Chapter 739 Ending

  The season is already in autumn. When the window is opened, the flaming leaves are rolled up by the cool cold wind, and they fall all over the ground. With the sun setting in the afternoon, the world is dyed into a golden appearance.

  Oscar was wearing pajamas, leaning against the window, looking at the beautiful scenery, let out a big breath, narrowed his eyes, and looked as though he was not awake.

Since embracing the thigh of Stuart’s family, he has changed from a down-and-out writer to a famous writer of wealth and freedom. The days of eating and drinking for nothing are really good. Over the past six months, Oscar has gained more than a dozen fat. Jin, even because of eating too well, I often have gout attacks, and I lie down in bed for half a month.

  This kind of day is very happy, or very decadent.

   "This is life."

  Oscar sighed the beauty of life and the joy of having a place to take care of herself.

   "Sir, here is your letter."

  At this time, an attendant walked over and saw Oscar. He offered a letter with both hands. Oscar glanced at the envelope and recognized who sent the letter.

   "Okay, okay, I get it."

   took the letter casually, tore it open roughly, Oscar read it roughly, and, as expected, it was another letter from the group of editors.

  Oscar's career is quite interesting. He wrote books carefully for decades, but he couldn't be more downhearted. Later, he wrote some stories about the demon hunter, but the best sellers did not work.

This time made Oscar suspicious of life, but for the sake of money, he could only continue to carry on this slightly outrageous story. Later, under the influence of the Stuart family, Oscar's writing career became more and more smooth, but also because it was too smooth. , Oscar is thinking about one thing from time to time.

  Writing books is for living, and now I can live comfortably, why write books?

Therefore, since the birthday of God, Oscar has hardly written any pens in the past half a year. For Oscar, some are just relaxed, and the editor is very worried, but because Oscar is sheltered by the Stuart family, they You can't just kick the door and threaten Oscar to deliver the paper at the end of the month as before.

  So, for all these reasons, the editors in the past six months can only send letters urging Oscar to write new stories quickly.

  The tone of the letter also changed from anger to helplessness, to the present plea.

  This feeling...exciting.

  Oscar took the letter and walked to his study. On the way, he also encountered Seleu who was about to leave.

   "Yo! Where are you going!"

  Oscar greeted his rich man.

   "Lorenzo has returned from the end of the world, and will almost arrive at the Horn of Raging Waves tomorrow, I will pick him up."

   Seleuc explained to Oscar, Oscar nodded and watched Seleuc’s departure.

After more than half a year of training, Seleuc has become more and more like a steady duke. She has no expression on the negotiating table and killed the opponent several times. Because of her status as a country builder, she has a strong attitude in the mediation war. The reputation even spread to lands outside of Inervig.

As for Lorenzo, this guy really can’t be idle. In the spring after God’s birthday, he started rehabilitation training. He lived up to his identity as a demon hunter. He recovered quickly, and then joined the country builder. The fleet we formed has launched another expedition towards the end of the world.

After several months of sailing, this guy came back without any risk. Thinking of this Oscar, he also had some expectations. He was ready to wait for Seleu to pick up Lorenzo and listen to him telling the story about the voyage. This time there is no monster. And erosion, and it’s not clear what interesting things will happen during the journey.

   Pushing open the door, walking into the study, and opening the drawer, Oscar happily stuffed the edited letter into the drawer, and there were already a lot of the same letters piled up inside.

  I still remember Oscar's answer when Seleu asked him.

  "I like these emotional words."

  The background sound is Oscar’s frantic laughter.

No one thought that after many years, the identities and status of the two were reversed. Oscar looked like a villain, which made Seleu very helpless, but when he thought that he was an old guy, just let him be happy. NS.

  But this time the joy of Oscar did not last long. He walked to his desk and opened the window facing him. The beautiful scenery outside the window was embedded in it like a flowing painting.

  Oscar was silent for a while, picked up a diary, and wrote casually.

  "To be honest, I don’t like to write diaries very much. As an author, I write every day. I finally have a vacation, but I still have to write. It’s too annoying to think about it.

But the doctors also said that people like me who are contaminated with darkness should develop the habit of writing a diary, because no one knows how many memories in my mind will be carried along as the darkness is cut off. Forget together. "

  Oscar wrote this, trying to recall the past. It was not clear whether it was the reason why he was too old or he had drunk too much last night. He only felt a headache and had to give up.

  "Speaking of which is a gentle curse, it's like dying in a dream. No one knows what they have forgotten.

  It's better to write about the current situation, it's been so long in a flash.

First of all, the world war ended. Before the war became uncontrollable, the country builders came forward to mediate and temporarily extinguished the wildfire through some chaotic profit divisions. These real power holders, like chess pieces, control the world. What we need to do now is to rely on time to ease all this.

After getting rid of the curse of knowledge, steam technology began to expand wildly to other countries. Of course, this was also for the truce, cutting the benefits paid, and the technology of the entire world was advancing.

Inervig did not stop. Not long ago, Merlin retired and Nicolas replaced him and became the new technical chief of Perpetual Pump. At present, they are preparing to make the whole old Dunling complete in a few years. Enter the electrical age, and use this as a hub to expand outward. "

  Oscar continues to remember. For people his age, memories are hard work.

"The one who retired with Merlin was also Arthur. He gave up the position to Shrike. According to the normal promotion process, Shrike was not able to reach this position at this age, but because of the war, the organization lost too much. With so many elites, coupled with the transformation of the cleansing organization, the Shrike was promoted inexplicably.

