerful but he allowed them to develop to the limit.

  5. This is not a simulator novel btw. The simulations? Non-existent. The author uses the simulator as plot armor for the mc gain higher grade talents at the last moment after forcing him into a dangerous situation. The mc doesn't have to pay anything and theres no cooldown to simulate either. He just only uses the simulator when he has enough tyrant points for the next better talent, usually ten times the previous amount of points.

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