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This is a hell of a Victorian fantasy novel.

Add a spoonful of steam engine to make the damn science and technology tree move! Add a spoonful of love and hatred, so everyone has a reason to fight! Add a spoonful of neurosis to make this dark world easier, and finally add a spoonful of natural disasters to be the main boss… Wait! Worry is too much!

The year 931 of the English calendar.

My city is rated as the most advanced city in the West.

The main reason is the steam technology that is subverting the world, the source of emerging technology and chaos.

It cannot be denied, but this is the case, and there is still an endless stream of people who come to live here.

This city will always give you a glimmer of hope, whether it is a lie or an illusion, but it’s close at hand, as if it’s within reach, making you forget your life.

Psychedelic city.

I am a dreamer.

(Also known as “Steampunk 2077”, “Evangelion of the Old Century”, “The Fall of Titans (Fantasy Edition)”, “The Armor of Ancient Gods Reproduction” and “Modern Warframe”)

Group number 1121544454

- Description from MTLNovel


Short Title:EG
Alternate Title:余烬之铳
Weekly Rank:#7544
Monthly Rank:#7285
All Time Rank:#7642
Tags:Calm Protagonist, Clever Protagonist, Cunning Protagonist, Dark Fantasy, Demons, Detectives, Gods, Human Experimentation, Industrialization, Male Protagonist, Mystery Solving, Nationalism, Nobles, Religous Organization, Secret Organizations, Victorian Era,
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  1. The novel is full of inexplicable things, like the fl just having contact with demons, having weak will and no skills but mental attacks have varying degrees of effect on her: can barely move, when facing a weak demon's mental corruption, large scale (town sized) mental attack affects everyone except her.

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