Now the headquarters of the cleansing agency is no longer the old Dunling, but the Sailing Dawn. This time they are directly responsible to the nation builders, cruising among the nations, continuing to search for potential, undead monsters, and they will remain. The darkness is dispelled cleanly, and the stability of the world is watched.

Eve was also among them. With the promotion of Shrike, she was also promoted together. Coupled with the lack of manpower, anyone with a resume like Eve can be considered a veteran, and therefore she became a new generation of cleansing agencies. Knight Commander... I hope she can work hard.

The others did not change much. They continued their work and life. It seemed that the Kestrel had retired alone. He went to the countryside and worked in an orphanage. Because he did a good job, he became a member of the orphanage in just six months. Dean.

  Listening to Kestrel, he still maintains correspondence with Haibod, and he seems to be in love recently. The other party is a caregiver in the orphanage, but after half a year, he still hasn’t pursued it..."

   wrote that Oscar stopped, silent, angrily throwing the pen, and cursing. After a while, he slowed down, lowered his body and picked the pen back.

   "Does this person really have such a **** luck? Look at other people, it seems that this dog has lived the best."

  After writing, Oscar added a few more words.

"Lorenzo often went there before he left. I remember Seleu said that Lorenzo's landlord was there to provide for the elderly. I don't know why. She also said that Lorenzo hesitated for a long time before plucking up the courage to go... Just to see an old lady, can she still eat Lorenzo?"

  Oscar doesn’t understand.

"Herkeley is also an idler. I don’t know what’s going on recently. I was suddenly worried about Poirot’s death. He had to leave a offspring for Poirot. He started breeding chinchillas. As a result, they bred more. At the pet shop, this big mouse is now the most popular pet in Old Dunling, and everyone wants to keep one.

  This can be regarded as...the children and grandchildren are all over the world? "

  Oscar was also a little eager, thinking about whether to cheat one from Hercules and bring it back to raise.

"Sao Liangxi and Shao Liangye also left. After the birthday of God, they returned to Jiu Xia to bring back the good news of the end of darkness. Now they have ambassadors, responsible for the connection between the East and the West. The divided world is united again.

  Ah...Jiuxia, it sounds very far away. If I am a few years younger, I really want to go to that unknown land to take a look.

After the war, the Evangelical Church was hit hard, and the remnants of the Demon Hunting Order became mortals. With the expansion of new technology, their faith continued to decline. Now they are all shrunk in their homeland, completely giving up on the world. The struggle for power.

  The history of the gospel church is over.

  But they now also have new functions, under the control of the builders, continue to monitor..."

   wrote that the Oscar stopped, his expression was a little confused, as if he had forgotten something, no matter what he thought, he couldn't think of the whole thing, even the name was hard to remember.

   "What are they watching?"

  He was puzzled. Fortunately, Oscar had always been so heartbroken, he smiled, and just left this thing behind.

"But, it's really strange to believe. The history of the gospel church is over, but another force has emerged. The Orthodox church that sprouted in Galunaro actually spread. What is even more bizarre is their Protestantism. Zong is a woman, who is still spreading the argument that demons save the world, which sounds strange.

   Then... Then what else is coming? "

  Oscar looked out the window, retrieving his own memory, but as if looking at muddy water, only a piece of unknowable chaos remained.

  Ignorance can make life easier, but sometimes when looking back on the past, Oscar can't help feeling a little panic when thinking of that kind of blankness.

  The life span of human beings is short. As they forget and die, all the darkness and glory will really no longer be remembered.

  Although it should also be forgotten, Oscar feels a little unbearable every time he thinks about it, and the unbearable sacrifice disappears in the years.

   "Maybe...maybe there are things that only I can do."

  He wrote such a note in the diary, then took out the letter from the editor, and was silent for a while.

In fact, in many cases, it’s not that he doesn’t want to continue writing, but that its story is over, or Lorenzo Holmes’s story is over. Nor does the "Hunting the Demon and Slashing the Demon" written based on him. Know how to continue editing.

  That’s right, it’s this casually written book that actually sold out inexplicably, and the Oscars were a bit at a loss. Lorenzo often came over to take care of his contribution.

   "Then... I think I might be able to record all this in another way."

   Oscar mumbled softly, writing tentatively on the paper.

   "For example, write other people's stories in, or even say, from the very beginning, writing the beginning of all this is like a prequel to a story."

It may be that he really couldn't bear all this demise, or it may be that Oscar was really idle. He wrote fast, clumsy and rusty brain, and it was rare to have a bright light. Many thoughts flashed in his mind, and he soon weaved one. The continuation of the story.

  He wrote on the paper.

  "Inverweg 925..."

   scribbled a large article, Oscar read it several times, and then praised his treasured sword is not old, should be left in the literature and history and other messy compliments.

After   ke wrote for a while, he suddenly realized that he had not named this new chapter. After all, the story of "Hunting the Demon and the Demon Slayer" was over. This would be a new story.

  He thought, looking out the window, vaguely imagined such a scene.

Many years ago, a stranger came here. He was born in that burning night with a dark past. He was embarrassed and described as withered, just like burned out firewood. He stubbornly took the blood-stained warmth in his hand. Chester, knocked on the door of the old Dunling.

  Oscar felt that he had thought of the title of the new book, he was writing on paper...

  The study was silent, and only the rustle of the pen rubbing the paper was left. It passed out the window, followed by the breeze.

  Responding to the loud whistle in the distance, the train rushed on the tracks to greet the traveler who had returned from the north.

  (End of this chapter)

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